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Title: Cost of HRT with Dr. Shippen
Post by: JustAskin on March 16, 2015, 02:32:14 pm

Don't mind you asking the cost, Dr. Shippen uses Compounding Pharmacies so it is MUCH cheaper.

My first visit was $600 (he spent 2 hours with me and went over all labs, and did checkup including Prostate)

Yearly visit = Approximately $350 unless you requested additional prescriptions (government requirement)

Testosterone Cypionate 200MG/10ML   Yearly Cost = $140
HCG Yearly Cost = $150
AI  .1mg. troche  = 80.00  (use as needed, per labs)
Syringes from Walmart  $12  per 100 count

Pure Encapsulations  Vitamin D3 5000iu, 120 count = $27.00 (all these from amazon)
Pure Encapsulations  DHEA 25mg.  180 count = $35.00 
Pure Encapsulations  Pregnenolone 30mg. 180 count = $34.00