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This entire diet dropped my B.P. from 150/110 to 117/77 in under 1 year (

I'll attest to this post, but not so much stufff

the key being the veggies, high in nitrates
course the highest in nitrates is a fruit, rhubarb

The Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) studies found that diets rich in vegetables (ie, 8–10 servings) and   ow-fat dairy products can lower blood pressure to an extent similar to that achieved with single hypotensive medications (13,14). The blood pressure–lowering effect of this diet was hypothesized to be attributable to the high calcium, potassium, polyphenols, and fiber contents and low sodium and animal protein contents (15). These and other findings point to a less widely acknowledged but biologically plausible hypothesis: the content of inorganic nitrates) in certain vegetables and fruit can provide a physiologic substrate for reduction to nitrite
(NO22), nitric oxide, and other metabolic products (NOx) that produce vasodilation, decrease blood pressure, and support cardiovascular function (16–18)


so get your nirates
lose fat
dont eat a lot of dietary fat

I get my BP checked by a nurse 2x a week and  even when I'm drinking soda(diet moutraindew) which has 10mg/oz

I have normal BP
whenj I dont drink  caffeine, I have near 110\68

yeah, I need the bOOST


"Number two on my list of major 21st century developments is expanding into nearby space. We need more resources -- both acreage and raw materials -- unless we're happy to condemn our descendants to a limited lifestyle and unlimited war. You may worry about running out of oil, but that's not the resource that should really make you antsy. We're going to eat through the easily recoverable reserves of stuff like copper, zinc, and the platinum group metals in a matter of decades.

We can find more of these elements in asteroids, and already several companies are planning to do so. But nearby space could also provide unlimited real estate for siting the condos of the future. Everyone expects our progeny to establish colonies on the moon or Mars, but the better deal is to build huge, orbiting habitats in which you can live without a spacesuit. Think of scaling up the International Space Station a few thousand times. We can put unlimited numbers of people in such engineered environments, and sometime in this century we'll start doing that. The days of being confined to the bassinette of our birth are coming to an end."

which  is why that planet is intraseller had no life, too close to a  black hole(which isnt a hole, but a star that is super dense dead star



Good point about iodine in womens pills

[I find it funny the link yougave says

"Vitamin D (1000 IU) to provide support for bone, teeth, muscle and immune health"

which is EXACTLY why you want vit C

smokers who lose teeth? are you surprised?
vit C lasts maybe an hour in the body and is required to make collagen(which your gums are made up of)
when vit C gets used up neutralizing  free radicals, it cannot make collagen ITS GONE
so your collagen fails, as nearly  all cells die off, there  is no colagen to make news ones!
so teeth fall out!

hence my vit C thread
thanks for the link, KC!

oh yEAH
i also take Magnessium via consumerlabs. nutricology

First thing I thought when I read this was
why do we put the most biodegradable stuff into plastic bags aka  dog shit

doesnt the same reasoning apply to coffins?
so instead of returning nutrients to the earth, we are slowly taking them out and putting them into landfills, (in plastic bags) of $10K  coffins

yeah, I hope Im dead before we make earth unsustainable for life
can we say

or is this nonsense to worry about like PEAK  OIL

Multivitamin with iodine.

what brand do you use?> Ive yet to find one with idoine

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / what supps do you take?
« on: January 18, 2016, 01:53:25 pm »
vit K2(superK from life extension)
vit D
Vit C(5-10grams)
Omega 3

AI every  3 days


hahah nope all male here:))) dont eat a lot of fat....or maybe more than i think...

might be a good idea to track how much fat you are eating

many many many many people who  claim "diets dont work" because they are "dieting" and cannot lose weight.  are eating more calories then they realize

I had a pal who was one of those people and only by doing Jenny craigs, where you write down everything you eat, was it discovered how much was being eaten and changes were made, weight loss  happened


Don't discount the fact that you can easily inject the T yourself with just a bit of training. Or have a partner do it for you. I can't see any reason to visit the doc for weekly injections.
yeah save money and better control over  T. really useful DIY project

Ferritin is extremely critical and can greatly increase fatigue, lower dopamine and thyroid hormones and at high levels can lower testosterone - the list goes on and on.  In fact, because there are quite a few things to keep track of, I finally put a page together on 10 Reasons to Pull Your Ferritin:


Let me know if you have any others that come to mind. 

Also, I finally decided to pull my own ferritin - aint nobody else gonna do it - and got the above lab reading.  This is near the middle of the lab range and not associated with any issues that I could find.
what's the use of pulling it?
if its high, what can you do? GIVE BLOOD
so just give blood
and save some $$

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: Estrogen Blocker
« on: January 17, 2016, 04:34:30 am »
Thank you for your response.  My level was at 28 before starting testosterone treatment.  Therefore I guess it makes sense for me to be on an estrogen blocker going forward.

I would never add an AI to my protocol unless my doctor and I confirmed high E2 via a sensitive test, AND I was experiencing symptoms of elevated estradiol. Crashing your estradiol is an unpleasant business.
whats worse short term low e2 or high e2?

Peak, does better NO production actually make a diff in how you feel?  Or is it just a thing for better boners? (Not that I am understating how important that is)
NO kills cancer.virus and lots of good stuff
per table 5
Garden veggies have about 278mg nitrates per  pill
Nature’s Way Garden Veggies (1 capsule; 900 mg desiccated vegeta-
bles; Nature’s Way Products Inc, Springville, UT


I also know that my health is tenuous, and any decrease in effort on my part will result in disaster.

wow, you have it going on, nice work
so many people want to blame anything  but themselves
    Diet is key to good health as well as how much/little bodyfat you carry around

I appreciate the writeup fathomer.  And you are very perceptive to get at the question I was dancing around.

I need to find a way to do more C.  I want to be careful.  Peak has mentioned that C has a tendency to increase iron uptake in the presense of fat.  Not a deal breaker, just saying.

What's interesting is that when people go on low fat diet, they usually tend to increase consumption of fruits and vegs, which would lead to getting more C.  Is it the greater C or is it low fat that is helping them keep plaque free.  I think I know what you would say!
I think the pro-vit C loses people because they say vit C fights CAD
no, vit C does not fight CAD, vit C does not make skin look better
vit C is required to make collagen
COLLAGEN is what does the work,
repairs arteries, makes skin look good
I chuckle when people say how 40grams or whatever of vit C causes issues
DONT TAKE  so much at once
spread it out all day, you want some vit  C in your body all the time

animals make vit C, how often do you see a dog/cat taking a few days to fight a cold?  or the sniffles?
I dunno, and i dunno if them making vit C does anything about colds/cancer/etc. I know about heart disease and I know lions dont die from heart attacks...hmmm but ancetodal stories are acedotal, Pauling explains why it worls


Okay, the authors probably should have ended the study with, "Be sure to make this part of a comprehensive lifestyle program of diet and exercise."  But that's not really their job imo.  Now can we move on to just how powerful blueberries are and why most of us should be throwing them in their smoothies?

yes, just like when you order fast food a diet soda is almost always better than a regular soda :o

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