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Also, I'm just curious but what does your co2 level look like.

Depending on the type of RTA you have you could have high or low potassium. With type 4, low renin and Aldo, you are hyperkalemic. It's the only one you have hyperkalemia with. My potassium has steadily went up since being on trt and up until this last lab I was only .3 away from being hyperkalemic. With the other two types you have low potassium I believe but you might could have normal potassium. Not sure, I'd have to read up on that again.

Did you watch the video I posted? He even tells how to test for either proximal or distal RTA. He explains it all really good.

I have 30+ labs from the last 3 years. My sodium is generally 140-144. It did go high once a couple of years ago to 147. Looking at the two cmp after I got on florinef/aldo sodium stayed the same. I only have one pre trt lab in my possesion, the lab that put me on trt, and sodium was at 136.

A theory I have is this, we know trt can cause sodium retention, at least this is what I've read, so I'm wondering if my sodium going up because of trt has caused my kidneys to keep renin low which will keep aldosterone low. Just a thought at the moment, haven't researched this.

Another thing, we know when one takes florinef/aldo they can go low on potassium. My potassium pre trt was 3.9. It has steadily crept up over the last 3 years and hit its highest at 4.9 while on florinef/aldo. From what I've read it should have dropped potassium and possibly went low. A lot of people when on a mineralocorricoid develop low potassium and have to supplement it. Mine finally dropped to 4.5 after over a month on florinef/aldo. Maybe it will take awhile longer to get it to drop back to pre trt levels but I quit it 5 days ago so I'd have to start over and see. I'm waiting to see what defy says before I continue this experiment.

People taking Florinef are usually doing so because they have LOW BP. They actually use BP as a guide on how much florinef to take and some take salt with it because it's suppose to make the florinef work better in raising BP. Once BP goes up they back off the dose and some have to come off completely because even a small dose raises their BP too high and with some florinef does nothing for their BP. As you can see my sodium level basically stayed the same as its been for 3 years now but my BP dropped, which makes no sense. Even on the higher dose {600 mcg a day) thats when my BP dropped the most. Just the opposite of what it should have done.

This is the story on my BP, pre trt it was always 120/70 or close to it no matter what. If I had been outside in the heat working or lounging around the house if I sat down and immediately checked my BP it would be120/70. Ever since I've been on trt if I check my BP immediately after sitting down it is usually 145/87 or close to it, check again and it is around 138/82, check again and it will be around 130/80 and finally it will drop to 170ish/70ish. While on florinef/aldo it would start out lower, like around 138/82 then check it again it would be 120ish/70ish. In other words it was better and would drop to my pre trt BP quicker. On the aldo it was a lot more stable and would be 130/82 or so immediately after sitting down and then the second time drop to 170ish/70ish. If I sat still for 3-5 minutes I've seen it 115/70. Now that I'm off florinef/aldo it has started to creep back up again.

I'm pretty sure the higher sodium level now compared to pre trt is why my BP has went up but it should go up even more on florinef/aldo but it has done the opposite.

I'm just rambling right now because I'm confused about why it's doing the opposite of what it should do with the exception of bringing my Co2 up. The higher post trt sodium is why I think I might also need to get on a diuretic. They sometimes use a diuretic with florinef to get things back in whack. Who knows, a diuretic alone might bring things back in whack. That would make my sodium drop which might bring renin up which will bring aldo up which will bring Co2 up and at the same time drop my potassium back to pre trt levels.

I had a urinalysis done 2 months ago prior to starting florinef and everything looked fine except my urine ph was 6.5. That's within lab range but everything I've read said a normal urine ph should be below 5.5. According to the guy in the video I posted, depending on what type of RTA I have it could be high, normal (below 5.5) or be high then go normal (below 5.5).

It's confusing me at the moment. I'm gonna watch that video again.

So apparently the bioidentical aldosterone is legit. Got some labs done this week and my Co2 was at 21. What's odd is I quit the aldo 4 days ago and am still losing weight. Lost 2 lbs this week. Now that I've quit the aldo my pee stream is weak again. I'm gonna investigate the diuretic side of this and how it works with taking aldo but probably won't try anything else until I see what defy wants to do.

Yeah, having TRT completely quit working after feeling like magic for 3 months.

Sounds approximate to the expected LH and FSH shutdown.  Have you checked pregnenolone, DHEA, and cortisol?  LH and FSH regulate pregnenolone conversion like ACTH does, albeit more weakly, but some guys really notice a drop in mood, cognition, etc., after they shut down.  Backfilling with pregnenolone and DHEA is the way out here.  But you probably know all this.

