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O had smipped heart beats. Technically it was PVC (pre ventricular contractions). I foind a couple of links that when taken care of reduced and/or completely eliminated the PVCs.

1) proper thyroid level. After I started taking thyroid supplementation, the frequency was reduced.
2) avoidance of Aspartame.
3) reduced caffeine intake.

I know attempt to completely avoid aspartame!

i was on thyroid for a while. my tests were in range (not that that's conclusive) but because of symptoms i did a trial for 3 months. no heart issues. not much happened at all. ha.

i do drink a good amount of caffine. if these events continue i can quit or cut down. i've quit a few times in the past. it's hard!! but after a month (of suffering) i'm back to normal energy.

aspartame! it was about 20 years ago when i first read about this stuff. no sir. not worth it. that and there seems to be no evidence linking it to weight loss. i have no idea why people use sugar and fat subs. sugar is only like 16 cal a teaspoon. almost every sub i've looked into has some paper linking it to bad stuff. depression, leaking stools. dang people. sugar, in this instance, is the good guy. : )

I have had some heart issues after starting TRT.  Sometimes it felt like my heart was beating too hard and sometimes I had a weird breathlessness sensation.  I am starting to believe that for me it is related to elevated blood pressure.  BP would be easy for you to check and rule out as a cause for your sensations.

my blood pressure has been excellent for years. (it gets taken maybe 3 times a year.) so excellent i have no idea what the numbers are. i just ask them "is that good" and they always say yes. what you are describing sounds about right. it was like being a little breathless when i was doing absolutely nothing and i'm not a pound overweight or inactive. no risk factors that i know of.

my doc wants a holter? test. a few days of heart monitoring which i will not be getting now because i assume things will return to normal. time will tell.

Free T3 is not tested

i believe free t3 is the one to get. check those patient led movements. these are the people figuring it out because they have to. the doctors are behind imo.

Whenever I start a new TRT protocol I always get palpitations and heart rhythm disturbances at times which completely subsides after levels become stable after 6 weeks.

if this common it sure would have been nice to know. i don't see it listed in common side effects anywhere. my doctor did not mention it either. my feeling is this heart stuff is down played because it scares people. it certainly scared me because no one said a thing to me.

I heard of micro dosing clomid with TRT for fertility reasons, but what is your doctor trying to achieve?

the idea is meet half way. the clomid keeps your testicles functioning better then T alone.

based on my response to clomid alone i am secondary. yet, clomid was not helping with my depression even when my T was in the 700's.  my feeling at this point is that T levels are not the main culprit. yes they are low....but raising them even for 6 months has made no difference. the one medication that has improved depression was a dopamine/norepinephrine re-uptake inhibitor. i did that for 2 years at a high dose. when it pooped out my options were to increase the dose to a very high (seizure risk) level or go to plan B. this was plan B but after 6 months of hormone modification and no improvement i'm taking a break.  it's been a week since my last shot and i don't feel a bit different. no crash. maybe that takes weeks? months?

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: Saliva testing?
« on: December 31, 2018, 09:18:24 pm »
just because a test is common does not mean it's the best. for example....cortisol. one doctor does a 48 hour saliva test on me, the other a blood draw. saliva is in line with my symptoms. blood test says i'm normal. i ask the blood doctor why he doesn't use saliva tests. "blood tests are the gold standard. find me one scientific paper that says saliva tests work".

he must have forgotten that pub med is around because i found several that validated saliva testing. what's more blood is a single data point for something (cortisol) what varies greatly during a day. saliva test had about 8 points. T also varies throughout the day. not to say saliva testing is better for T. I don't know. but i wouldn't take it as a given.

most doctors are about 20 years behind the science imo. just because they use a certain test doesn't mean it follows the evidence. another example is the ubiquitous TSH test to diagnose thyroid issues.

patient beware.

how do you know it's primary? did you do a trial of clomid and not respond?

so do you feel a lot better on T? is that why you are continuing?

I'm 52-year old, otherwise healthy male (eat right, go gym every day, no medications, etc). A couple of months ago, it was like I hit a wall (ED issues, insomnia, fatigue especially in the morning after breakfast, lack of concentration). I did two T measurements about a month ago: one at 9 AM after fasting showed 426 (total T) and the other two weeks later in the afternoon showed 359 (total T) and 65 pg/ml (free T). The second test also showed lower DHEA-Sulfate of 86 ug/dL. The second test was done by an urologist who thinks I have lower T (nothing else abnormal showed up in their tests). I also have a bit lower hemoglobin (13.5) and I went to see a hematologist who ruled out anemia and mentioned that my T levels are actually not that bad. Also, I went to see a cardiologist and my heart is fine. So, I ran out of options what else could be the cause and settled on low T.

