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With all the trouble I seem to be having with E2, I have been thinking about what to do with my Arimidex dosing.  If I take no Arimidex, I feel bad because my E2 goes too high.  If I take 0.25mg twice weekly I feel bad because my E2 is too low (I think).  Certainly, .5mg twice weekly does push my E2 too low, and .25mg seems to do the same.  If I don't take Arimidex for awhile, then I tend to feel better the next day after taking Arimidex again, but then worse again after that.  My thought is that maybe taking .25mg will push my E2 down and I'll feel better the first day.  Then my E2 continues to go down for a couple more days, and I feel bad again from too low E2.  I wonder if taking a smaller dose more often would be better?  The problem is the pill is getting hard to split any smaller then to .25mg.  Perhaps I should look into a compounding pharmacy to get tiny doses?  I guess I could grind the pill and weigh the dust out, but compounding probably would be cheaper.  Not sure my doctor would help though, as he already thinks I am nutty even taking Arimidex at all.

I tried something last night, and I bit the tiniest amount of Arimidex off of a .25mg section of pill.  I am sure the dose was less than .05mg.  I felt better within an hour, does Arimidex work that quickly?  I felt bad again this morning and did the same thing.  It worked again.  I felt worse again later, bit off a tiny sliver, and I felt better once again.  I am concerned this won't keep working like that, as the Arimidex is likely building up in my system, and my E2 is likely to go low again.  But could I possibly be onto something?  Does anyone know why Arimidex is taken only every 3 to 4 days?  Does this relate to the half life?  Or does it coincide with the T shots and the related aromatization?

Thank you

My E2 level is 15, I sure am glad I only take .5mg twice per week.  The T level is not out yet, but I am thinking it will be on the low side.  I saw the PA today, who seemed more knowledgeable than the MD.  I don't like how they feel a need to convince you how smart they are though.  The PA said the HRT would be at full affect now, and I must have ED due to my age (40s).  I don't believe that, I think my E2 is too low and that is the problem (erections are not long lasting).  I went from 120mg/week cypionate to 160mg starting last week.  I am hoping my T and E2 will both increase.  The PA wants me to stop the Arimidex, but I think I will continue on .5mg twice weekly for now, and see how things are in about a week or two.  I will post my T when it becomes available (they also tested PSA).  My brain fog has been much worse lately as well.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Down to 120mg/week
« on: June 28, 2013, 10:07:52 pm »
I dropped to 120mg Cyp/week starting last night.  My acne is better but still quite bad.  I also get gas from the shots.  I may do better on a lower dose.  I hope to get my blood drawn next week to see where T and E2 are at.  Can it take a while to feel better?  It has been a couple of months and I do feel better, but have a ways to go still.  Does it sometimes take 6 months or so before you get the full benefit?

I am thinking of dropping from 160mg cypionate per week to 140mg.  I started on 200mg and got a lot of acne on my back and chest.  I dropped to 150mg for one week and tested at 1050 Testosterone at the trough.  I have been on 160mg for about a month now.  The acne is better but not great.  I think 140mg may be better.  I have also been on .5mg armidex for about a month (E2 was 42 when the T was 1050).  I know I need to get a blood test again, but I really think my T may be still too high.  I would ask my doctor but he doesn't seem to really know.  He kind of prescribes what I ask for, although he won't let me do something dangerous. 

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Blood Test Today
« on: May 23, 2013, 06:55:51 pm »
I had my blood taken today to test my T and E2 (day 7 of the weekly injection cycle).  I have been on 200mg injections for the past 5 weeks.  I was feeling worse a couple of weeks ago, so I dropped to 150mg last week, thinking maybe my E2 was going too high at 200mg.  However, I felt worse this week (fatigue, brain fog, and anxiety).  My nipples were sore two days ago, making me think more that E2 is a problem.  We'll see what the labs say next week.  I'm thinking I'll go back to 200mg tonight.  I will report the lab results when I get them.

That is funny pole, I had my first injection yesterday at the doctor's office.  I tried to do it myself, but had the nurse finish the job.  My wife may nee to do it for me.  My wife loves me and she would not hurt me, but for some reason the same thought crosses my mind.  What if she if mad at me?  But the topicals are not working for me, so I need to try the injections.  I also have concerns now (thank you Sam for the info) about the topicals in general.  Where does all that T go anyhow, if you absorb only 10%?  I have bcbs like Ken, and the $10/month copay is a big draw for me as well.  The plan is to inject weekly, at 200mg per injection.  Is that dosage high?  I thought 100-150mg was more common?  Sorry I don't mean to take over your thread

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Axiron?
« on: March 27, 2013, 10:46:12 pm »
My T level dropped to 200 on androderm after six weeks.  The Doctor wants to try Axiron and will give me a one month sample.  I will try this but I think it will be really expensive with my insurance.  I could try Fortesta.  I think the manufacturer will give a discount card for $25/month for two years.  We'll see how the Axiron goes though.

I have been trying to work on my evening fatigue.  So two days ago, I held off using my recycled gel.  I waited until the evening to apply the gel from my old patch.  This made a big difference with my fatigue, and it did not interfere with my sleep either.  I got the same affect last night also.  My new plan is to apply my new patch at 5am, and recycle the gel from the old patch at 5pm.  If I spread out the application, my T level should be more constant.

