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citruline malate doesnt taste good and i have trouble drinking it with water so i mix it with the fruit juices i drink first thing when i wake up in the morning, which i alternate between apple, grape, and blueberry pomegranate.  mixed with those i barely even taste it

the point is everyone is still learning, including the hrt clinics even though they are further along.  so you need someone who is curious enough to want to find out about the most up to date procedures. 

i think peak t is right we need a joint approach.  i think those of us who read a lot and are interested can at times get overconfident in our own knowledge.  many docs know a lot too.

the problem i have noticed, and where i think the frustration arises is that many docs, at least the ones i have encountered are not that intellectually curious.  the types of people who are interested in these topics enough to frequently post on this board, ie us, are intellectually curious and have a hard time understanding why a doc wouldnt be about his own field.  but thats how most people are, not just docs.

im sure there are many docs out there that are intellectually curious, but there are also those whos minds dont wander past the golf course.  i think in general the more acute a condition is the better they are, and the more chronic or long term the condition is the weaker they may be.  but like peak says dont just dismiss them entirely, they may know more than you realize at times

there is also that it is affecting the multiemployer plans many labor unions depend on to entice workers to join


that combined with all the recently issued waivers probably lead to people having less confidence that this is a good idea.

but imho you aint seen nothing until you see what happens when young healthy people realize what they will now be expected to pay for their mandatory health insurance

my reading of the abstract is that they say people with prostate cancer have higher omega 3 levels.  unless there is more in the study it says nothing about how their omega 3 levels got high, ie did they eat a high fish diet, did they supplement fish oil, or could there be some natural process that causes prostate cancer to produce more omega 3 in the bloodstream even?  it also does not study if their omega 3s were always high or just became high recently.  for all we know some men who learned they had cancer could have suddenly become health nuts for obvious reasons and started changing their diets and supplementing fish oil.

i am highly skeptical of this result for the obvious reason alluded to above that cultures that should have higher omega 3s have very low prostate cancer rates.  i am continuing to take fish oil until i see a prospective study showing people who took it had higher prostate cancer rates, and that study would take years to execute.  in the meantime, who is going to recommend to eat less fish and more fried chicken, which would seem to be the implication of this study?


ive been picking up this at whole foods lately after reading peak talk about beets, which i never ate until recently.  it is actually quite tasty, unlike some of the all green vegetable drinks i tried that i just couldnt get down

i can report that my penile sensitivity increased significantly after getting my t up, so there must be something to it.  whether its indirectly through t increasing dopamine or directly through dht or something else i have no idea, but it definitely happened

it depends if the cause of your problem is low t or high e2.  if its low t, trt works better for ed, then hcg 2nd, clomid 3rd.  if its high e2 then you need to get that down or trt can sometimes do more harm than good.  both of those factors can cause ed

if the doc prescribes X amount every 2 weeks why not just divide that into 2 or 4 shots so you are taking the same aggregate amount on your own schedule and just not tell him?  in my opinion its not required to tell him unless you are changing the aggregate amount yourself.  dosage frequency shouldnt make much difference to the doctor

is there anything to the deer antler?  ive been googling around and finding conflicting information as usual.  some people swear by it, but one person used math to show you wouldnt be physically able to dose it high enough to move the needle which was compelling to me being an accountant and all

my annual gp checkup automatically checks hematocrit in the labwork, and i ask him to add on testosterone vitamin d and estradiol and he does.  that's only one extra reading per year, but my insurance has never argued about those add ons.

it took about 10-12 days for me to notice the difference after starting arimidex

i believe its the former that women who have breast cancer who take it are trying to kill their estrogen, which leads to osteoporosis.  but i cant say that 100%.  you can find plenty of female breast cancer oriented message boards with nasty stories of bone and teeth problems, but i havent seen that from men who take low dosages and dont try to reduce their estrogen below normal

doctors, and especially primary care doctors are very risk averse for good reason.  it doesnt pay them to take chances with unfamiliar things.  since the gels are so widely prescribed and marketed now it is much safer from his perspective to stick with that.  if you put yourself in their shoes it makes sense even though it means many men arent getting the ideal treatment.  i did talk to someone once whose doc made him start on gels, and when they didnt work after a few months then he prescribed cypionate.  some docs have to trust you that you arent going to abuse them.  this guy told me the doc said he gets people in all the time with made up t stories who are just looking for steroids to use or sell.  if your goal is to take your t up way above normal range for a steroid cycle i am not sure the gels will get you there, where injections could.

why would you want to try arimidex mono?  have you checked your estradiol levels yet, and is excess e2 conversion the reason for your low t?

it might work if your estrogen is high but many men with low t have low e too because they dont have enough t to convert to e, so would be counterproductive.  just depends on the individual situation

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