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Yes thank you that is precisely why I decided to get a dr
I understand estrogen to the extent that at this point
I need full panel testing and professional guidance

I'm 50. Very youthful and athletic. I've been battling depression for the last couple of years. I was misdiagnosed as ADHD so wasted a lot time trying various things for that. I finally had a MMPI test done. I do not have ADHD but I do have generalized Anxiety disorder off the chart.

Dispite my plea to not mess with my junk the dr. ignored me as prescribed Cymbalta. Yeah that didn't last long. So next we went to  Wellbutrin. Not the best for anxiety but actually it seems to be working.

This is only temporary to slow my mind down while I begin Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

I actually thought I was loosing my mind but now I understand the mechanics of my disorders and it all makes perfect sense.

I do not like taking drugs but it seems to be a good idea for now.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / DIY Story
« on: May 22, 2013, 11:49:39 am »
I have insurance but as a self employed person I pretty much have to go with the high deductible because it's so cost prohibitive otherwise.

I am not completely stupid :) some may argue that any time one attempts to self medicate is a bad idea. I can't argue that but I can say that after talking to a several general practitioners about HRT, I feel its an area where you should do your own research.

So from that I can say I've done my research. Got my blood done. Found an internet source for meds and gave it a try. After being on the 5% gel for 3 months. I got my blood work done again and have decided to hand this over to a professional.

Initially I was @400 total. Free was in the normal windows also. Low normal I think most would agree. Im 50.

After using the cream Androforte 5% for 3 months. My total was 1060 and free is 25%
I was a bit surprised but not alarmed.

What I found interesting is that somewhere in between I felt really good. Especially libdo and erections. Not as good toward the end or should I say lately. Not bad just not like I did at say 4 weeks.

So I've joined a low t program and today is my first appt. Since two weeks ago when I had my blood work done, I have began to reduce the dosage. Mainly because I wanted my last tube of the Cream to last until my appt. I can only assume that my total and or free is dropping. At this point I have no idea where it's at but I feel like I did early on. I'm horned up big time.

I'll of course ask the dr. about this today.

FYI I have found a national treatment center that is all inclusive dr. appts, blood work, Rx, etc. 199.00 a month which is in my budget. If I get 4 referrals I get a year free. Not the reason for this post but I thought I'd mention it anyway. So far everything they advertise is great.

Anyway has anyone else experienced the sweet spot at least the way it seems?

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