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I normally took 3.000ui, but two weeks ago I started taking more, I can't say exactly the amount, but I'm sure more than 3.000, even 5000.

About the prolactin: I used 2 bottles of relora and 2 bottles of phospatidylserine. One month I took the two supplements together and it seems to do no effect...
I'm suspecting that my body can't assimilate vit D, and is because of that I have very high parathormone intacte.

I have already edited the last blood work with the units of measure :)
Prolactin; he always says that is not important, maybe is a reaction of my body against the injection.
I take vit D3-K2, I increased the dose since the last time we talked about that, but it doesn't seem it make any change. When I finish the bottle I'll buy only Vit D.

When I have some free time I'm going to investigate about the parathormone intacte, it's really high.

Sorry, in a few minutes I'm going to edit the post with the units ;)
The protocol is not my decission. My doc said let's see how are your levels after 3 weeks. I said again: I think is better low dose more frecuently. He said NO, is better less frecuently. I know that is better more frecuent protocol, but on my country the rules are that it has to be 1 week or every 2 weeks protocols and the endocrinologists don't do anything out of that.
I have to visit him this wednesday, I will try to convince him to change at least to "one dose every week", if not I only have the way of every two weeks.

Interesting, I hope they investigate more on this disease.
Alzheimer is one of the worse diseases for me, it's so frustrating and sad...

Thanks PeakT!! So I have to choose, 8C or 28-32C ahahah, I won't use the fridge for the next dose, but I did'n notice any of the sides of the crystallization.

First of all I think the best advice is what PeakT said: arimidex is the last thing to try.
If you are decided to take arimidex... a good way to go is trying with your own body, but always with bloodworks!
For example. I'm on TRT 250mg Cyp every 2 weeks. My T levels are high until the final of the second week (900), and E2 levels I only know are high on the first week (82). So I started last week taking 0.25mg arimidex on Monday and Thursday. I want to see how are my E2 levels at the final of this week, to see if I have to take arimidex also on the second week.

I have a new bloodwork. It was made 3 weeks after one dose of 250mg cyp IM. Supplements: Magnesium, Selenium, Fish Oil, Zinc, Horsetail, Vit E, Vit D, Phospatidilserine, Biotin.

-Hematology (only anormal levels)
Erythrocytes: 5.41 x10e6/uL (4.5 - 5.1)
Average platelet volume: 11.6 fL (7.4 - 10.4)

17-beta estradiol: 26.9 pg/ml (7.63 - 42.6)
Prolactine: 18.85 ng/ml (4 - 15.2)
Parathormone Intacte: 129.4 pg/ml (15 - 65)
Total Testosterone: 5 ng/ml (2.5 - 8.36)
Free Testosterone: 8.4 pg/ml (8.9 - 42.5)

Total PSA: 0.42 ng/ml (<1.4)

SHBG: 26.6 nmol/L (13.5 - 71.4)
25-OH-Vit D: 24.09 ng/ml (>30)

Last week I started taking Arimidex, 0.25mg E3D only on the first week after the injection. Maybe this week I'll take one more dose 0.25mg Arimidex on Tuesday, just because in previous bloodworks Testosterone was high until the final of the second week.
I realise some things that I don't know if are related with the Arimidex o simply coincidence, but all of that was since the last week:
-I feel a little more the effect of testosterone
-I think I lost 2kg of water.
-I'm losing hair. Maybe is only a season, maybe is the effect of the TRT or the TRT+AI

Apart from that, I have to read a lot about Vit D, Parathormone Intacte... I think I have a problem there.

PeakT I hope don't bother you, but I will re-copy my bloodwork. It was a great idea to make a new topic to discuss about the E2 levels, but I also want all my tests here ;)


Ok, let's see my crazy blood work:
4 days after 250mg cyp.
Supplements: Vit D, E, C, Relora, Fish Oil, horsetail, Magnesium, Zinc, GABA, Biotin, Condroitine & Glucosamide.

Hematology (only anormal levels)
Erythrocytes: 5.16 (4.5 - 5.1)
Average platelet volume: 11.3 (7.4 - 10.4)

Biochemistry (only anormal levels)
Glucose: 67 (70 - 105)
Uric acid: 7.4 (3.4 - 7)
Potassium: 5.23 (3.5 - 5.1)

17-Hidroprogesterone: 0.57 (0.63 - 2.15)
Cortisol: 17.45 (6.2 - 19.4)
Delta-4 androstendione: 2.6 (0.6 - 3.7)
FSH: <0.1 (1.5 - 12.5)
LH: 0.52 (1.7 - 8.6)
17-beta estradiol: 82.67 (7.63 - 42.6)
Prolactine: 16.55 (4.04 - 15.2)
Testosterone: >15 (2.49 - 8.36)
Free testosterone: 30.5 (8.9 - 42.5)
Dhea-Sulf: 3.86 (2.11 - 4.92)

PSA total: 0.36 (<1.4)
25 - OH Vit D: 21.88 (>30)

In my opinion the first thing would be taking  AI, maybe 1 little dose in the first days after de injection.
Second thing would be trying to change to 100mg cyp every week.

I can realise I have water retention. Last year, when I was on TRT I was sharper than now. I don't know the reason, well, the high estradiol, but why the last year with the same dosage I was sharper? Also, last year, 2 weeks after the injection I had low T levels, and not now.

