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Title: My protocol and lab work
Post by: FightLowT on December 08, 2012, 08:05:09 pm
Alright guys so I went to a doctor that finally gets it or at least gets it much more so than the other doctors I have visited. I found out a couple of things during my visit that were very troubling. My vitamin D levels were in the tank. I also was informed by the doctor that my thyroid levels were not what he considered optimal and that some of my symptoms suggested hypothyroidism. Of course my testosterone both serum and free were very low.

Here are some labs and medications/ supplements he put me on:

-Vitamin D, 25-hydroxy   24.9 L      range ( 30.00- 100.00 ng/ml)
I was given a 10,000 iu daily supplement to boost these levels and then adjust after labs are taken.

-IGF-1          230         range ( 71-241 ng/ml)

-IGF-BP3      7.3  H      range ( 3.5-7.0 mg/L)

*Apparently growth hormone levels are fine.

-TSH                                         1.970       range( 0.450-4.500 uIU/ml)
-Reverse T3 serum                  17.5        range ( 9.2-24.1 ng/dl)
-Thyroxine (T4) free direct        1.01       range (0.82-1.77 ng/dl)
-Triiodothyronine                       2.9        range( 2.0-4.4 pg/ml) 

* I know very little about thyroid labs and red-flag markers in comparison to my knowledge regarding testosterone, but I am slowly trying to learn more about it. From what I've gathered TSH is very much to the thyroid what LH is to the testes and both are secreted by the pituitary. The doctor put me on Armour thyroid at 30 mg morning and mid-day. One thing I have read about is that if you do not have healthy thyroid hormones or are deficient you can start to develop thinning hair. I have had an ample amount of thinning around my crown for the past 3 years and although it's not a bald spot it is definately something that seems to have happened rather fast and not what one would expect with typical mpb. It may just be placebo although I doubt it but since having taken the thyroid medication for this little bit it seems I am seeing far less hair on my pillows and noticeably less in my hands after washing my hair. Metabolism seems to have picked up some as well.

-Testosterone serum   343  L   labcorp range =gold standard (348-1197 ng/dl)
-Free testosterone       11.3      range ( 8.7- 26.5 pg/ml)
- E2                                22      range   (10-50 pg/ml)

* labcorp changed their entry level range for what is regarded as hypogonadal serum T levels from 240 ng/dl to 348 ng/dl in October 2011. This has helped many men get a more serious consideration from their otherwise unsympathetic GP's. This new standard has been long overdue for many many years, but finally something has been done about it and labcorp should be commended. Had this change been made 7 months earlier to when I first had a lab taken at 294 ng/dl in March 2011 my experience regarding testosterone deficiency and the effect it has had on my quality of life may have been very different from what it has been for the past two years.

* At the doctor's visit I was prescribed testosterone cypionate 100mg a week and I have divided it up into two 50 mg injections I administer every 3 days. Energy levels are improving and am noticing a bit more nocturnal and morning activity downstairs. Hoping as the weeks roll on more improvements will be made and become more pronounced. It has not been quite two weeks but these are  some positive changes that have occurred. Depression has been significantly reduced and hopefully within the coming weeks I will be looking to going to trade school or exploring possibilities of gaining employment.

* On a side note my testes have developed a slight ache that comes and goes and I attribute this to LH reduction. The doctor prescribes hcg and arimedix if E2 rises too high. We will determine in the next two months if that will improve treatment.

Title: Re: My protocol and lab work
Post by: PeakT on December 08, 2012, 10:57:52 pm
Yes, thyroid seems more art than science to me.  I think that the reason so many men are hypogonadal (secondary) and hypothyroid is more than coincidence of course.  Notice that you are in range and yet the doctor is still concerned.  From what I've seen, some of the more savvy docs, analagous to guys in the 300's on the old pre-Lab Corp range, are prescribing anyway if you have the right symptomology. 

Anyway, congrats on the treatments:  I think you are going to feel MUCH better in about 3-6 months.  And thx for sharing all the details:  not many guys, unfortunately, come back and show what has actually worked for them.

Interesting comment about the hair by the way.  One other thing I've read, but never been able to verify from an authority source is the thinning of the inner eyebrows.  I've got the same thing as you:  general thinning of the hair and that kind of thinning of the eyebrows.  I brought it up to my GP one time and she looked at me like I was from Mars.  (And she was from Venus?)  So I just skipped it and went on to other things.  At the time I was more concerned about T...