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Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: Low iron healthy
« on: December 21, 2012, 02:56:14 am »
I have abnormally high iron content. My new dr suggests donating blood on a regular basis. especially in my case. It is the only way mean can lower their blood iron content. She also says it is good for your bone marrow because it forces it to produce more new red blood cells. Going to take her word for it because everything she has suggested for my low T, diet/weight loss, etc has made tremendous improvements for me.

nw2lwT I have been on Testosterone cypionate injections(IM) for almost 8 weeks now. I take two shots per week and have really had tremendous succes with it. Use 2 different needles one to draw with(18guage) and one to inject with(25 guage) no pain! I have no tolerance for pain!

Best of luck to you in this journey.

She reduced the amount of testosterone I am injecting and will check again. She wants free "T" under 30. The estradiol is a little lower then she likes but not by much and she believes it will come up. If does not will reduce the Anastrazole. As far as wanting  "T"  that high I do not know. I just know I feel great. Dr will test again in about 8 weeks I think.
Will keep you informed. Going to read the article you linked.

Had phone consultation with Dr Smith today regarding my lab results. It was quite good and she is making a few minor adjustments and adding a couple of items.

initial labs on 8/29/12 by Lab Corp

Testosterone 326 ng/dl
Free "T"         6.1 pg/ml
Estradiol      30.3  pg/ml
Prostate -Specific Ag   .6 ng/ml
IGF-1            81 ng/ml
IGF-BP3         2.5 mg/L
Ferritin         429 ng/ml
DHEA              91 ng/dL
RBC               4.87  x10E6/uL
Prolactin         24.8 ng/mL

Started on November 1,2012 :

Testosterone cypionate 200 mg/week in divided doses
Anastrazole 1 mg take ½ tablet 3x/wk
HCG 600 units SQ 2x/wk
Plus vit d3 and probiotic and vtamin supplements
As stated previously I feel like a new person! Better mood, more energy, better sleep and better sex.

LabCorp did following tests on 12/12/2012

Testosterone     1368 ng/dl    !!!!!!!
Free "T"             32.0 pg/ml   !!!!!!!
Estradiol            14.6 pg/mL
Prostate Ag           .9 ng/mL
RBC                   4.85  x10E6/uL

Drs notes " We look for excess RBC(ranges 4.14-5.80) when treating with testosterone
Free "T" slightly high. Ideal range for your age is 25-30
 Total testosterone is just a little high."
" Continue with HCG and Anastrazole at same rate. Change Testosterone cypionate to .4ml first dose per week and .5ml second dose per week."
        High ferritin—ideal levels may be 40-200, your level is 429.
 Recommend you *donate blood *2-3 times to Red Cross.  This also decreases
 blood viscosity and reduces heart risk so make this a habit.  Consider
 rechecking ferritin in 6-8 weeks
         Low IGF-1—Start *Sermorelin *in recommended doses.  *0.3 mcg SQ
 each evening*. (Note: Evening before bed is best as this is when our body’s
repair work is done.)  Check IGF-1 in 6-8 weeks
         *Low DHEA—Start 25 mg tablet daily*.  Rarely, we go to 50 mg.
Precursor hormone to testosterone and has anti-aging properties.  Too much
 can cause acne and balding

Elevated prolactin since 2005, questionable pituitary adenoma
 treated with bromocriptine for several years, off for almost two
 years—Continue to monitor pituitary function annually.
        In 6-8 weeks (late Jan/early Feb) draw ferritin, IGF-1, Prolactin,

Let me know what you think Peak T and again thanks for all you do.

PeakT, how do you determine the "sweet spot" for your testosterone level?

Using same needles as FlightlowT but take.5 twice weekly. Get labs on 12th and will post how it is going.

Will ask. But all I know is it worked well for me. Everything they said would happen did indeed happen.

So far my experience has been like the executives. Would not want to have to do without it! I am 59 and run a stressful restaurant and it is making all of the difference in the world.

I will ask her if she does. She does know where and how I located her. As far as the Vitamin D she looked at my precription and said "D2 not good." They were some big ole pills taken once a week something like 50,000 IU's?
Also on a special diet that utilizes HCG under the tongue lost 25 lbs quickly and feel great.

I am not sure why but will be glad to ask. I know my blood chemistry was pretty wacky and she had a concern about my DHEA number as well as Total and Free testosterone. Blood work on the 12 th and then a consult will ask.

Peak T just want to thank you for this site. I posted on splinters thread that I agreed with him, this site has probably saved my life. I found out about Dr Forrest Smith on this site. I am on Testosterone cypionate, HCG, and Anaztrozole.She also has me on a special diet. The Vitamin D my other Dr had me on was D2 she has me on D3. I have been on this program for 25 days now and feel so much better. I get bloodwork on December 12 and will post results.

Again thank you.

I have to agree with splinter1724 I believe this site has saved my life. I first posted on here 2 months ago today. I mostly read as many posts as I could and read the links that PeakT provided. I went to section about choosing a Dr and that was the best thing I got off of here. There was an interview with Dr Forrest Smith. I read it and decided to contact her.Best thing I have done in a long time. She took the time to here my story, read my labs and told me she was sure she could help me. She recommended a special diet with HCG therapy, as well as .5mg of Anastrozole three times per week, and .5ml of testosterone cypionate twice per week. I am on day 25 and have lost over 24 pounds and feel like I am living again.I feel better than I have in years.  Having spontaneous erections again, more energy and a better emotional state. More labs on December 12th to see what changes have taken place and if the doses need adjusting. Thanks Peak T

PeakT thanks, for advice. I have not made up my mind regarding any of this. I am fact finding and trying to gather as much info as I can. I had given up meat for about 12 weeks back in February and did not see any boost of energy. It was recommended by guy at gym and others to add fish and lean muscle meat to diet. I am currently taking A Vitamin D prescribed Dr but am planning on switching tp D3. Any links that I should be sure to see are appreciated. I saw on here somewhere a bllog post about Dr for HRT am trying to find that again.

 My glucose, serum was 95 mg/dL interval 65-99. Hemoglobin 15.6 g/dL interval 12.6 to 17.7.
All lab work done by LabCorp 22 total different tests done. So I have lots of results.

Thanks, i will review the links you suggest and also plan on reviewing motre of your site. Many times it is just knowing what to ask the doctor. I have a good caring Personal Care Dr. That is willing to listen. I gave up virtually all soft drinks, tea and coffee back in February. I have given up practically all fried food and eat lean griiled protein, salads , vegetables and Fruit, almonds, cashews, peanuts. I try to avoid processed foods as much as possible and do everything to avoid added sugar. I do use some natural honey and do have a few items that contain sucralose. I am avoiding wheat as much as possible. I go to gym 3 days a week and am totally exhausted after work out. Many times it takes 2 to 3 hours to recover. Guy at gym just scratches his head. Sometimes I have a great work out and sometimes it stinks. After readin some of these posts I believe I to have had a low T problem most of my life. I have probably 90 percent of the symtoms you describe. But I do have a full head of hair ! :) FAtigue drives me crazy.

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