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After 2 weeks on Clomid I've never felt better!
Muscle aches, Brian fog, ED issues all MUCH better.

The only complaint I can give my dr is my libido is extremely low.
(Like non existent) but morning wood is MUCH better.....

Now the disturbing part: test results

T 182.    240-1048
FSH .5     1.6-11.0
LH .1     1.3-7.2
Estrogen 28.5     0-40

What the hell gives??
I should be miserable on these #'s!!
What could Clomid be doing to make me "feel this good"?
I was expecting a high LH on Clomid...... WTF??

I'll make this as brief as possible.

Been in TRT for 4-5 years, started with creams/gels.
They didn't raise me much...(about 100 pts)

Started IM injections w/HCG 2x week (with an anastrozole to control E2)
This caused a big issue with estrogen elevation, polycythemia (which led to monthly phlebotomies) and the beloved Cystic acne!!

Moved on to pellets, which up until a couple weeks ago was by far the best option
Polycythemia was slower,
Come to find out my body eats through the pellets in a month as opposed to the 3 months they as supposed to last. (But I definately felt a little better on this method than the others.

None of these methods above produced satisfactory results sexually.  No consistent morning erections, just seemed like a constant struggle, I would read all these success stories and frankly not believe them much as they are quite an opposite reaction from what I was expierencing....

Enter new Dr.
Takes one look at my boys and says you would be an excellent candidate for clomid???
Dr said it may take a while to the boys working again but I should see better results soon, with NO polycethmia issues (no phlebotomies)  no estrogen issues (no AI drugs)
These 2 things alone may not sound like a big deal, but they are a big time commitment.

Day 1 Clomid......within hours I "feel" something happening  can't elaborate but it felt kind of "right"

Next day I wake up with morning wood, I mean serious morning wood that I haven't noticed for decades!  For the 1st time in many years I felt ALOT better physically, mentally and sexually...

Today...approx 10 days since starting Clomid and I feel MUCH better all around!!
Morning wood every morning, EVERY MORNING.  Depression nearly gone..
Just overall a 100% improvement! In symptoms.  The feeling I get from using Clomid is
NOTHING like other trt treatments above.

Can Peak or anyone tell me what why or what could be happening?
What is Clomid doing for me that other testosterone replacement options aren't??
There is more than just testosterone going on here....

Don't have any labs yet after starting Clomid.
I just shocked more people aren't using this??

Due to high RBC & hemoglobin levels my hemotogist
Recommended cutting my T injections in half to see if my RBC counts
Followed my T.

Well it's been about a month since starting the lower dose, and I'm feeling pretty bad.
(Getting blood tested today) I could have crashed my estrogen as the arixidex dose didnt change.

Started with lower back ache, that progressed
To the major muscles in my legs... Now starting in on the arms..

Libido, erections way down.  Major depression swing.

Just NO good! Taking injections after appt today
(Gonna take them in a leg to see if that pain subsides faster than the other leg..


I try to share whatever discoveries I make on this Journey
With TRT as I seem to run into many side effects...

While TRT has certainly helped in many ways, after 1.5 years
It has been far from "ideal".   
Recently I was told by my clinic that they could no longer fill
My script of T&HCG because my RBC & Hemoglobin counts were high.
And told me I had to donate blood to get these levels down.

It should be noted that I've had high blood counts BEFORE I started
HRT (but it is a side effect of HRT).  I am also being monitored and tested
For cancer recocurrance as I was diagnosed with kidney cancer last year.

So I go to the Red Cross feeling my "normal half crappy self"
They drain a pint of blood and as soon as I got off the table I KNEW
"Something" was going on!!!

Instead of feeling tired and weak, I felt the opposite!
I felt more alert and stronger??
Within an hour my sinuses were totally clear (something I've complained about for years!)
I also noticed a difference in the pressure around my eyes..(which I didn't know I had until it was gone)
The next morning I had erections that could drive a nail into wood!
That it!!  Called my GD and Hemotologist!!

They checked my levels again (still high) so I demanded they take more of this crap out of me
(Which they did) I honestly can't tell you how much this has changed me!  Just removing this excess blood had brought benefits in nearly every aspect of life!

My Hemo Dr. Says this response is "normal"
(Well thanks dumb ass for not taking it out sooner!)
He has seen these levels for almost 2 years!

Am I perfect now?......NO
But from the simple act of having this excess blood drained I feel has been
The single most beneficial thing I've done so far!
Having your body constantly producing blood is hard
On your body also, so I'm scheduled for a battery of tests to determine
Why this is happening.  (Kidney cancer and a few other things other than TRT can cause this )

It's just 1 more thing to keep an eye on if your TRT treatment has yielded less than "ideal" results...
It's been a surprising discovery for me!

I've had a bit of expierence with arimidex when controlling estrogen.

