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I tried prednisone a few years back and it didn't do anything for me. I can completely relate to being done in 2 minutes. I was like that for the first 5 years or so of this ordeal. That seems to be a lot better the last year or so.

I was gonna wait a few more days to post about this but I'll go ahead and post it. I quit taking the beef kidney stuff and have now switched to mucuna pruriens, I guess that's called L dopa also. The bottle says take 2 a day no more than 4 but I've been taking 6 which is 3000 mg at 20%. I tried this a couple years ago but I was only taking their recommended amount of 2 a day and it didn't do anything. It seems to be taking care of the asthma completely with this dose whereas everything else would help some for a few hours then the asthma would be right back. The beef kidney stuff helped as good as anything but by the evening I could feel the asthma coming back. With the L dopa I have had no asthma at all for 4 or 5 days now. It could be just a reprieve I get every once in awhile but only time will tell. I also have been pissing A LOT more which means the dopamine is affecting my kidneys like I thought too. If the L dopa is helping my asthma then I'm 99% sure low dopamine is my issue, I just don't know how to completely fix it or if it's even fixable.

Thank you for not wanting to transition. 😂 All that stuff is just crazy talk anyway. You'll have to overlook my attitude sometimes but it's mostly due to trt changing my personality and lots of frustration too. I doubt I'll ever find out what's gong on. Nothing I try seems to do much of anything meaningful.

Missing one or two doses of prop over a 3 week period is not being vague nor do I doubt it would make much of difference in being shutdown.

Still don't believe I'm "different" and still believe this needs to be experimented with.

I wasn't vague at all. I told exactly what I was taking and how long I had been taking it. I just don't believe that I'm some type of anomaly. If I'm less sensitive then a low dose of T shouldn't shut me down but it does. That's why I'd like to see others try enclomiphene even with a low dose of T. This goes back to that study I posted about low T guys going on enclomiphene and raising there T to a normal level yet their LH/FSH was still high. Yeah, so natural T fluctuates and maybe test prop needs to be used due to its half life. I think this needs to be experimented with a lot more with trt.

But you forget that I was on 10mg a day when I started this and 3 weeks into enclomiphene use my LH/FSH was pretty high considering that dose. I want to see others use enclomiphene only and see what their results are.

Why are my lab pics not showing up??

New labs. To my amazement my LH\FSH are high. Can anybody explain that considering I'm told I have to use GnRH for the enclomiphene to do anything? I want to see somebody else who is on TRT try just enclompihene. I know I'm a little different from everybody else but I don't believe I'm a medical anomaly either. T dropped, I'm only using 5 mg of test prop every day so I might drop that altogether or go to an every other day dose of enclomiphene. Another thing I'm amazed at is my E is at 40 and I should be mad at the world but I'm not. Maybe LH\FSH has a calming effect??

Started cymbalta 4 days ago and I will be quitting it today. It had sexual side effects after the first dose. It was extremely hard to reach orgasm after just one dose and the next night I gave up trying so that's a no go for me. I knew it had sexual side effects but not anorgasmia so I looked that up thinking it might get better with time and nope, it only gets worse. Several people stated they became completely numb after awhile. I don't know if they're talking physical or emotionally but I ain't playing that game at all. In the trash that garbage goes! I will say this tho, for 3 the days I was on it I've had zero asthma and I haven't been taking the DAO supps either because I ran out. I don't know if I'm just getting a reprieve from the asthma or if the cymbalta was helping with the norepinephrine boost but this kind of furthers my belief that low dopamine is my issue but I don't know how to fix it.

I quit selegeline a few weeks back due to the terrible heartburn and it seems like my body aches and pains are much worse now. I don't know what to try at this point. Maybe a different MAOI and see how it does?? What to do what to do.

I've tested prolactin 2 or 3 times over the last few years and it's always low. I studied up on that but I honestly can't remember what conclusion I came to. I want to say low sex drive and sexual dysfunction were some symptoms but I never found what cold be a cause for it.

The last two days have been zero asthma but this morning I can tell that it might end up being a bad day, not sure yet. I did up the DAO dose by one capsule 3 days ago, the recommended dose is six so I'm taking 7 now. This stuff isn't real cheap but if it helps I'll double the dose if need be.

It's been a few weeks since I dropped my T does to 5 mg. I've noticed my hands and feet are swelling up again, pretty sure my E is up. Still on the enclomiphhene at 12.5 mg every day. Balls feel like they are shrinking but it's hard to tell. Sometimes they are nice and hard and then other times like mush. I expect my FSH/LH to be low if not zero but we'll see. Finally got my cymbalta so after I get labs tomorrow I'll start on it. I quit taking selegiline because it quit having any effect on my asthma and the heartburn was getting insane at night. Heartburn is completely gone now. I thought it was causing the swelling in my throat also for several months now but that's still here so I'm thinking the high histamine levels are the cause of that. That gets worse then better and right now my throat is swollen like crazy and the asthma has been worse the last 3 days. I can tell when my asthma is about to get worse because my nose will close up completely.

