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Hey all, my cortisol numbers have actually been a bit low lately.  I have been using two self-checkers that I bought a while back to check it.  Most people only talk about lowering cortisol, but mine is routinely LOW across most of the day (except mornings). 

I would hate to take hydrocortisone pills and those Rx meds because of anxiety problems, yet I am getting dizzy at night and light-headed.  I've also felt pretty tired and blood pressure has been lower than usual which I believe is perhaps a common symptom of low cortisol.  My thyroid has also been giving me issues and I am usually cold a lot which also worries me as I believe cortisol and thyroid health are hand-in-hand?

Stop taking T.

A friend of mine is trying T cream, he asked me about scrotum application but I didn't know and told him I'll find out. Does he need to shave his ballz before he applies T cream on them? or can he just rub it on his penis? I honestly don't even know where the scrotum is, I think it's just the ballz?

I don't think low T is the problem of you or your friend. You need not waste time trying to find the scrotum.

Is the manufacturer known and reputable? Are quality standards like USP also used for veterinary medications? Theoretically, if standards are lower for veterinary medications then there could be higher levels of impurities. But it's also possible sources and methods are the same.

Would I do it myself? Maybe, depending on finances, etc...

Ok I tried 0.1 ml which is too small. Did feel slightly high libido but that may have nothing to do with it. Also felt a bit weird. Any way I decided not to continue with it. Instead I will try Leuprorelin proper for human beings. It does cost 30 times more but better safe than sorry. It would be nice if any one has tried it or knows a thing or two about it to share it here.

After failure of TRT and HCG, I am excited about the prospects of micro dose GnRH agonists like Triptorelin or Leuprorelin etc.

However I found Buserelin Acetate. There is one case study for hypogonadism for this drug.


Another thing making me very happy is that it is very cheap equivalent to 2 US dollars. Less than one third the price of an HCG injection here.
One injection is 2.5 ml
Each ml contains Buserelin acetate 0.0042 mg equivalent to 0.004 mg Buserelin

There is one little problem.

Its made for Animals.
It says only for veterinary use.

Could the same inject-able drug that is made for animals be dangerous for humans even though the same formula is also used in Humans?

Would you try it?

What is the rationale for starting a guy out on an AI on the first day of TRT?  In other words, in the absence of symptoms?  If it's always about symptom resolution, what symptoms would be manifest before a guy has even begun his TRT?  Numerous patients report being started on an AI right out of the gate.  Now, unless a patient insists on having the AI on hand from the start, is there any other reason why a clinic would start a guy off with an AI, when no symptoms are yet present?

It might be a better idea to just start with low dose AI (without TRT) to raise T. If that worked it would be much better than TRT.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: Sex addiction
« on: January 22, 2019, 08:12:16 pm »
My recent test level is in the 750s. Iím on 100 mg test cypionate a week. I have sex with my wife once a week. I always think about it, watching porn, wanting sex everyday. Weird thing is I take Paxil also, even before TRT I had a strong libido being on 30mg of that. My wife takes thyroid medication for a overactive thyroid.

I know you did not ask, but you sound perfectly normal to me.  Once a week at 34 years of age?  I'm pretty sure most men are up for more than that, certainly at that age.  I bet if you were more active with your wife, the porn would be unnecessary.  I'd get her on test.  My 61y/o wife (for almost 38yrs now, and still very hot) started HRT at 56.  I started TRT with her.  Life changing for us.  She says menopause was the worst time of her life.  She had zero hormones.  Both of us wish we would have done this sooner.

How much T is she taking per week. Is she also on Estradial or Progesterone?

Does dr saya ever write it?

Stuff is hard to get

What about Luprorelin? It seems to be cheaper too?

Here's an article explaining how low doses are used for a restart: http://www.peptidequestions.com/peptides/triptorelin-gnrh/

Triptorelin is so powerful that large doses around 4mg (4,000mcg), repeated once a month, is being used as a chemical form of castration. This dose is so intense on the pituitary, that it hyper-stimulates, resulting in castration-like levels of testosterone serum in the body. Much like HCG, dosing is delicate, and too much is not a good thing. We need to use Triptorelin as a restart, one-and-done, and not over-do things because it may have a much more opposite and negative effect.

Does it have a half life for weeks/months or does one time stimulation keep the pituitary up working 24/7 for weeks?
What is its half life and can you take it subq?

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: HCG Storage Question
« on: December 31, 2018, 12:32:21 am »
Today is Monday. So you left it out from last Monday? So it has been outside the fridge for the whole week. If yes it is probably finished. But if I were you I would still test it. Maybe take a double dose.
How do I test it?  What would a double dose do to me, or feel like?

Test it by injecting it. So if your normal dose is 500 iu you might want to try 1000 iu.
Don't you feel anything different on HCG normally? libido high, testicles harder etc?
If now you don't feel the difference it means it is destroyed.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: HCG Storage Question
« on: December 23, 2018, 08:22:36 pm »
Hi Guys,

I received my HCG on Monday and mixed it up but left it out on my desk until today!  I'm in Oregon, so the inside temp has been in the 60's the whole time, but I know I need to store my HCG in the fridge.  So can I use it?  Have I destroyed it??? 

Help!  :)

Today is Monday. So you left it out from last Monday? So it has been outside the fridge for the whole week. If yes it is probably finished. But if I were you I would still test it. Maybe take a double dose.

Reports of this working well.   Dr crisler had positive case reports.   But not much published about it.  Anyone try it or know more about triptorelin?

Wikipedia says it actually suppresses LH and testosterone and is used to chemically castrate sex offenders. Isn't that the opposite of HPTA restart?

If you are a salesman for this company you made some success as I did buy one box the 50+ version for men.

Popped in a tablet last night. In the middle of night I woke up with a harder than usual erection so it certainly is erectogenic. Also I felt tension/pain around neck shoulders. High acetycholine/nitric oxide?

Honestly i am living in U.K it sucks that everything comes in GLASS Ampoules prescription Testosterone, so i don't have an empty 10ML Sterile vial to put into, can i put rest in FREEZER and freeze it in Syringes, or is that no Safe at all and not good idea? because i can't obviously inject whole bottle 250mg as on TRT & it's total waste since it High grade stuff.  What can i Possibly do?

I use a small empty bottle and put the opened/broken ampule in the bottle. When I need to inject I take the ampule out which is bit tricky but I use the insulin syringes plunger (piston type rod that you push) to lift it till I can take hold of it with my fingers.


I find it hard to believe it states in this ARTICLE also that Testosterone is an immune-system suppressor, for example, and can also increase the risk for cardiovascular disease.     A. Bullshit You're immune system is Bacteria based on your good bacteria plus your own Family GENETICS everyone has a different immune system. Immune system is Genetically inherited that's definitely.

Testosterone risk for Cardiovascular disease? wouldn't that fall into line of genetic too, if someone has a family history of zero Cardiac Events. it's crazy for this article to blame testosterone on Heart Problems, also if these Eunuch Men did live to 70 years old how do they do it? Since Testosterone is primarily made in Testes? and also did these Eunuch men have Zero Muscles, because if they had hardly any Testosterone they be for sure Less Muscular?   

Why do you think if something is genetically inherited cannot be influenced by hormones? Its like saying what we eat cannot effect immune system because its genetically inherited. It doesn't make sense. Its hardly crazy to think that the hormones influence many aspects of our lives. Why do you think heart disease is more common in men than women. High T does suppress immune system. I think there was a study on it you might find if you search.

Surely T's effects on brain and sexual function are realized through its metabolites (E, DHT)? So what is T itself (not E, DHT) responsible for? Muscle building? Strength? Fat burning?

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