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some people can not convert plant-based omega-3 (ALA) into the DHA and EPA found in fish oil.

Wouldn't that be a good thing, from the prostate cancer point of view?

The omega 3 fat in plants can be converted to the omega 3 that fish oil has.

No one should take 400mg of Preg. FYI.

What's the worst that can happen?

It's your body.

I know. What's the risk of high doses of pregnenolone?

No one should take 400mg of Preg. FYI.

What's the worst that can happen?

Im not sure I understand why the heck you are saying

Let me translate. He is saying big government works and free markets cause unaffordable high prices in medicine.


I have a blood glucose meter.  Carbs raise my blood sugar level WAY MORE than meat.

The comment referred to a calorie-by-calorie comparison. Of course, everybody consumes a small amount of total protein compared to the energy intake.

So, they might increase by the same amount in the lab under special conditions that will not happen in your life.

I eat mostly salads similar to antipasto, with organic sandwich meats, cheese and hard boiled eggs, kalamata olives, olive oil & vinegar, fruit, corn tortillas(organic), OJ, water.

You have a good diet. One thing you could test is increasing sugar intake. Sugar is typically not a problem when you don't consume high PUFA oils, which you don't, and can be beneficial.

there are better ways to figure out if you're in ketosis: blood ketone meters, piss strips, breath meters, etc.

No equipment really is needed, you can just test if your breath smells like ketones.

Tree nuts, by the way, have relatively little saturated fat, often some omega-3's and actually dilate arteries (due to arginine and anti-inflammatories and antioxidants).

And nuts are also one of the most concentrated sources of omega 6 that will kill you.

Lauric acid, a saturated fat, increases HDL cholesterol and according to some researchers is the best for heart health of any fat.

Well, we could easily argue about this all day, but I still contend that is pretty simple if you want to lose weight (I am neglecting potential health benefits/consequences).

If you're "neglecting the health consequences", then obviously whatever you're saying is worthless.

One reason focusing on calories is useless to a lot of people...

Let's say you burn 2000 calories per day.

You then eat 1950 calories. Then your metabolism slows down and you burn only 1900 calories per day. You remove more calories, the metabolic rate goes down even more.

So if a person tells you, if you simply eat less than you are burning, you are guaranteed to lose weight, that is false. Whatever your body burned today might not be the same after you remove calories. This is true especially for people who don't pay attention to what are the effects of different components of the diet on thyroid function. One can even go to 1000 calories per day and still not lose weight.

Low salt diets are especially harmful to the kidneys as they increase aldosterone.

The only way to gain weight is with a calorie surplus.

True but worthless information, especially to those who for example 800 calories is a surplus.

I will most certainly be looking into this in retirement.  It is not feasible whilst I am fully employed.  But when I no longer have to punch the clock.  Oh yes.  I'll be all over this. 

A small but growing number are taking this even further.  They are becoming dual citizens and doing everything they can to escape the tentacles of taxation from Uncle Sam and to be able to access a lower cost of living in foreign lands.

Dual citizens are subject to the same federal income taxation as single citizens.   The US taxes its citizens on worldwide income.   Obtaining a second citizenship does not free an American from US taxation.   Doing so requires entirely renouncing one's American citizenship. 

(Even then, the IRS can impose taxes on your existing wealth if the purpose of renouncing citizenship is deemed to be tax avoidance.   And the purpose is presumed to be tax avoidance unless proven otherwise.)

You can take advantage of lower living costs and avoidance of taxes other than federal income tax by living abroad, but you do not need a second citizenship to do that.

Having a second citizenship makes it more practical to renounce U.S.citizenship.

But it's not been studied over longer periods that include the body's adjustments to the excess sodium.  Other studies have shown that you have to eat a pretty high amount of sodium to cause extra mortality.

I think it's been studied long term and water retention goes down after a while.

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