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Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Dependence on Coffee
« on: October 19, 2017, 11:15:12 am »
So I've been trying to figure out something. Here lately I have had crushing fatigue no matter how much I sleep. If I make sure to get up and have my coffee. I haven't had labs in a really long time but a couple years ago I had low DHEA-S. I'm wondering if I'm suffering from adrenal fatigue. Without coffee I'm a zombie and with or without I suffer but pretty strong anxiety. Low morning cortisol and low DHEA?

It's been a while but a few of you will know that I went on a combo of HCG/DHEA about a year ago through defy medical due to low free testosterone. I'm an unlucky one that has had high SHBG for unknown reasons for about 3-4 years. Total is always fine but free is always low/low normal. It worked like magic for a couple of weeks and then I absolutely crashed... Got blood work and showed that my Testosterone had dropped slightly and my free testosterone was the lowest it had ever been. Unfortunately I had money issues and never got to talk with Dr Saya for a follow up and to get the dosage adjusted...

I've been feeling decent here lately though so I'm striving to possibly solve the issues naturally. Considering my total T has always been ok at the very least here are my goals/ changes I'm going to make and see what happens.

1.) low fat low glycemic diet. A theory I have is the same issues that cause low SHBG are the same as those that cause high SHBG. Liver dysfunction.

2.) increasing exercise/ losing weight - I've already upped the number of steps I'm taking each day to 10000 steps. High intensity calisthenics and running about a mile a day will also be implemented.

3.) mindfulness meditation 20 minutes day. This has a profound mental effect on me. Libido goes up anxiety goes away ect. Problem is it's hard to find a time to practice. So this will be top priority for me.

Check signature for potential supplement changes. Not sure how that will change exactly just yet.

More to come.

So for a little background I have to wear contacts all day everyday... Pretty much blind without that or glasses... I've seen reports that glasses, contacts, and even windows in your home can prevent light rays necessary to produce serotonin. Does anyone know if their is any validity to this?


This is getting ridiculous... This is a gene variant called MCR-1. It cause bacteria to be resistant to even our most potent class of antibiotics. Secondly this gene "jumps" so it's not contained to one bacteria. It can transfer over to any bacteria such as strep ect... We're in serious trouble considering the human immune system already cannot handle much that's thrown at it...

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Do we need saturated fat?
« on: September 02, 2015, 07:58:29 pm »
The answer is no according to Dr Greger. I was listening to an interview with him and the question was simply do we need saturated fat for testosterone production ect?

He says no absolutely not. That just like cholesterol the body can actually make saturated fat. Their is zero requirement for dietary saturated fat. We could be on a zero saturated fat diet and we'd be better for it.

Is eating fish once or twice a week really all we need for heart/brain health. I'm torn between BPA free sardines and fish oil. I doubt omega there's are stored so wouldn't it be better to have substantial omega three every day?

Do Defy Medical wants their patients to not take any of their meds on lab work days.

I asked if this was the same for me considering I'm doing daily HCG injections with DHEA and the answer was yes no meds are to be taken on before lab work...

Wouldn't it be better to test at peak after injection to see if your E2 is potentially spiking?

This is new to me... But I have found that over the last two days because of work I've gotten about 4 hours of sleep in a 48 hour period... My libido has shot up as well as erections... I think it should be the opposite.

I've always wanted to do this. Experiment with veganism... I've always thought that veganism would be the way to go when looking at our bodies but for fear of not getting enough protein AND getting to many carbs because I also want to eat low fat I've never taken the plunge. Starting tomorrow though I'm going to take the plunge into veganism just to see what changes occur and will be putting my experience with it as well as what I eat and my macros hopefully everyday.

Ps one last thing I do have some ethical reasons for doing this as well. Would like to be as transparent as possible. 

Holy crap going through Dr Crisler just continues to pay off. Because he's my hormone doc I decided to start following him a bit on Facebook. Anyways he gave a link that gave people a free subscription to LEF. Fantastic. Anyways I got my first issue of LEF magazine today and was reading it and saw a study that showed that vitamin k2 mk7 led to significant reductions in vascular stiffness in aging women.

I know we're men not women but the results should show up in men as well. I had trouble finding the study online but I believe this is a summary.


Anyways it could be another weapon in our arsenal to improve arterial function!

And yes I whole heartedly believe every person on the planet should be after improving arterial function!!

You learn something new everyday. Theirs about an hour long interview with Nathan Pritikin on youtube that's I've watched probably 20 or 30 times and everytime I come back to it I learn something new. Well towards the end he and dr McDougall begin talking about exercise and how jogging may increase death from heart attack by 7 times. Pritikin tears this apart by stating that it's only a problem if you're on a western diet, and that the Tarahumara run ultra marathons and do just fine because they don't eat like westerners. He also states that the diet he advocates percentage wise is exactly the same down to the percent point as the Tarahumara. So if you ever want to adopt a true pritikin diet but don't know where your percentages should be. Just look to the Tarahumara http://www.peaktestosterone.com/Tarahumara_Diet.aspx

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Anyone tried HMB?
« on: April 21, 2015, 09:56:30 am »
I was on Ergo-Log this morning doing some research and stumbled upon this supplement. Results look impressive as a muscle builder. Stack it with Creatine Monohydrate and Leucine and results could be even better. Just curious if anyone has any experience with it?


Want to have nice youthful arteries? Well it may be time to pick up yoga.

Researches found that spinal flexibilty was more closely related to arterial flexibility than even exercise and ones physical fitness.

Time to get stretching guys


We all know how powerful pomegranate juice is for our arteries. Well these researchers showed that the combination of these two fruits were actually more powerful than either alone.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Undenatured soy?
« on: March 31, 2015, 07:20:52 pm »
I'm having trouble finding an undenatured soy protein powder.

I like whey but would like another protein option as well.

I eat quite a bit of rice so do to the arsenic problem I'd like to avoid it.

Anyways any ideas?

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