Since the tests, I changed my workout routine (start doing free weights, HIIT, previously I did mostly swimming and yoga) and changed my diet to include eggs, healthy fats (previously I would avoid them to keep my cholesterol low because that the prevailing school of thought years ago). It seems like the lifestyle changes are helping since I start sleeping better but I still experience morning fatigue and ED issues.

Are these typical symptoms of lower T? If so, how long would it take to restore "normal" T levels naturally? I also take DHEA (recommended by the urologist), fish oil and vitamin D supplements, and occasionally Prime Lab's Prime Test.

it would be useful to see if your T levels and other hormone levels were different before you hit the wall. they could have been similar before the event. Low T does not always translate to fatigue.

low T symptoms are kind of a vague cluster. for example thyroid, metal poisoning, and head injuries have a lot of the same symptoms.

if i were your doctor i'd ask you about everything that preceded hitting the wall by 6 months. travel, shots, supps, new medication, dental work, any medical intervention, head injury, changes in environment (for example moving near a coal power plant or cell tower). illness? most people, including myself, have a hard time recalling this stuff.

with your numbers you should be able to get on testosterone and have insurance pick it up. right? that would rule it out as a cause.

i have been on T for 6 weeks and almost ruled it out as a cause for my symptoms. you can spend a lot of time and money testing...reading...learning about mechanisms. but the real way to know imo is to test it on yourself. take your best guess. test. move on to next best guess if unsuccessful.

the interesting thing about you is you had an event....this is new. it's not something that's been around for a decade. that tells me something changed. people don't age 15 years in a few months.

do consider things that you are doing for health. like eating a lot of fish. new vitamins. though they seem innocuous certain health practices can wreck your health. for example lots of fish oils or fish with heavy metal contamination. certain people react badly to certain supps as well. for example folates...part of the B vit fam.

good luck.

cold intolerance is a classic thyroid issue. but this doen't mean it's your issue. i am cold intolerant and have normal thyroid levels. also have done a trial of desiccated and it did not help.

glad to see you've had T3 done instead of the unreliable TSH that so many doctors rely on. there are some good patient led groups on thyroid. stop the thyroid madness is one. they are focused on results not tests.

the approach i might take is doing a trial of desiccated thyroid for 3 months and seeing how that goes. from the patient lef movements people have better results with desiccated over synthetics like synthroid. if you do have a thyroid issue check out those patient led communities.

one thing to realize....some tests are good and others are bad and misleading. cortisol for example varies widely during a day and a blood test is just one snapshot. not a good test imo. so when i get tests done i always ask "are these reliable tests?" "where did this reference range come from" "is the reference range for 2 sigma? for example 95% of the population. and may not indicate optimal levels but instead disease levels."

good luck

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / TRT and heart issues
« on: December 31, 2018, 07:51:03 pm »
wondering if anyone can advise me on this one, suggest reading, or website. my feeling is that the heart issues with TRT are downplayed.

brief history: long time sufferer of depression. low-ish sex drive. some ED. lack of energy and motivation. Testosterone has been around 300 for last 4 years. Free T also low but i don't have numbers in front of me.

6 months ago i go on clomid (50mg?) every 3rd day. after 3 months T has increased (strangely this doc got an initial T of 140 and the clomid moved it to around 350). there were various supps around this protocol as well.

strange thing, i didn't feel any better. the only thing i could sort of notice was better erections.

next was injections of T. subcutaneous. .2ml (40mg cyp/prop) every 3rd day with a reduced amount of clomid (25mg). this i have been doing for 6 weeks.

again. i don't feel better but this time my erections are noticeably improved. but in the last 2 weeks (weeks 5 and 6 since injections) i've had a few strange experiences. the last of which was while i was watching a movie in a theater. my chest felt tight as if my shirt was on too tight. my heartbeat was elevated. this was a new one for me. my cardiovascular health was assessed as 2.9 where <4.4 is the range. basically good. this is from my current doctor. i've never had any heart issues. was athletic when younger and i'm still in decent shape. not a heavy drinker, overweight...none of the risk factors.

i told my doc and he said it could be a coincidence. it could be. and he wants me to get a Holter monitor. but wouldn't that have to capture one of these events to be useful? i very well may not capture one.

anyway, i made a decision during this last event to stop with the injections and clomid. my doctor may protest but he doesn't have to live in my body.

anyone else have similar experience? thx

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: Depression
« on: December 30, 2018, 11:47:13 pm »

how did they diagnose primary hypogonadism?

what has changed since you started feeling this way? have you been taking a new med for months? a new supplement? any medical interventions? dental? shots? eating lots of fish? moved to a new location? i'm talking about anywhere from a year out as well as the recent. most people, myself included, tend to forget or dismiss this stuff as a few months. sometimes it's no big deal. other times it's a life changer.

if i am reading your post right this depression is a new thing. yes? you haven't had life long depression like me. true?

