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Thanks, Cataceous. I really appreciate the help. I'm only going to put two weeks worth in the vial at a time, so no more than 3ml into a 5ml vial, and then replace the vial with a new one.

Ok. Last question, and thanks for your patience. Would I pull the air out before putting the solution in, or after I put it in?

Wow, this all seems like a lot of unnecessary work, to me ...

Can't you just ask the pharmacy / doctor's office to not separate the original solution into separate syringes?

I bet if you made a big stink about it ... citing the safety / sterility problems mentioned above ...they would find a way to comply with your wishes / preferences ...  no?

This is the way that company does it, nationwide. I wish it were different, but unfortunately I can't  change it.

So, if I put 1 m/l of solution in, I'll pull 1m/l of air out?
When would someone put air into the vial?

What the provider is doing is not ideal. Syringes are not intended to be used as storage containers for sterile medicines. At least the risks are probably low if the provider used good sterile technique in making the transfer, and the syringe materials are not susceptible to damage from the carrier oil or preservatives.

I don't see a problem in your transferring the testosterone solution to sterile vials if you also have good technique.

As background: It's likely that there will have been a small amount of contamination from the original syringe draw—assuming it wasn't done in a clean room and air was injected into their original vial. There are always microscopic dust particles around, and these can harbor bacteria. However, the testosterone solution should have a preservative, such as benzyl alcohol. While this doesn't kill the contaminating bacteria, it does prevent them from multiplying to dangerous levels.

Cataceous, I appreciate your advice. I absolutely want to do things in the safest way possible. What would be the safest/most sterile way for me to do this, in your opinion?

Hey guys, I have not seen this question posted, so forgive me if I missed it.
I've been on TRT for about 6 years. I've been going in once weekly, receiving my shot, and coming back a week later. Recently, I decided to do it via telemedicine, and this company  does theirs a little differently, um....I will receive a month's worth of PRE-FILLED syringes.
My question is if I decided to put maybe a couple of weeks worth of Test into a sterile vial, just as a means for storage, instead of in the syringes would this be safe? Would it in some way damage or ruin the Testosterone? Would there still be an ideal vaccum?
Thank you.

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