Yes those tiny pills are nearly impossible to break in 1/4's let alone 1/8's!
If money isn't an issue, a compounding pharmacy will be around to make whatever dose you need!

However I'm at the opposite end of the arimidex scale.
I take 1/2 every day! And my E levels have tended to stay in the upper 20's (so far)
In order for me to hit what "I" consider an optimum E level of the low 20's Im now
Expirementing with lowering my injections to .8cc (from 1cc)
Whole keeping arimidex dose the same.  I'm hoping this will drop my E levels a bit.

For you I agree that upping your dosage of T while keeping those tiny arimidex pills in 1/4's
May be an easier route.. But I'm just speculating....

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / ED and Inflammation
« on: June 09, 2013, 06:10:35 pm »

Can you extrapolate a bit more on the role if inflammation as it
Applies to ED?

Last week I was at an ENT Dr. To treat a mild sinus problem that I've had for years!
I had just put it off for so long as I had much more pressing medical
Issues to deal with (leading me to TRT)....

Amyways the Dr. Put me on a steroid medication for a week
For to its anti-inflammatory properties to try to reduce the sinus

After 3 days (much to my surprise). My erections have been awesome!
I'm talking WAY better than ever!!  This is the only change in anything I have been doing!

There is something very important going on here but I can't figure it out!
To be honest I would never want to stop taking this if it is indeed triggering this
Wonderful turn of events! (I do know long term steroid use is not good)

Any insight as to what may be going on?


Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / DHT ??
« on: April 14, 2013, 10:05:53 pm »
Can someone "simply" explain DHT and how it relates to TRT?

I've read a few different places that you need to have it checked?
But my Dr's have never ordered it?

My recent labs (day before injection) revealed
T level of 1249.  Dr. Told me to only take .9cc
To get that number lower. So the next day I took .9cc...
(Not thinking that my t levels would rise significantly
North of 1249!)

Today I'm feeling a bit strange...
Hard to describe....not angry or aggressive, but more like I'm

Any things I should look out for?
I don't think there could be any health issues
But I'm not sure?

Just to recap I've been on Trt going on 9 months now
I'm currently on 1cc T 1x week, HCG 2ml 2x a week
And arimidex .75 EOD (to battle the high estrogen)

Everything has been the same except for the arimidex
Which I raised from .5 EOD to .75 due to my previous
Estrogen reading of 32 (which wasn't working for me.

Previous labs had been pretty stable for months.
(Taken day BEFORE injection)

T 7-800
Free T 2.2-2.4
Estrogen  I've been fighting for months.. But previous was 32

New labs came back at the following
(Day before injection!)

T 1200
Free T 4.8
Estrogen 28

Any ideas what could be causing this big increase
In T levels???  Dr. Want to drop my injection down to
.9cc and I'm going to increase arimidex to .5 ED as I'm very
Sensitive to E levels and I'm trying to get to a "optimal" level
Closer to 22.

Just got back from seeing a dermatologist.
He tells me "my acne is caused by testosterone, and there is nothing that
Can be done to get rid of it.  Every guy on T has the same problem"

I need some help on how to get rid of this!
If there is a way I'm certain someone here has the answer!

It mainly located on my chest stomach and back.

It sprung up nearly over night just 2 days after being diagnosed with
Thrush.  I'm leaning towards this fungal infection possibly being the problem?

There must be something to help??

Brief Preface.

During my initial 3 years of misdiagnosis & suffering with low T.  My Dr. Sent me to see
A Psychiatrist as he thought my symptoms must be depression related, as he (and others) could find no medical reason for my symptoms (even though my low T levels were staring them in the face.)

After 3 years of trying every anti-depressant he could think of (none of which EVER helped at all)
He wanted to now combine  the same anti-depressants that didnt work before in different combinations.  After a brief argument, he was fired!!
(No way I was taking that garbage again!)

I ran into one of the other Psychiatrists from the same office last week. I knew him fairly well as we had a couple of appts after i fired the 1st guy.  I had asked him if was safe to say just about every
Psychiatrist should know that low T causes depression?

He replied "yes"

I then asked "why doesnt any Psychiatrist ever order a T reading?  Especially after years of
Anti-depressants that's provide no help?"

He replied "protocol".......

I said "you treat people for depression all the time! How can that not be something you would look at?"

He says "he doesn't always follow protocol,  but treating low T is not something a Psychiatrist would deal with."

I was dumbfounded!! (Once again) when I pointed out the obvious flaw in his treatment plan and reasoning.  He responded "Im glad your feeling better". 

 it seems treating low T is the "hot potato" that no MD wants to be responsible for...
God help us!

This is just my $0.02,  from my personal expierence.

I've been on TRT for 8 months, and it there us a side effect
From T injections,  I've likely had to deal with it!

