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Anyone have any positive experiences with trying grapeseed extract on their libido?  I have found it to be surprisingly helpful myself.  I think it helps with my post-workout soreness for sure.  My mood has felt slightly better with it for a short time after I take it, but that could be placebo.  As always, I think it depends on the person and the dose. 

If you have tried grapeseed extract (either alone or in a supplement with different things), have you noticed any benefits to your sex drive/libido?  Also, what about post-workout soreness?  I am curious what others of you have thought/think. 

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Perineal Injury
« on: September 02, 2021, 06:55:17 am »
These are the muscles/muscle groups I have been told may be damaged. Will know iw more with further testing.  Attached are the muscles that I damaged and/or have torn tendons/ligaments. Forgive my spelling.

Obturator Internus

I experience pain in my perineal region with ejaculating but also when I have erections. It is a pain that runs horizontal across my perineal region and started when I took a very hard kick to the area playing soccer. It has been 3 weeks now and the pain when erect and/or ejaculating is still pretty bad.

I am worried I may have torn a muscle in the area and/or tendon, ligament, etc. I donít know enough about the anatomy of the perineal region to know what might be going on down there. Arenít there a lot of muscles and tendons in the perineal region that could be causing my pain?  It also kind of hurts to pee, but only when I pee forcefully does it hurt the most.

The pain is both along the lower sides of the shaft of my penis, but also by the base of the penis on the posterior (perineal side) running horizontally on both sides.

Does drinking alcohol cause a decrease in testosterone levels?

I recently had some labs done because I have been feeling unusually tired. I had my TT come back at 906 ng/dL which is WAY higher than I expected. My SHBG was 5 whatever units and was marked low. My hemoglobin is high and hematocrit is 52.3%, so I am going to cut back on my TRT protocol a bit.

My FT is 46 ng/dL with 10 the max end of the reference range.

My thyroxine-binding globulin came back really low. Apparently, my TRT dose is so high that it is crashing my thyroxine binding globulin. What does that do?  I know thyroid hormones but I have not been able to understand if the thyroxine globulin is different than the SHBG? 

Am I overdoing the exogenous testosterone?  My levels are really, really good and probably higher than I even need at the moment.

IDK, what do you guys think?  Do I lighten up on the TRT, switch from gels to creams, donate blood, go see another endo/urology doctor, or even hematologist? 

I am worried this thyroxine globulin thing could cause primary hypothyroidism that runs extensively in my family.

Tons of my family members end up needing LevoThyroxine/Synthroid. My grandpa being the opposite because he had thyroid storm, if any of you know what that means/is. He had very high thyroid hormone levels and his metabolism was unhealthily fast.

I have heard from numerous people on this site that taking Vitamin E can help lower prolactin.  Is this true?  If you would happen to know some research or data about what doses of vitamin E would be SAFE to take for my hyperprolactinemia, could you let me know and/or send a link in the replies below (or PM me the link)? 

My doctor wonít let me try Caber or Bromo because I already take Focalin for ADHD and with my mildly elevated hematocrit and cortisol, my doc isnít comfortable ďrisking any more cardiovascular strainĒ. 

My cortisol and DHEA came back high with my last labs. I do supplement with 20 mg regular DHEA daily as four 5 mg capsules a day. I am hoping that if I stop the DHEA capsules it will help lower my cortisol and DHEA back to normal levels. I am not even taking DHEA-S, so I am skeptical if my cortisol and DHEA are really going to stay at a high enough level long enough to be a problem given the short half-life of regular DHEA, you know? 

If that isnít enough, what else can I do to avoid needing cortisol-blocking medicine?  Iíd rather not take those unless it is really necessary? 

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Oxytocin and Test
« on: June 08, 2021, 05:33:31 am »
Do oxytocin and testosterone interplay with one another?  I never hear about people looking at oxytocin when being concerned about testosterone. Maybe there is a link?

Could my low testosterone be causing me not to feel confident socially? 

