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After five years on clomid, trying every strategy, ending up 12.5mg E3D, I finally gave up and just started TRT. Total T was always good, SHBG was always high and went up with any increase in clomid dose. Free T was always in 8-10 range. Never got any subjective benefits. Clomid would be great in so many ways if it worked, but for most of us it ends up being a fruitless placeholder. You fool yourself into hoping it will get better, while spending years with low Free T and reaping the downsides of that. If I had it to do over I would definitely go on TRT earlier in the game as there is too much lost physically with years of low Free T.

What did 12.5 E3D to do your numbers?   Im 27 so its just hard to imagine committing to TRT.   Its too bad they haven't made any advancements in clomid or clomid esque drugs for men

The tests that I get through the Doctor have a much larger SHBG scale (12-90) so my reads in the 50s never seemed like an issue.   The scale I got on these tests I ran on my own were different.

I am trying 25mg EOD to see if going up a bit will boost T without boosting SHBG much more to hopefully get higher on the free T scale. 

After that I probably will try coming off Clomid and seeing were things lie. As it doesn't seem like theres a reason to be on it if my Free T is that low still.   Ive been on it so long I don't feel like going through the process of coming off thats why I haven't recently as when I do I can feel my body ache really quickly.

Been years since I've posted here, but wanted to some feedback as I recently have new blood work I ordered on my own as the doctor only ever gets total T measure. 

I have been taking Clomid 12.5 mg or 1/4th Tablet, EOD, for about 2 years Id say. Test was taken the day after a dosing.

Issues with Erectile Strength, depression, fatigue, energy, semen volume, etc.

Test was taken in the afternoon, I had just worked out and had a protein shake, if its worth noting.

FSH          1.5 (1.6-8.0)  LOW
LH            5.0   (1.5-9.3)
Prolactin   13.9 (2.0-18.0)

Total T   519 (250-1100)
Free T   54    (35-155)
SHBG    59   (10-50) HIGH
E2        25    (<29 Ultrasensitive)

Cholesterol Total     130 (<200)
HDL Cholesterol      70 (>40)
LDL Cholesterol      38 (<100)

Glucose              62  (65-139) LOW

T3 Uptake         36    (22-35) HIGH
T4 Total            6.6  (4.5-12)

Is it strange that FSH is still low on Clomid despite it seemingly elevating LH?

Any thoughts would be appreciated as these were self ordered labs.

actually the more I look at it the more Im pretty sure I have one. It is more apparent at night then in the morning and when my sack is looser.

Can they cause low pituitary function? Can they cause depression?

Thanks for the advice. I can't really tell, I wouldnt say there is pain that keeps me from sleeping, but there sometimes is pain during the day. I will ask to get it checked out.

Can someone tell me a little bit more about what a varicocele is? Its the one thing Ive never been tested for. My left testicle is smaller than the other, and I do have a dark purple vien under it but I don't think thats what varicocele is? A simple google search sounds like it looks sort of like a bag on the scrotum? If someone has this, would that meen he would have high LH, because it is the testes that aren't working as well due to the varicocele. Any info would be great. Thanks

You describe what Ive also been going through for over a year. The numbness is the worst.   My T was pretty low, high 300s, but I also had reads in the 500 and 600s. I tried TRT for 2 months, Ive been on clomid 3 seperate times (including now), and havent gotten relief from the anhedonia. My doctors believe depression is causing the hormonal issues for me, and not the other way around. But that is just me and may  not be you. Let us know your results when they come in. Testosterone works fairly quickly in most men, so if it is the root cause, and you treat it, you should feel better pretty quick, depending on how you control e2.

Hi all.

So I was on a trial run of 1/2 grain of armour thryoid. I stopped 3 weeks in because I started to have hyper thyroid symptoms, elevated heart rate, anxiety etc.  I am retesting in a few weeks as we were going off old labs where I was 3.0 in free t3.

I have been off of it for a week now, and this past week have been really tired in the middle of the day and my arms feel really weak. Im assuming my thyroid function was comprimised a bit while on medication and now is slow. Question is, how long does it take to bounce back?

Lastly, I am also on 25 mg clomid every day as I stopped TRT about 3 months ago. In the begining my testicles had that "turning back on feeling" sort of like a soothing feeling. Now they have a uncomfortable ache to them. Not a huge deal, but Im wondering if that means I am not responding anymore to it. I guess blood work will tell.

Any insight on the thyroid situation would be great, my doctor said 1/2 grain wouldnt shut down natural production but Ive read otherwise.


what exactly is armour? why is it such an out of the box med?

I wanted to start a new thread from my other topic as it is a different subject..

I have been prescribed armour thyroid. I know nothing about thyroid meds He said it was a low dose, but will that shut down my natural production which will make me need a higher dose? How does this all work? If I stop the meds will my production kick back in?

My thyroid levels were in range but not optimal.  (These are from last June)

TSH 2.57 (.40-4.50) But optimal is 1-2 he said.
T3 Free 3.0 (2.3-4.2)  But optimal is 3-5 he said.

Is it worth taking meds? He wants to see how I feel with optimized thyroid. He doesnt think T is my issue because on TRT my levels are great and I dont feel better. So I am coming off TRT and doing clomid for a few weeks.

Will better thyroid meen better T production too?

Any info helps


Thanks for the info. So when I take this medication my natural production will be shut down? Is it worth taking if you are borderline?

Does your production come back if you stop? Im sort of confused about thyroid issues and medication, any more info would be great. Whats the difference between thyroid armour and other thyroid meds?

a4m doctor. Natureopath. He is good. flexible. Willing to work with me.

I am coming off TRT. Its only been 10 weeks but he just doesnt think my depression is due to low T, or else he thinks I would have shown signs of improvement.

I am trying thyroid armour for 8 weeks, getting blood work, and seeing how I feel. My thyroid is ok by most doctor standards, but this is the last thing we havent really  tried. I tried gluten free diet,  clomid, cyp+hcg. Optimized vitamin D.

Im going to take clomid for 2 weeks to get my system going, then he wants me to come off, and thinks that my T will be better if my depression is cured and optmized thyroid. My total T has never been that bad, my testicles can produce good amounts of it with low LH readings. I just have trouble with shbg shooting up when I use clomid.

Yamprt, I actually just got back from the doctors and we are going to try a thyroid medication. During my blood tests last year, I was borderline hypothyroid.  TSH 2.57 ....Free T3 3.0...Both in range but he thinks we should see if optimizing the thyroid helps my issues.

Good point on the HCG davie.

I wish that drug androxal or whatever its called was out. I like the idea of clomid, if I could only control SHBG while on it!

Thanks for the advice everyone

100 a week is on the lower side Id say. I havent seen much people using less than 100 a week.

I guess T isnt my issue

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