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Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Raising IGF-1 Problem
« on: August 09, 2018, 12:02:09 pm »
I have been taking  L-Ornithine/L-Arginine at night to raise my IGF-1, well I succeeded but the problem is my PSA also raised a half point.

Before taking my IGF-1 was 131 now 220
Before taking my PSA was 2.1 now 2.7

I will need a new TRT Dr. I am looking at Dr. Saya, My question's is: 
Besides TRT is he willing to work with you about Life Extension medications like Metformin and Selegiline ?

I remember seeing an article I believe on this site. it was about a supplement, and they were experimenting with mice.
They had pictures of some that were given ? and some that were not. after a year the one given ? looked exactly like he did at start of test, the others were dead or dying. pictures were included.
Does anyone remember this?

Quote by Dr. John Crisler:  Since my heart attack, probably due to all the "antioxidant supplements" I started taking.

If Dr. Crisler Reads this maybe he will comment on what he was taking, and how much you should take.

any and all comments welcome.

I so wish PeakT was here to comment, I miss him so much, it actually made me sick to hear the news.

I stopped taking Claritin and PE Sudafed, and my B/P dropped drastically.
While on meds. my averaged B/P = 138/86
6 days after stopping average B/P = 118/74
I took B/P 3 x day to get average.

Dr. John Crisler what are your thoughts on Low dose Statins?

I am going to Test Pauling's Protocol Theory.
Am I a good candidate, You bet I am below are my last two LP-a labs 2 months apart.

Lipoprotein (a)           220      HIGH     <75 nmol/L
Lipoprotein (a)           214      HIGH     <75 nmol/L

Note: Values greater than or equal to 75 nmol/L may
indicate an independent risk factor for CHD,
but must be evaluated with caution when applied
to non-Caucasian populations due to the
influence of genetic factors on Lp(a) across

I am 68 years of age
Weight 140
Height  5'7"
8 % body fat.
Eat Healthy and Exercise

I bought Heart Tech:  Some of what is in it for daily use.
Vitamin C 6000mg
L-Lysine   6000mg
L-Proline  1000mg

Plus I will be taking some Lipo-Vitamin-C.

We hear how it will fix LP-a 
I bought  6 month supply and will get labs every 2 months, and post here.
I hope it works, if not I am out almost $500.00. If it works it is worth much more.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / How to raise E2 quickly
« on: September 14, 2017, 06:51:27 pm »
Does anyone know how to raise E2 quickly, I am at 5.5 LabCorp Sensitive Test?

I posted about this before this is an update.
 April I  had Major Shoulder Surgery ( 8 ) Anchors to hold Rotator Cuff, Completely Torn Bicep, and Librium.

2 Weeks before Surgery I started taking:
Lipo-Vitamin-C       (LivOn labs)
Lipo-Glutathione     (LivOn labs)
20 mg. Zinc
Glycine  4 x Day
K2 (LEF)
I was told before surgery I would have 12 months recovery.
It has Been 12 weeks since surgery. 
The Doctors released me today, he said he had never seen anyone Recover so quickly in over 40 years!
Was it the Supplements?  I believe it was because I am 68.

I keep a daily log, of what is going on health and sexual wise, I was reading on Nigel's site ExcelMale about T/E2 ratio.
I did some digging thru almost 5 years of daily notes with labs.
To my surprise, each time my Ratio was near 20 my Libido was the very Best, when it got near 30 it was almost non existent.

please reply and give your thoughts.

As most know I had major surgery on my Right shoulder almost 3 weeks ago, it is going good.
Problem is my Left Shoulder is so bad it needs replacing.
I have decided to give Stem Cell Therapy a try first. It will be about 8 weeks from now.
Any comments or know of good or bad results from people you 'all know.

They want me to take the following to increase Stem Cell Production:
Vitamin C
Vitamin D3
Glucosamine Sulfate
Chondroitin Sulfate
Bitter Melon

I have been taking most of this anyway Since my surgery 3 weeks ago.
Comments Welcome!


My experience with Vitamin-C + L-Proline/L-Lysine.
First I would like to thank retado and PeakT for their posts about this topic.
On April 25th. I had surgery on my left shoulder, Rotator Cuff + Labrum + completely detached bicep.
(Dr. said it said it was about as bad as he had see in over 40 years. that it looked like a bomb had went off in it)
They had to use 8 anchors. (which is the most he had ever done in a shoulder)
Since surgery I started taking 3000mg. Ester-C  & 1000mg. L-Proline/L-Lysine in divided dosage daily.
I had my follow-up exam and first therapy session 9 days later.
Dr. was amazed at how well my scar had healed, he said it usually does not look this good before 1-2 months out.
Then on to therapy, they check range of motion to get a base line, hoping for 100 degrees.
Therapist was shocked my range was 130 degrees and could have more but she was afraid to go farther because they had never seen this before.
She kept asking is this hurting, and asked me if I was telling her the truth.
I have not had to take a single pain pill!
They said it takes 9-12 months to get back to normal.
I will do follow-up in a couple months.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Boron and PSA
« on: March 30, 2016, 08:00:50 pm »
Guys, My Urologist visit in December, my PSA was at 2.5
I have been taking 6mg. Boron daily since.
Monday I had PSA labs ran,   
Today I got my labs results back,      My PSA is now 1.8   

[MODERATOR SPLIT FROM HERE: http://www.peaktestosterone.com/forum/index.php?topic=9635.0 ]

The neurotransmitter that carries the sexual message is acetylcholine (ACh). ACh also seems to control sexual behavior through its activity in the brain.
For women, ACh is also a very important part of sexual function.
One way to safely and effectively enhance ACh levels is to take supplements of choline, along with vitamin B5, (pantethine)
So that the body will manufacture more Ach.

This is what I have been taking and it works if: Your T, E2, SHBG, DHT, and others are in a good place.

Dopa-Mind: first to block  MAO-B (dopa inhibit), 
Dopa-Bean (Macuna pruriens) 
Doctors Best Brain Enhancers (choline),

If you raise Dopamine and Nitric Oxide,  Libido and Especially Erection Quality go way up.

[MODERATOR'S CAUTION:  If you have any medical condition or are on any medication, always ask your physician first!  Also, later in this thread JustAskin wrote that "I do not take Daily, only take all on day when expecting sex.  I forgot to mention before, My Morning Smoothie has Maca."]

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