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Title: Alcohol and Libido
Post by: LowerT51 on December 09, 2011, 02:18:33 am
Peak T or anyone else out there:

When I imbibe and achieve hangover status (which doesn't happen that much at 51) I notice the next day that I'm extremey horny.  Can't figure this one out but it's true.  Was away thhis week on business and today after a night of some drinking I'm horny.  Realize the forum is for issues, but this is a legitimate observation that I've made over the years.  Not sure if it happens to others out there. 
Title: Re: Alcohol and Libido
Post by: PeakT on December 09, 2011, 08:27:51 pm
You're lucky.  I just sit there saying, "Why O why O why...?"
Title: Re: Alcohol and Libido
Post by: feelgood on January 27, 2012, 07:59:42 pm
this TOTALLY happens to me as well. not every time, but many times. no idea why.
Title: Re: Alcohol and Libido
Post by: PeakT on January 28, 2012, 04:59:15 am
Actually, it could all make sense.  I thought it was this thread that someone pointed out alcohol's vasodilatory properties, but I guess not.  Anyway, that is true that alcohol can really dilate blood vessels if "done right".

Check out, for example, this study where in health and moderately health subjects, alcohol's ability to expand arteries was as strong as many drugs:

Br Med J,  1967 April 29, 2(5547): 274–277, "Vasodilator properties of alcohol"

However, this study makes a worrisome comment: "Epidemiological12 and experimental13,14 studies have demonstrated that the ingestion of alcohol is associated with an immediate decreasing of blood pressure (an effect typical of vasodilators), which is followed by a rebounding elevation of blood pressure."  (Hypertension, 2005; 45: 851-852"Vascular Effects of Alcoholic Beverages Is It Only Alcohol That Matters?")

Notice that in the above study, they're not totally sure how it works, echoing this 1990 study's commentary:

However, this argues that ethanol can be another tool in your arsenal if done correctly, i.e. it may work on a little different pathway than some of the supplements and foods.  As you know from my site, though, alcohol makes me a little nervous because of the pro-cancer and anti-testosterone connections.
Title: Re: Alcohol and Libido
Post by: LowerT51 on February 06, 2012, 05:42:15 pm
Never thinking of it the night before as I was pounding the beers down.  But a few times, I would be throwing up my guts while having an erection.  Makes me sound like an alocholic but I'm not really that bad, especially as I get older just don't want to deal with the hangover stuff anymore.