Been there done that awhile back. I wish it was that easy. I didn't have the decline most have, it just completely stopped having any effect. The only thing that's consistently been out of whack the entire time has been the low Co2. Megadosing preg raised my Co2 which lead me to aldosterone. I read yesterday that they will sometimes use a diuretic along with florinef to help with the acid load but I'm just gonna wait and talk to defy before I try anything else.

I'm not for sure but that sounds like sarcasm. I'm sure there are lots of doctors that know a lot more about this than a guy (me) who reads stuff on the internet. I've took it as far as I can and think I have it somewhat narrowed done so that's why I'm gonna make an appt with defy.
No sarcasm my friend.  I hope you do get a good doc.  But I would guess that there are even fewer docs who would be able to successfully treat aldosterone than would be able to successfully treat testosterone.  And there aren't many who can successfully treat testosterone.

I apologize then. It's actually fairly simple to understand how aldosterone affects the kidneys, at least the general idea is easy to understand. This guy is a little strange but he explains it pretty good. https://youtu.be/8b3U7lduOZs

I have been in a rotten mood for about 5 days now and I'm assuming it's the florinef doing it because I haven't changed anything else. I was taking a pretty good dose of it for about a week and it dropped my BP and made it stable also but I was feeling really tired so I dropped the dose down and have been in a terrible mood ever since. I've decided to stop using it and see what defy has to say about the whole situation once I talk to them. Got all my lab work done yesterday to start the process with them.

I'm not for sure but that sounds like sarcasm. I'm sure there are lots of doctors that know a lot more about this than a guy (me) who reads stuff on the internet. I've took it as far as I can and think I have it somewhat narrowed done so that's why I'm gonna make an appt with defy.

I got the florinef from the same place I get hcg. I'm pretty sure it's legit. I'm gonna get labs monday. Another thing I've noticed after I started on the bioidentical aldosterone is I have been extremely fatigued all week long, it hits me after lunch. I'm wondering if it has shut down acth which would drop my cortisol. Still pissing like crazy but I cut back on the dose two days ago and have noticed that my hands have swelled back up. I'll know more after I get labs done.

So I emailed the website I bought the bioidentical aldosterone from asking what the half life was. They gave me the expiry date. I said no I need the half life, they had no clue what half life is. I said you sell bioidentical hormones but don't know what half life is? Lol So I asked for the manufacturers contact info. They would give it but did email them. In the meantime I found the manufacturer and emailed them myself. They gave me the expiry date. I said no I need the half life. So the next day at about the same time I got another email from the manufacturer and the website I bought it from saying the half life is less than 20 minutes. I looked up endogenous aldosterone half life and it's less than 20 minutes so I'm pretty sure they just googled aldosterone half life. There's no telling what I'm taking at this point. I did research on the website before I bought anything from them and they've been around awhile. The only complaints I saw were about shipping times and customer service but that was from several years ago. I'm gonna continue to take it and get some labs next week. What's weird is the more of it I take the lower my BP goes which is the opposite of what it should do.

Twice a day. Once about 6 am and then again at around 4 pm. I'm gonna email the company I got it from and see what the half life of their stuff is.

Most people do have water retention on Florinef and this makes their BP go up but like I said it seems to have the opposite effect on me and I have no clue why.

Yes I've had water retention issues ever since trt quit working. My hands and feet swell but I always thought it was due to e. I could take a dose of liquidex and I'd start pissing like crazy and the swelling would go away.

I'm an odd case I believe which doesn't surprise me because nothing in my life has ever been normal. 😂

Started on bioidentical aldosterone Thursday and it is making me piss my brains out. I have no clue why either. I'm hoping I'm pissing out all this acid!

When one has low Co2/acidosis this means that your body is acidic. The body must keep a very narrow range of ph for everything to work right. That ph range is 7.35 to 7.45. If you're acidic it affects every cell in your body and makes thing go awry. If you have severe acidosis it can kill you.

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How does it work? I just filled out the intake form with my name and email and then got an email a few minutes later. Will they contact me to get the ball rolling or how does this work?

Also, I have a ton of labs so will they make me get all new labs or will they look at my existing labs? I'm just about labbed out money wise.

We had a retirement dinner at work today and I stuffed my face pretty good. Usually my heart would pound for hours after eating a meal that big. I have barely felt it beat. This is a good sign!

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