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Initially you will have to make a couple of trips but after that once every six months

Don't worry mate, I've been exactly where you are including seeing a private endo at Bupa - useless. Give this place a call, my T was higher than yours and I am on TRT, this fella has a much better understanding of low T and is quite progressive for the UK (also prescribes HCG)
I travel there from Herts so it's a similar distance but worth the trip.

Hi mate, I'm in the UK. Went through same thing as you with the NHS and got nowhere ( same for many others over here ). You need to go to a private TRT specialist - whereabouts in the UK are you?

Hi mate, I'm in the UK and went to a couple of docs and Endos all to no avail. I went private in the end. You can use Medichecks for bloodtests to keep an eye on yourself but I think you would do better if you can afford to go private
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Thanks for the reply Dr Saya, unfortunately I am in the UK so I only have the standard test available to me, will this be affected?

I am currently taking Tamoxifen, does this affect a blood test with regard to the Estradiol measurement?

1OO IU daily didn't work for me, 225 IU eod works fine

Not such great news for us guys in the UK  >:(

Peak - what dose are you taking and how often?

Yeah I appreciate most are on 100 - 120 mg test a week ( I am myself ) but I wondered if anyone used him for TRT or has experience of 200mg test p/week.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Dr Rand Mcclain at Defy
« on: November 14, 2017, 05:18:08 pm »
Iv'e seen a recent post that Dr Mcclain is at Defy. Iv'e watched all his youtube videos back here in the UK to help me gain as much TRT/Hormone knowledge as possible. His basic strategy seemed to be 200mg p/week Test and 1mg Anastrazole EOD which was quite at odds with most TRT docs in the USA. Do any of you guys use him? Has his approach changed? I just wondered as before I started TRT I self medicated using this protocol and felt great but there is no way my Dr would entertain this.

If I have read all your posts correctly - I have absolutely no idea where my E is at!! ;D ;D  Like I said it's a bit of a guessing game for us lot in the UK but hopefully I will get dialled in, Iv'e only been on TRT for 6 months

Thanks Peak, yeah I appreciate your comments on Anastrazole. I was on 0.5mg per week ( 2x 0.25 )on my previous protocol. This had me feeling like I was going low, dull orgasm,lack of penile sensitivity etc but no Anastrazole and I felt like I got too high after hitting a sweet spot. I am going to try 0.25mg per week (2 x 0.125). Thats about as much as you can do here in the UK, even my dr said it's a bit of a guessing game! :(

LE - G , KWEJVN - I'm also in the U.K - I spent a year and a half battling with the nhs, two doctors and an endocrinologist then a private endo. I finally gave up with these people and went to a TRT specialist. I'm not dialled in yet with my Trt by no means but definately seeing improvements, maybe seeing a TRT specialist will at least point you in the right direction?

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