I did notice testicular shrinkage in the 1st few monts of starting.
This scares ALOT of guys,  but it's not like they shrink to the size
Of a blueberry!  I "thought" it was my imagination for a while.  Then
Then i started to have a dull ache.  I then realized that they were in fact
Slightly smaller (confirmed by my lady friend).

It is of "MY" belief that the shrinkage was due to inactivity of the
Tedticles.  When you boost your T levels your pituitary stops sending out the LH hormone
That tells your testicles to produce T because it senses your levels as being high.
Just like any muscle or organ in your body inactivity will cause atrophy.

The aches I expierenced "I" believe we're due to my E2 levels shooting up to 88 early in treatment.
With estrogen that high I believe my body was saying "what the hell are these testicles doing here? 
Lets get rid of these things and grow a vagina!)

DON'T let any of this scare you! There is hope!

My Dr. Also has me on Arimidex (controls E2 levels)
And I no longer have any aches.

He also has me on HCG 2x a week.  HCG in men mimics
The LH hormone.  So the twins get to do their thing a few days a week
To keep them from atrophy.  From what I understand this also preserves
Sperm production (I'm 47 and i dont see kids in my future) but its nice to
Know I still "could"!  (BTW the twins plumped right up after starting HCG)

To sum it up there isn't a miracle answer for everyone, but with the right DR.
And with help from Peak and the rest if this board I'm sure you will be able to improve
In all aspects your concerned about.

One last thing to keep in mind, MANY Dr's will NOT recognize or be able to treat Low T effectively!
You will have to be your own advocate, ask questions and question Dr's.

The info Peak T and others provide here will be correct, (we have all suffered thru this!) if your Dr's don't agree with him Or the majority of people on this board, I think it's safe to say "HE IS WRONG!"
And get a new Dr.  Who will work with you!

I have yet to read a post or suggestion on this board that I didn't believe to be correct!
I can't thank Peak enough for having this site up, it literally saved my life!

I'm very frustrated again,  been battling high
Estradol with marginal success.
I'm currently taking 1cc T every week
HCG 2x week and arimidex .5 EOD.

Labs are

Free T = 3.78
E2 = 30
Prolactin 7.7

The prolactin test is one I requested and it appears to be OK
As the range from the lab is (0-18)??

I need my estradol lower!! 

My Dr says NONE of his patients are taking .5 EOD
And "thinks" my estradol is fine at 30 even though
I'm at near total ED. And with the exception of the 1st few weeks on TRT have
Been since starting! (My erections were better BEFORE starting TRT)

He is letting me adjust my medication on my own, but wants me to try 1 thing.
(My goal is to get my E2 down to 22)

My options are:

1 lower T injections from 1cc to (less than 1cc?) while taking the same arimidex (.5 EOD)
And hope the E lowers.

2. Increase arimidex while taking 1cc T.

I'm leaning towards increasing arimidex (possibly to .75 mg EOD?)

Does anyone have any ideas on this?
Or any idea what other hormone could be causing this ED??

I did hit the "magic formula" where I had erections
Every morning and felt great about 3 weeks into TRT.
But thing went down hill fast as my E2 shot up to the 80's.
I've slowly gotten it down but still ED. Gotta believe it's still too high..

Please help I'm running out of ideas.....

I've been on TRT for about 6 months. It been a rough
Going due to my elevated E2 levels and slow acting Dr's.
But I'm starting to get my levels balanced out.

I've also been on HCG for the past couple months.

I've noticed that I don't feel "anything" on T injection
Day anymore. (I used to feel a "rush" for a days after)

However I do notice quite a big difference
Taking my HCG 2x a week (the 2 days prior to T injection)

Very hard to describe!  But it just makes me feel better!!

What is this telling me?? (Secondary hypogonadism??)

Should my Dr's be looking at my pituitary gland ?

Any ideas??

Since starting TRT, my main struggle had been with
Controlling estrogen conversion.
My Estradol labs over the past 6 months
Have been 88, 51, 40, and my latest result
Was 30. 

My dr started me off taking .25 arimidex 3x a week
Then 4x......  When I became pissed at their lack
Of aggressiveness, I jumped to .5  3x a week
Which gave me the last reading of 30.

The Dr. Says my E levels are "optimal"
and NOT to take any more Arimidex
as usual I disagree.....

I "occasionally" have morning wood, and my
total ED with high E levels has changed
To 50% ED.   

I have read online where a 3 point swing in E
Levels can cause ED.  My baseline before TRT
Was 25. 

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
And/or any ideas on dropping my E a bit lower?
These pills are very tiny, and cutting them in 1/4's
Is not an exact science.  I'm afraid of knocking my E too
Low, but Im thinking of adding an extra .25 mg on an off day?

I'm hoping that wont crash me too low?

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