A few quick comments: it can take months after hormones are restored to reasonable levels for all the benefits to be felt. The nipple issue is puzzling given that estradiol is not elevated. You might be able to take half or less the Clomid dose without experiencing too much reduction in testosterone.

so you are saying maybe wait 6 months on clomid and see how i feel then? with T levels around 800 i suppose. but these nipples. no likey. running with erect sensitive nipples is not for me. my doc says the nipple and breast thing isn't understood well. yeah, like a lot of other stuff. ha.

my estradiol seems to be proportionately elevated. like my T went up but so did my E.


What is your shbg?  Normally estradiol of 29 will not cause gyno issues but anything is possible. maybe your prolactin bump maybe your prolactin bump ed up?

shbg. that i don't have. i don' think it's a "gyno" issue as i've seen it defined. i'm not developing breast buds. prolactin was 9.6 before clomid. not tested since.

but basically something ain't right even though i responded to the clomid. my personal feeling is that these systems are an interplay of dozens of hormones and you're pretty lucky if you find a magic bullet. i also feel my endocrine system has been messed up from mercury which is disrupting a lot and will take a long time (2-4) years to clear. i could be (terribly) wrong though. ha. gotta love this stuff.

I've been at this health thing for a while. i'm 46. Before starting clomid my theory was I had secondary hypothyroidism caused by mercury. i started on 50mg 3x a week for a month. my blood was drawn before starting. the only things that were flagged was T (300) and free T ( 5.8 ). there were half a dozen other things tested (cortisol, estradiol, prolactin, FSH, LH, DHEA-sulfate, PSA, DihydroT) which i can provide if you think relevant. oh, should say estrodiol was 9.6 and LH was 2.3

was going to be a month trial of clomid. at week 3 i had blood drawn again.

T (756), Free T (16.9), estrodiol (28.9), LH (8.5)

so my take is i respond fast to clomid. my T had been taken 2 other times before this and was always around 300 so i think the pre-cloimd test was accurate.

i talked with my doctor and we decided to get off the clomid and see what happens. my major concern was my nipples got sensitive and swollen. it was like someone put a vacuum on them or i was prepping for breast feeding. very erct and swollen but just the nipple. not areola. no mass forming. doc examined me.  i have never had anything like this happens to my nipples in my life. basically they are normal and male looking. we decided to get off the clomid and re-test T in a month. perhaps i'm restarted? doc says there should be no withdrawal.

effect on mood. unfortunately i can't say much about it effecting my low mood, depression, drive, etc. So maybe getting my T in range isn't the real issue.

sexual effect: perhaps my testicles are slightly bigger. would stand to reason. erections are a bit better but not night and day. libido is slightly up i'd say. but no huge changes.

i asked my doc what he recommended. he's been very good about listening to me and letting me lead this thing. he wanted to try wellbutrin. he thinks it's all about depression for me. i asked "why wellbutrin". he said it had the least sexual side effects.

ok, that's a lot to digest. what do you guys think about this? anything i haven't mentioned i should? suggestions?


Good luck.  Just watch Leonardo DiCaprio's Cowspiracy and there will be no turning back...

ha! that looks interesting.

OT here. but at the root of that industry, unsustainability, water shortage, and many other things,  is human population. we have companies like Monsanto trying to figure out how to feed another few billion people with low quality cheap GM foods. that's like the crazy cat lady trying to figure out how she can get 20 more cats in her apartment, feed them, and dispose of their kitty poop. : )

deep sigh.

good to hear. i doubt i'll continue past 2 months on this. i will likely eat less meat after though.

my brand of veganism is whole foods without soy or wheat. i don't like soy and wheat...well, there is too much evidence that modern wheat isn't good for most people. as normal for me i just eat what i want...i don't care carbs or fats as long as they are healthy. i did drop weight very very fast in the first 4 weeks of being vegan.

the reason i ask is because i didn't want the veganism to effect the outcome of my clomid trial (50mg, 3x a week for a month). they will draw blood and decide if it's working at the one month mark.


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