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Why is the U.S.A Medicine industry so against 100% PURE Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) gels or creams too, are they offended at MEN becoming more of a MAN?

crazy that the FDA allows other worse/Dangerous drugs too, but FDA won't allow this DHT GEL for Real???  I wish EMPOWER Pharmacy in Texas could just start producing Dihydrotestosterone Gel be much easier.  =(

It's not the medicine industry, but those clowns in government who put arbitrary restrictions in place supposedly to protect us from ourselves. I agree that we should have access to DHT products. Having low DHT, I would like to experiment. For me, scrotal testosterone cream causes too much aromatization to estradiol. Ideally I'd like DHT propionate, where I could be sure of absorption. If you don't mind running afoul of the law then mesterolone for oral use is available, but it's not quite the same, and absorption can be low and variable.

If you feel great then the battle is mostly won. I could express various doubts, but if you start making changes then you could easily feel worse instead. I'll limit myself to one concern: One milligram per week of anastrozole is a fairly large dose. I'd want to be sure that estradiol is as good as the one measurement indicates. Was this a mass spectrometry-based test?

.... so if my lh, fsh and total Testosterone rise that means im secundary right?

Yes, and secondary is far more common than primary.

... i wonder what my labs will say from using clomid. like where my lh and fsh will end up. is it possible that my total test might not increase? i don’t know if free will because of high shbg already.

Clomid is expected to raise LH and FSH, but going too high is counterproductive, as it can result in less testosterone production than at lower levels.

It's true that it can be hard to raise free testosterone using Clomid, with SHBG frequently going higher.

...  I believe we are passing back and forth through our respective e2/T sweet spots. ...

I think this is a possibility.

... from my understanding and from what i read here and outside this forum is that the “bad” side of clomid (zuclomiphene) last longer in our body than the good side of clomid (enclomiphene)? this means that if someone got good improvements but at the same time some bad side effects from taking clomid and then stops treatment the improvements will last a couple of days while the side effects can stay for a month or so? ...

That's the theory, but the reality must be more complicated if guys are successfully using Clomid in relatively short cycles.

It's probably not the Testosterone levels that are causing the issues. I've noticed that when I cycle T, I get really horny when I first start and when I stop. I've always guessed that other hormones are in play during the ride up or down.

I've had these effects too. It would be extremely useful to guys on TRT to figure out what's going on with this.

I wonder if it is the increase of pituitary hormones fsh and lh when stopping TRT that create sperm and that increase drives sex drive/libido up.

My guess is it's something else. The strongest such effect I ever had was when I switched from T enanthate to T propionate, and I was even trying to minimize fluctuations. There was no time for HPTA reactivation.

It's probably not the Testosterone levels that are causing the issues. I've noticed that when I cycle T, I get really horny when I first start and when I stop. I've always guessed that other hormones are in play during the ride up or down.

I've had these effects too. It would be extremely useful to guys on TRT to figure out what's going on with this.

There's conflicting information on how long it would take Clomid to get out of your system. One paper says the enclomiphene isomer has a half-life of about 10 hours, so it would be gone in a couple days. This is the isomer that stimulates LH/FSH production and therefore testosterone. The problem is that the zuclomiphene isomer has a very long half-life, maybe even a month. So it takes a long time to get rid of it, and zuclomiphene in general acts an estrogen, tending to suppress gonadotropins. Wikipedia says "... unlike enclomifene, zuclomifene is antigonadotropic due to activation of the ER and is able to reduce testosterone levels in men to near-castrate levels." From a practical perspective it can't be that strong or nobody would be able to use Clomid for post-cycle therapy.

I've never heard of low testosterone causing blurry vision.

What's the difference between sub-cutaneous and intra-muscular?

Why is one preferable over the other?

To me, it seems, an injection is an injection is an injection.

But, I know nothing at all about the differences between sub-cutaneous and intra-muscular.

Please elaborate.

A subcutaneous injection is just under the skin, whereas intramuscular means a deeper injection literally into a muscle. Subcutaneous injections might be considered less invasive because you can use very small and short needles, down to even 31 gauge and 1/4 inch. In rare cases it's possible to create scarring with IM injections. Subcutaneous delivery is relatively new for testosterone, as original clinical trials had used IM. That's why it's useful that the Antares trial showed good aborption with this method. The trial found that pharmacokinetics vary somewhat between IM and subQ; the apparent half-life of the testosterone ester is longer with subQ, by almost 50%. This makes more of a difference when the interval between injections is on the order of the half-life or longer. This may be why some guys prefer one method over the over.

Here are a couple useful instruction sheets on the two methods:

I think the self-pay set is not going to be very interested, as the cost is likely way higher than a vial of T enanthate and a box of insulin syringes.

I have mentioned that we are indebted to Antares for the clinical trial on this product, which showed that subcutaneous injections are safe and effective. This should help get more doctors to let their patients try subQ, which many will find preferable to IM.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: Total Test
« on: April 20, 2019, 03:19:17 am »
Remind us what your SHBG is. Free testosterone is likely more important than total...

6 nmoL/L

I forgot it was so low. In theory this makes for decent free testosterone, but estradiol is more likely to be a problem.

yeah i mean do you even see many young guys doing trt? i remember a doctor telling me”i never had patient so young has you” wtf this makes me feel so bad :(. yes estradiol last time i checked was at 5. constantly using the bathroom and dry hands.

We do see guys in their 20s coming through; hypogonadism can hit young guys too. You've got a lot of years left so it's important to get treated so you can enjoy life. Defy Medical is a good choice.

Pretty decent looking numbers. Any other symptoms that might not seem connected to the sexual issues? Have you tried PDE5 inhibitors?

You might experiment with items in JustAskin's stack.

There are many things that go into SHBG, and we do see a lot of otherwise healthy guys who still have very low SHBG. In other words, don't work too hard at trying to pin low levels on one particular thing.

Your estradiol seems pretty reasonable relative to SHBG; guy's with low SHBG seem more prone to problems with estradiol, so it's better to have it on the low side. There's even a rule of thumb saying that estradiol in pg/mL should be about the same as SHBG in nmol/L.

I'm not sure what to recommend regarding the DHT. I seem to do better a lower levels, but it's a very individual thing. High levels may be useful in counteracting estradiol, but if you're prone to pattern hair loss then it's not so great.

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