If I have rather severe adult ADHD but simultaneously have really bad anxiety and panic attacks would it maybe help my testosterone and prolactin if I was able to get more dopamine?  I donít think supplementing with NALT is giving me enough but maybe a prescription dopamine agonists would help my elevated prolactin since I believe with my ADHD I am probably pretty deficient with dopamine already.

How to tell though seems hard because apparently neurotransmitters like dopamine canít really be measured directly like from having blood labs taken. So it may or may not help but my prolactin is sneaking up lately into the 40-50 ng/dL range and I donít have a prolactinoma at all.

I donít know if dopamine makes anxiety worse for me because I have trouble focusing but I think possibly it could be epinephrine and norepinephrine that do that more than dopamine for me.  To my knowledge, norepi and epi both get increased with dopamine agonists and NALT because they are on the same general biosynthetic pathway as tyrosine and phenylalanine with how tyrosine and phenylalanine are converted chemically to epi, norepi, and l-dopa.

I just donít want prolactin as high but still want to maintain at least some anxiety control because living with panic attacks all the time is awful and Zoloft helps keep me from having extreme anxiety. Yet, I worry Zoloft could be crashing my dopamine too much.

I did quit all benzoís and Lunesta I am taking which was really hard for me. I am just wondering if my prolactin can be decreased a bit more without me having significant anxiety and insomnia distress from anxiety?

I started trying 20 mg of DHEA daily and I have felt a significant boost in energy, focus, and improved mood. It has been quite surprising to me how much better I feel with the DHEA. I canít believe my old doctor told me to avoid taking DHEA.  It is sad how many times intelligent, good people get screwed over time and time again by doctors that simply donít care/donít have time/etc.

Every day I honestly wonder if I am doing the best things for my hormones. I always feel like something is off-balance and not quite where it should be. It causes me tremendous sadness that people like myself and others on the website that have to find ways to get our own labs, try to figure out what works best for us with a million unknowns, and then worst of all have to try to find a way to affordably and reliably optimize our TRT regimens to the best of our ability.

What is the optimal E2 level for someone?  Is there a way to figure out what mine would be or does it vary?  I have no idea what my optimal E2 level would be, but I suspect I spend at least 12 hours of the day without really ever crossing my E2 sweet spot whatever that particular level would be.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Tyrosine Benefit
« on: May 07, 2021, 02:02:42 am »
I have noticed an improvement in my mood and focus with Tyrosine. I have taken up to 12 grams in a day. I usually find 9g to be optimal. Does anyone else like high dose L-Tyrosine or high dose NALT?  I have a significant amount of fatigue and ADHD so tyrosine helps me get through the long and bland afternoons where I usually feel really tired and sleepy.

I donít really feel my best until my TT is around 700 ng/dL or higher. Is that common? 

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Hematocrit Annoyance
« on: April 19, 2021, 05:23:39 am »
My hematocrit is around 48.8% right now and my TT came back at 532 ng/dL which is okay I guess but I donít feel super great by any means. A part of me really wants to push my TRT dose up a little if my doctor would allow, but I donít think it is worth the risk since my hematocrit will probably go up more.

Iíve been using 3 testosterone gel pumps most days but occasionally I like to go up to 3.5 pumps. Yeah I am going to hell for misusing my medicine with an extra 1/2 pump, but my fatigue is still bad and to be honest I am running out of ideas.

I only go to 3.5 pumps for a mac of two consecutive days before I move the dose back down to 3 testosterone gel pumps with only mild withdrawal that is modest and not super problematic. 

Are the compound creams and/or injections easier on the need to micro-dose for a lack of better term?  I recently spent $339.99 or so to get a number of hormone tests done but the testing kit thing off Amazon that was sent to my apartment in another city so I havenít had a chance to use the thing yet to know where my E2, SHBG, thyroid hormones, and Cortisol stand.

Just hoping to find out if what I am doing is working and/or manageable but I canít know my labs out of thin air until I get some actual numbers to work with.

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