I was researching the other day and came across something interesting, histamine intolerance. I'm pretty sure I've got it. Low DAO (diamine oxidase) can cause it. So I did some studying on that and there are supplements that are suppose to boost DAO and some supposedly contain DAO. Beef kidney is suppose to contain DAO so I started supplementing that a few weeks ago and it seemed to help quite a bit after a week but now at 3 weeks it seems to have quit working. It worked so well that I quit taking my antihistamine every morning. But like I said the last 3 days have been bad as far as the asthma goes. Maybe I need to up the dose.

Also, I said awhile back that diphenhydramine and oxymetazoline are the only things that will basically make the asthma go away for a few hours. So I looked up what receptors those two affect and found something interesting. The diphenhydramine is a H1 antagonist. Oxymetazoline is an A1 and slightly A2 agonist. Norepinephrine also has a high affinity for A1 receptors. If I'm not mistaken norepinephrine is made from dopamine. I still think I have low dopamine so I'm wondering if getting my dopamine up will actually help me with a lot of issues. Also, cymbalta is a norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor so I'm quite anxious to see if it helps with this asthma and histamine issue.

Gonna get labs tomorrow and post results when I get them. Depending on what my LH/FSH looks like I've got to decide if I'm going to try gnhr or not. I think I'll just do the cymbalta for a few weeks and see what happens.

I know nothing about any nasal gel but I have heard it mentioned. I need to study up on that just to see what it's all about.

Out of curiosity I looked back thru my journal and one thing is for sure, I take terrible notes.  :o I did jack my T way up with proviron and or winstrol and my E was low for the level of T I had but I was also on an AI so that explains that. But even if this stuff is something like winstrol that wouldn't explain my LH/FSH levels.

I think I understand what you're saying about exogenous vs natural T but you're gonna have to start speaking to me like I'm a dumbass because you talk way to intelligently for me. 😂I'm just a dumb ol country boy trying to make any sense of all of this. Are you saying that natural T rises and falls but exogenous stays steady and that's what would have an effect on negative feedback and why in that study they had high lh/fsh but nobody on trt would? That's the main reason I went to test prop was because of the half life but I still don't buy that reason either. And I also wonder if clomid might act a little different than enclomiphene and that's why those you mentioned didn't see any affects from it.

I've dropped my T dose to 5mg a day because T >1500 is ridiculous and will continue with the enclomiphene for a few more weeks just to see what LH/FSH does.

I've taken a lot of AI more than once and knocked my E down to nothing and never had it jack my T up that high so I don't think that's what's going on.  And yes my E should be thru the roof with T that high but I do know that the way my body acts is if I gradually raise T then E doesn't follow like you think it should. If my T spikes then yes my E does to. That's why I have to do shots every day or I'd have to be on an AI.

This reminds me of a time a few years ago when I tried winstrol or something to lower shbg because it was pushing 50. Seems like it jacked my T up but not E. Maybe this stuff is winstrol or something like that??? No clue. They do have labs posted of it being tested but I'd say you could fake that also. I'll have to look back at labs and my journal to see about the winstrol.

I don't trust anything Saya has to say after my last visit with him but is he sure those patients were on actual clomid? I had been wondering if any other people on TRT had tried enclomiphene at the same time.

I still go back to that study of enclomiphene raising T to 600 and LH being high or at least normal range at 6 weeks. If exongenous T is suppose to be the exact same chemical make up as endogenous T then I just don't buy that argument.

I'm going to continue this for another 3 or 4 weeks just out of curiosity but I don't plan on it making me feel any better. If it was going to do that I should feel something by now. I'm considering trying Cymbalta and see what happens. I'd still like to try some brand name wellbutrin and thought I had a doctor friend who was going to send a prescription to Canada but she seems to have backed out on that and didn't bother to tell me. There's no way I can afford brand name here in the US, it's outrageous. $1900 for 30 150 mg pills. Yeah, no.

Prior to these 3 weeks I was doing my usual 5 mg selegiline and 15mg of test prop, not consistently tho. I think I know what you're getting at and it doesn't take that long to shut me down but I might continue with this but lower my T dose way down just to prove/disprove that.

Couple things I forgot. As soon as I started the enclomiphene I started having dreams every night. I haven't had dreams in many many years. Also, my piss started smelling like popcorn, really strong too. Another thing is just a week or two after I started the selegiline this time I started having actual hunger pangs. My stomach doesn't growl anymore ever since trt ruined my life so I don't j ow what's up with that either.

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