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Hello everyone,
First post here

I have done 2 cycles of only T (last one was on 2018) for 10 weeks each. I've done the standar pct with clomid and nolva but never recovered from the second cycle and i still suffer from ed and low libido. I've done multiple bloodworks, my T hovers around 700 - 900 which is optimal. Everything else has fluctuated over the last 2 years. I've tried lowering e2, let them go higher, tried lowering shbg from 45 to 30 (proviron) with little to no effect on libido or ed. Anyway last week i went to a doctor who specializes in these kinds of problems and he suggested ovitrelle (hcg) for 3 months and then slowly tapering off of it hoping that this would somehow fix me.
The problem is that that the dose he told me to take is 3250 iu twice a week which sounds ridiculously high. I told him that i dont want to desensitize my leygid cells but he insited that i take that dose for at least 15 days and then get bloodwork. I've already taken the first dose. He also said that with that dose his patients total t is around 600 and that hcg shutdown is different from Testosterone shutdown and that i will bounce back very fast. Is he wrong or is there something i am missing? Also its the third day since the first dose and no effect on ed and libido still but it might be too soon to tell.

Thanks in advance

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