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Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / MK-477 and growth hormone
« on: December 20, 2015, 06:50:52 am »
Has anyone tried this yet? Doesn't seem to be a lot of info out there apart from what I have seen on this site. Courious to know more

I have noticed if I sit very upright and arch lower back a little bit to tilt pelvis I get much more intense squeeze on kegel exercises than if slouching (or standing to be honest) and when I release I can sort of feel the muscle has been more fatigued that if I do them in less upright positions.

Does anyone else notice anything similar? Doing incorrectly this way?

I have been experimenting with some Viagra. It works really well for me. It gets me fully hard. I wondering if that fully diagnoses my problem as simply low NO2?

I am 29, pretty healthy. My testosterone is around 600 last checked about a year ago. I have reasonable erections off Viagra, just not running as good as when younger... Harder to get up and maintain, maybe about 70% of where I think I should normally be (maybe 60 on a bad day)

I originally suspected some Venous leakage. I am now thinking that my problem probably lies with low NO2 and I think weak PC muscles. I went through a dry spell in my 20s where I wasn't having any sex for a number of years and I think maybe the muscles atrophied a bit.

I have got some NO2 test strips ordered so will be able to test soon. Interested to hear people's thoughts about my situation and any insights.

Not sure how many New Zealanders actually post up here, but if you are out there I would like to know where you get your pomegranate juice, what brand, etc.

Hey Gentleman

Been a long time since I posted!

In the last two weeks I have incorporated into my diet citrulline, rocket salad, garlic, vitamin C, and a daily morning juice comprising beetroot, carrot and orange juice.

I have to say I have been feeling really good mentally, feel quite sharp. Also I have noticed an improvement on frequency of morning erections so I will keep what I am doing up and track progress.

I am still not running at full steam in the erection department though. So I wanted to lay out my situation and see if anyone has any useful feed back/ideas for me to try next.

My situation is....in last few years I have had a bit of a low libido, and erections are a bit softer than usual, I feel like I'm running at about 70%. I have recently landed myself a girlfriend who is smoking hot and LOVES to have lots of sex so thats been fun, and I have been able to do the business but I am struggling a little bit due to the hardness of the erection.

Its a little bit tough to get it up but nothing a bit of touching from the girlfriend can't sort out and its not as hard as I would like.

Im am 28, my testosterone is quite good I think....round 600 ng/dL. I have tried a 100 mg dose of avigra two times in the last week to see if there would be any difference. I havn't noticed that much of a difference in the hardness factor...just that the erection that I do get is easier to get and hold maybe...but I didn't really notice that much of a difference to be honest.

I have noticed I have had morning erections this week but its the usual 70% sort of an erection, not the full hardness of my younger days. I also have a varicocele by the way.

I think that maybe my problem is I have some venous leakage which lowers the hardness of my erection. What are your guys thoughts? What things do you think I can do to diagnose my problem? What other things can I try to improve my problem?


3DMJ have released a video with a bit of information about squatting and the knees going past the toes issue:


To summarize briefly, its ok for the toes to go over the knees....the issue is what breaks first between the knees and the hips to initiate the squatting motion.

If the knees break first the tendon running over the patela bears all the weight as you lower down (bad). If the hips break first then the load is transferred through the hips and glutes alleviating the strain on the knees.

Notice that regardless of whether you break at the hips or the knees first to initiate the movement, the position your knees end up in relative to your toes at the bottom of the squat is the same. It just seams to be an issue of how you get down there and what bears the load on the way down.

I would say you still don't want them to be way over your toes at the bottom as that will put alot of pressure on that tendon running over the top of the patela....but if you have long as femur bones then they may go over more than someone with shorter femur bones.   

Well she was just telling me to stick my butt out more and no extend my knees over my toes so far.

Do you high bar or low bar squat?

Hey guys, I was made aware of a great site for assessing supplements today while I was watching a fitness video on youTube.

You can type any supplement into the database and it lists all sort of things from studies done on them (ranked according to the quality) to safety and toxicology.


Just wanted to mention it incase it is useful for any one who is deciding which supplements they want to take and need good info on them.

Interesting C-Los. That sounds like the cyclic ketogenic diet where you carb load once a week.
That must've been part of my problem because I did get extremely hungry on that diet even though you're not supposed to. I chalked it up to seratonin.

Yea its a carb cycling strategy and sounds similar. I am a bit of a geek when it comes to losing weight, I perfectly track my macros (including my carb refeed days) and I weigh myself every morning. Now, some may call this obsessive but I will tell you something good that comes from this.........data!

It has helped me learn a lot about my body and how I personally respond to different macros ranges, and exercise. And the data I have about what happens to me when I have a carb refeed is REALLY consistent. Once I have given myself a refeed the next day my weight goes up a bit and then the next three days it drops that small bit and then a good amount more before becoming steady.....until my next refeed and subsequent three day deficit.

So basically, I have found in general that a carb refeed gives me really good weight loss results. And in addition to helping me feel full and blissfully satisfied for a day, I also find it something to look forward to as I grind through the week so it helps me mentally knowing that in x amount of days I get to eat a bit more food hahaha. I highly recommend

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Doctor tests
« on: January 09, 2013, 10:51:15 pm »
Hey guys

Going to Doctors to get some blood work done. I need some help sorting out what I need to get tested. I have read Peaks article but wondering which ones I need and which I don't.

Background: Im 27, usually in great shape but over last year put on a little bit of fat (so thinking E2 would be a good idea), suffer mild ED (running bout 80-90 % I reckon), but I have been finding my libido has been quite low.

Have had my total T tested before - it came back 600. This time I want to get free T also. What would be good for me to get tested and what is unnecessary? Can I get DHT tested also? EDHA?

I have recently taken dairy out of my diet which has sadly made my whey protein shakes a lot less tasty.......my solution thus far is to use almond milk. It has quite a nutty flavour to it and I find it really nice.

At first I was getting store bought stuff but after really examining the label and not too sure about a couple of additives in it I decided to make my own. All you have to do is soak almonds overnight, and then put them in a blender! Its SO much simpler than I would have imagined.

At the moment I have been dumping the almonds in the blender, some fresh water (soaking water has some tannins I think and it makes it bitter) put my whey in, what ever fruit I want, cocoa to make it chocolate, and then some maca powder. So far this is the best way I have found to disguise the maca taste lol!

But if you dont want the almond chunks you can blend the almonds and filter with a nut bag or cheese cloth

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / L-Citrulline Malate
« on: December 09, 2012, 03:17:59 am »
Hey Peak, what do you reckon about L-Citrulline Malate as a form of Citrulline?

I have seen on here peoples good results treating ED with citrulline and notice I can buy L-Citrulline Malate from the same place I get my undenatured whey from. So its obviously a supplement for weight lifting but maybe also good as an ED sup?

Looking into a whey protein (which I think is undenatured and microfiltered but im checking with the company on that at the moment)

But one thing I noticed on their website is 'glutamine precursors - 18,600 mg'

Is this a concern?

Has anyone tried sacha inchi protein powder and know a little bit about it?  It sound promising stuff........

I have tried rice and hemp as alternatives to whey and I have so far not been impressed by mixing and taste

Hey peaps

Gone vegetarian and I started incorperating beans/legumes into diet......as a result I got diarrhea! Also a possible contributing factor....I took all dairy and bread out of diet and put alot of fruits and vegetables in their place at the same time as I incorperated beans.

Fallen back into old eating to get some relief from the squirts.

Has anyone else experienced something similar? Im not sure if its just the beans/legumes or its because I changed to many things in my diet at once?

Experiences and advice welcome

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