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I am new to this site so a little case history and hopefully some advice. Seven years ago I requested Dr check my Testosterone even though he said was not necessary. It was at bottom end of "normal" range. He then ordered a prolactin test and it came back above the normal range. He then ordered an MRI which showed a very small prolactinoma. I was then sent to an endocrinologist who put  me on bromocryptine. This drug I did not tolerate well and will not go into all of side effects. Although my Prolactin level decreased my testosterone did not increase much at all. He had me try Androgel but no positive effect. After about 1.5 years I took my self off of the bromocryptine for 4 weeks and side effects which the Dr had denied started leaving. At next appointment he changed me to a different drug cabergoline. I also experienced side effects with it which again Dr denied. All of this time I was trying to lose weight and exercise but could not have the energy to do either. 18 months ago I had enough and took myself off of the drugs and started looking for a way of looking at this problem. Within 4 weeks the side effects started leaving and after 3 months of being drug free I started feeling somewhat "Normal". I finally found an Endo who specialized in Pituitary disorders. I told them that I had taken myself off of the drugs after 5.5 years! They said that was probably not a bad thing.After reviewing my MRI's and my blood work they said I probably should never have been put on the drug regimen and that it should just be monitored for time being. They kept messing up my appointments, would not sign paper work for my insurance company and let me "fall through the cracks". I finally this past January got despondent and just gave up.
I finally decided that I must take control and went to my primary care Dr and he ordered up 22 blood tests the results on some are as follows. I would please like to know what you think of them and a possible course or courses of action. I really do not care to have surgery if at all possible.

Tests          Results    Flag      Reference interval

WBC              3.5        low          4.0-10.5
Total            182                          100-199
Triglycerides    83                          0-149
HDL                 47                          >39
LDL               118         high         0-99

serum             326        low         348-1197 (ng/dL)
Tets. (direct)    6.1        low           7.2-24.0 (pg/ML)

Prolactin          24.8       high        4.0-15.2 (mg/mL)
Estradiol           30.3                     7.6-42.6(pg/mL)  Roche ECLIA methodology
specific AG
Serum                .6                         0.0-4.0(ng/mL) Roche ECLIA methodology
Vitamin D          22.3       low          30.0-100.0(ng/mL)

IGF-BP3              2.5        low           3.4-6.9(mg/L)
Ferritin,serum     429        high         30-400(ng/mL)

My Primary Care Dr wants me to see endocrinologist but I feel i have been striking out with them.

HELP Please! I have read some of your site regarding dangers of low T and I am concerned. You show more concern then any Dr I have seen and they have not said one word about the dangers because up until now my Total testosterone has always been in low,low "normal" range.

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