That's a good question. I always store the cyp on the fridge, 8C, maybe I should change and store it in a place with 20-25c. I don't think cold can degrade it, but never know...

It's incredible, I never stop realizing new feelings of low T levels (and also good T levels feelings), or simply reading people who can describe very well how they feel and is always like I feel.

Low T makes you a little tired and a little anxious, yes. But it also makes you more deliberate, gentler, a better father, a more faithful husband (in thought and in deeds).

When I've been at a healthy T level (through TRT), I have indeed been more enterprising and energetic, yes, but also less patient with everybody, and have always done impetuous things that I've regretted later. With TRT, I really am governed more by my hormones than I am when my T is low. You definitely lose the wisdom of the old when your on TRT.

I could notice that with low T I was more gallant with girlfriends (always thinking firstly about her, always taking care of her...). I though this was because I'm like this and I was proud of that, there aren't a lot of guys like this. But I learnt that the hormones are related to all the things. After that, with normal levels of T (on TRT) I could notice I was starting to be like the named "bad guys". I started being more desinterested in taking care of her, the only important thing was sex...

My advise is that you should take the option with which you feel better. You have to compare how you feel with and without TRT and consider all the pros and cons of each in your life.
When you choose, I would investige/test on you adding more meds to attack side effects.
If you choose TRT, first of all you should find the best dosage and application for you if your doc let you do it.

One question: I read above that you used testosterone at 12 years old for one year? Why??

For example, my case. I always though all the low T syptoms I was suffering were normal for me (since I was 16); brain fog, can't concentrate, massive thoughts at the same time, anxiety, tired, feeling like I can't do anything, somedays not even get out of bed, depression, and a lot more... All I thought was I'm depressed, I have no reason, but it must be that. I started suspecting I was low T levels when suddenly all the symptoms get worse, and I saw no progress on gym. Then I searched on internet, made some blood works and... that was my problem (and also Hashimotos). If I would have started TRT before probably now my life would be very different. Low T costed me years of high school wasted, can't study what I want, lose a few works, an important GF... but now I have other goals and the past has passed. The only thing that sometimes I think about is my wasted talent, but it's OK. Anyways, in my case I can't compare the feelings, being on TRT is like be a normal person. The sides don't bother me right now: less creativity (a lot of my creativity came from my brain fog), maybe the future hair loss, future no fertility, maybe a few more, but how I feel is priceless.

Next visit I will insist in weekly schedule, but he always says "no, more frecuently dosage is worse". Last time he saw my T levels after 2 weeks he said that maybe we should change to 250mg cyp per 3 weeks!!!

So, if I use AI:
-Monday: 250mg cyp + 0.25mg AI
-Thursday: 0.25mg AI
-Second week nothing at first.

PeakT, what do you mean with "don't do an AI unless you can test your estradiol with a good test"?
I can ask for doing two tests. One in the first week an another on the second if that is what you mean.

Wowww amazing mushrooms!! It's incredible. Thank you for that interesting study.
I think that dietary AI effects will change in each person, but is good to know a success case. Yes, I see you said "pounds of mushrooms a week" but it was "successful".
I have high E2, and next week I will start with anastrozol, 0.25mg twice a week.

My next step will be:
-Take more VitD
-Continue taking 250mg cyp every2weeks. My reason is that my doctor won't want change that and my T levels after 2 weeks are high.
-Add Arimidex, 0.25mg twice a week.

Something like that:
Monday: 250mg cypionate
Tuesday: 0.25mg arimidex
Friday: 0.25mg arimidex
Tuesday: 0.25mg arimidex
Friday: 0.25mg arimidex

My questions:
-Is there any difference if I take arimidex the same day of the cypionate injection?
-I take cyp every 2 weeks, should I take less arimidex in the second week?

When I start doing this protocol I will make a blood work to see the effect of the arimidex.
If this doesn't work I will search a doctor who wants to change at least to 100mg/week.

17-Hidroprogesterone: 0.57 ng/ml (0.63 - 2.15)
Cortisol: 17.45 microgram/ml (6.2 - 19.4)
Delta-4 androstendione: 2.6 ng/ml (0.6 - 3.7)
FSH: <0.1 mUI/ml (1.5 - 12.5)
LH: 0.52 mUI/ml(1.7 - 8.6)
17-beta estradiol: 82.67 pg/ml (7.63 - 42.6)
Prolactine: 16.55 ng/ml (4.04 - 15.2)
Testosterone: >15 ng/ml (2.49 - 8.36)
Free testosterone: 30.5 pg/ml (8.9 - 42.5)
Dhea-Sulf: 3.86 microgram/ml (2.11 - 4.92)

PSA total: 0.36 ng/ml (<1.4)
25 - OH Vit D: 21.88 ng/ml (>30)

Maybe I can try with 0.25mg arimidex e3d (0.5mg weekly)
17-hidroxyprogesteron is related with adreanls, but I don't know if my deficency is important...
And Vit D... What can I do with that? Increase the dose? There is an important thing here, with no vitD supplement I was low, but with supplement I'm in the same low level.

Yes, but I'm taking 3000iu Vit D3-K2 everyday, and I also run outdoor with sun.
And what's your opinion about of the rest levels? They are all very bad... Low 17hidroxyprogesterone, very very high estradiol, high prolactine...

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