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With high Testosterone, and balding. I would look into too high of DHT that is associated with balding. Also high thyroid can also shed hair. 

Do you know what your estrogen levels are?

How does one lower testosterone level?  I guess you could start TRT which wpuld shut down your natural production. And then the medication dosage and frequency  will establish the more normal level.

I would first concentrate on lowering the thyroid level. Unless the cyst on thyroid are cancerous, I personally would consider leaving it alone. If the medication to lower thyroid doesn’t work, only then consider removal.

Remember that once the thyroid is killed with radio-Iodine, or removed. You will then be hypo thyroid and dependent on proper thyroid med dosage to feel well. It is all too common unfortunately that once the endo kills or removes the thyroid, they don’t properly optimize the thyroid medication and often leave the person UNDER medicated and having hypo (low thyroid) symptoms and not feeling well. 

Today I took one 750 mg in morning with my other supplements. And took a second 750 mg about 3PM with a few other supplements.  Unless someone can five me a reason why it is better to take in a single dose larger dose, I guess I will stick to splitting the dose this way. If I don't feel results in a couple weeks, maybe I will increase the dose.

I mainly want it to be effective. From what I have read cant really OD but anything more that 10,000 mg (10 grams) is said to be worthless.  But that leaves a while lot of room of both dosage (from 1,500 to 10,000 mg) and when to take or to split up. Doesn’t seem like a lot to go on for what to take and when/how.

On average, the reference range for free T4 is about (0.8 - 1.8).  Most claim being about middle of that range which is 1.2 to 1.4 is what many say they feel well, assuming good conversion to T3.   

An upper range of 1.12 for free T4 is extremely low for most ranges I have seen.

As stated the Free T3 level is moat important as that is the only hormone that is used at the cellular level.

How are you feeling. You said heat intolerance which can be many things. Including too high of thyroid. But I tend to doubt that with such normal free t4 and even TSH level. But cant really know unless you get a free T3 test result.

I am assuming that you are NOT on thyroid replacement.  Seems as though many people not on thyroid replacement can feel well with numbers lower than someone who is tasking thyroid meds.

I just got in L-Citruline yesterday.

Question: each capsule is 750 mg. And the bottle says take 2 a day. Is it best to take both at the same time?  Or take one in morning and one in afternoon?  Or both in later afternoon?  Or does it make no difference at all when I take them?

Sugar stimulates the area of the brain that dumps the pleasure hormones. So i suspect that if “starved” of sugar, getting a burst of sugar may cause a spike in things like dopamine and oxytocin etc.  the feel good hormones. Which I think would increase libido!

I think I have read a study that chocolate lights up the area of the brain in women that is exactly the same area of pleasure of sex. And explains why some women say they like chocolate about as much (if not more) than sex. As their brain really can’t tell much difference from a chemical response.  I think men had a dramatically less response to eating chocolate in the sex area of the brain compared to women.

If true. Buying a box of chocolates for the wife on valentines day may prove counterproductive. As she may eat the chocolate and then be satisfied and not have much desire for sex.

Just my guess.

I wonder if having a vasectomy has any effect. As some of the ejaculate is retained in the man’s body to be reabsorbed and not dumped overboard? And outside the body.

I have noticed that “morning wood” is not consistent. However recently I seemed to notice that I tend to have morning wood, the morning following sexual activity/orgasm.

I was wondering if other men had this same correlation?

Maybe it happens with me since I hover just below at or below a free T of 10. And maybe having an orgasm provides a boost of T, and then my natural morning burst of T production pushes my T level high enough to produce a morning erection. But on those nights I miss out on the orgasm at night before sleep, the natural morning T production is just not enough to raise T level to give a morning erection.

Is there some validity in my hypothesis, or is this just all in my head?

I'd think modest exercise would be ok before the blood draw as long as your hydration status isn't significantly affected. My understanding is that PSA and prolactin are the tests that may be affected by sex in the day or so before.

Thanks. I was aware of PSA was affected by recent orgasm. I mainly Wanted to make sure I would not get a false high Free and total T level is sex/orgasm within 24 hrs.

I am pretty heavy protein eater already. I have been on fish or krill oil for years. O exercise regularly and have for years.

Perhaps I could increase dose of krill oil. The one I take now is Kirkland (Costco) brand and I take one 500 mg capsule a day. Perhaps that is not enough. However I have read that krill oil absorbs almost twice as much as  traditional fish oil.  But don’t know if that is fact or just advertising BS.

Last DHEA level was above middle of range. I recently got approval from Dr to test DHEA as well as many other things. I plan to get blood drawn in a week or so. I always plan to get blood drawn early in morning.

Question:  should I swim or exercise before the blood lab. Also what about sex, should I abstain from both for 24 to 36 hours prior to getting blood drawn when testing for Testosterone and other hormones and things?

Yeah,  i got something in the mail several weeks ago like a traveling motor home or something. But it was in town when I was gone.

There has got to be something around here.


I wonder if Danazol would be an option for me?  If I could lower SHBG from my current level of 39 down to say mid 20’s.  then MAYBE my free T would increase enough (to say 13 10 14, which the free T calculator indicates would achieve) to relieve my symptoms. And stave off going to full blown TRT for a couple years???

Has anyone tried Danazol mono therapy?

Dr. Saya has observed that danazol is suppressive of the HPTA even by itself, so it would be counterproductive to lower SHBG via monotherapy, as lower total testosterone would work against improvements in free T caused by lower SHBG.

Crap!  Foiled again!

Looks more and more like I am just screwed. I either have to live with the mild symptoms ai have, or go completely “all in” to TRT.

In next week or so I will be getting new blood labs. So I will see where I’m at. As my last labs were done back in Mid-September.

I recently got approved for a whole bunch of blood lab tests.

One of the items I asked the dr to approve was the cardiac calcium score. The Dr is within an HMO and is trying to find how, or even IF this test is available within the insurance plan.

So I was wondering, have others had this test covered by health insurance? 

If this is out of pocket cost, who offers the least expensive test and how do I go anoit finding a reputable vendor at a competitive price in my local area?


I wonder if Danazol would be an option for me?  If I could lower SHBG from my current level of 39 down to say mid 20’s.  then MAYBE my free T would increase enough (to say 13 10 14, which the free T calculator indicates would achieve) to relieve my symptoms. And stave off going to full blown TRT for a couple years???

Has anyone tried Danazol mono therapy?

Using typical ranges, his free T4 is a bit low, BUT his free t3 is on the higher side.

If he is NOT on thyroid replacement, it would suggest very good conversion from T4 to active T3. With that high of free T3 I would not suspect any reverse T3 to be a problem.

Many if not most people would kill for those thyroid levels.

If anything he may be watchful for hyper (too high) thyroid symptoms, but At those levels I would not expect him to have hyper symptoms. 

Sorry to get off topic, but what does Danazol do?

On web it says it is used for female endometriosis? And is an androgen, And to stop the pituitary from making “certain hormones.” I could not find what those “certain hormones” are! 

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