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Hey guys ill be as breif as possible, very low T, dont want TRT due to infertillaty, clomid hardl used in Australia, anyone have any tips how i can get this IVF specialist to prescribe me with clomid or something in this  direction and if you have any tips pleaseeeeeeee help me so i can arm myself with some good info,

i have had T as low as 52, and im more then over it, its been over 1.5 years.

much appreciated


p.s if this helps, im 5'9 150lbs fit

Dear Lee,

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Today i bought your book "low testosterone by the numbers" and read it strait away as i am a sufferer of extremely low testosterone (2.8nmol- july 8th) and has gone up and down in the range of 2.2nmol-8nmol in the past 6 months.

Background on me is I am 22 years old 66kg from Australia and frequently active, the reason i beleave my T is low is because i beleave i severely malnourished myself and overtrained on a very obsessive scale, i have seen my Endo and all she wants to do is put me on HRT without further looking into my situation,

The reasoning im reaching out to you is to see if overtraining can play a serious role in this, and if what i have done to myself can be reversed?

Currently i am doing a strength program (GSLP) but i beleive i destroyed my endocrine system by doing high intensity conditioning (crossfit metcons) for over a year, i been strength training for about 3 months now and gained 6 kg since the program, as i was around about 59kg in my very obsesive stage,

As you can imagine no 22 year old male would not want to feel like basically every symptom you wrote about to a degree and in some cases even worse, also would you recommend to drop everything and eat everything for a month break? i feel this may just lead to weight gain and minimal T rise, My Diet is pretty good at the moment in the amounts im eating probably 90% caveman/paleo

thanks again and if anyone has any advice please help!!!

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