You are right.  I am treating the recycled gel the same way I would treat androgel, so the wife and kids won't get any transferred to them.

It has been two weeks now since starting the patch.  So far I really do like it.  It seems best to apply the patch to your thighs.  It will be well hidden there, and it stays on well.  I have worked out four application sights on each thigh.  This will give me eight sights to rotate through, and should prevent any rash.  So far so good on that front, I haven' had any rash at all.  Sometimes the application sight is a little pink, but not bad at all.  I only had itching on the first day.  Now I hardly notice the patch is there.

Recycling has gone well also.  My skin seems to tolerate the gel well, and it gives me an extra kick to get going in the morning.  I kind of wish I could make the recycled gel last longer during the day, but I don't really want to reapply later in the day.  The recycled gel is just a bonus anyhow, since the instructions tell you to just throw out the old patch.  I don't suppose there is any risk in having that extra T spike in the morning?  I can't imagine my T is going up that much from the recycled gel anyhow.  I can definitely tell the difference though.

I haven't been able to really get on an even keel yet.  T is just part of the issue though.  What I am hoping for is to be able to stop living in a hole.  I can see TRT really giving me a boost to get my life back on track.  Like the doctor said, low T has not been the cause of all my issues from age 12 until 41.  That is true, and I have had other things that I have worked on over the years.

Currently though, low T is a large percentage of my problems.  I haven't taken anxiety meds since 10/23 of last year.  That is when I started on clomid, then androgel and now androderm.  I would not have been able to do that unless the treatment had been working.  Androderm may not be the final answer for me, but it is working for now.

I still have good and bad days, but before I was only having bad days.  So things are improving.  My fatigue often still comes on strong at night.  I continue to work on other aspects of my life including eating healthy, exercising, relationships with my wife and kids.  I changed careers last year and this will pay off more and more over time.  The pay cut has been stressful to my finances, but I should get large raises the next couple of years.  Also, I like the work so much better, that more than makes up the difference.  I don't dread going to work anymore.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Androderm
« on: February 09, 2013, 02:25:01 pm »
I had my T level tested about two weeks ago and it was 472.  However, like so many others, my symptoms have been getting worse using Androgel.  I saw the Uroogist yesterday, and asked to try Androderm.  He prescribed the 4mg patch for me.  I was feeling terrible yesterday with my fatigue and brain fog, even after two pumps of Androgel.  I applied my first Androderm patch last night and started feeling better in 10 minutes.  After an hour I felt considerably better. 

The patch is hard to find around here.  I called 5 pharmacies before I found it in stock.  I think my local pharmacy will be able to get the patch in the future, if I give them a couple of days notice.  However, I wanted to start using the patch right away, so I looked around yesterday until I found it.  I can see now why the patch is not popular.  Androgel is easy to apply and disappears quickly, injections are only neede once a week, and pellets are needed every few months.  The patch is big and noticeable.  There also is the risk of skin irritation.  If I continue to feel good, this is worth it to me.  I can always consider injections or pellets in the future.

My first day (yesterday) on Androgel did not go well.  My symptoms were much worse.  I am hoping that it just takes a little time to successfully move from clomid to androgel.  I won't give it a lot of time though, given all the negative responses to androgel seen on this forum.  So far though, today has been a different story, as I feel much better so far.  This probably doesn't matter, but I applied the gel differently today.  Yesterday, I treated more like hand sanitizer and rubbed it into my shoulders until it dried.  I wonder if that just rubs more into my hands and gets washed down the drain.  I watched the androgel video on how to apply it.  That guy just rubbed it in quickly and waited for it to dry.  I did that this morning, and it seems to dry in a minute or two.  The PA at the doctor's office said to wait 20 minutes before putting my shirt on.  That seems to not be necessary, after a couple of minutes the gel seems to be as dry as it will get.  You probably just need to put it on and it will either absorb for you or not though.  I still like the idea of the androderm patch.  There is not so much negativity surrounding androderm either, but not anything positive either just question marks.

I keep going with the androgel only for now.  I am also aware of the issues around androgel working for awhile (weeks or months) and then not working anymore.  So I am still hopeful to get switched to pellets or something else in the future.  I need to do more research about the different options.

I like my new Urologist so far.  We discussed injections, pellets, clomid, androgel, androderm.  He doesn't prescribe androderm and doesn't recommend it, the patch may come off with sweating etc, and there are the rash issues. Injections are not as good if you have mood symptoms.  Clomid is really just good if you need fertility.  He is aware of androgel absorption issues, but he claims it was reformulated 6 months ago and is better now.  The Doc really likes pellets for ease and dependability.  It sounds like I could get them every 4 months with just the cost of my copay, so price would be good as well.  He wants me to start on androgel for a couple of months to see how TRT will work for me, before considering the 4 month commitment to pellets.  The Doctor seems to be flexible though and wants to find something that will work for me.  He claims to have over 200 patients on pellets with good results in all but a couple of them.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / What about the patch?
« on: December 05, 2012, 01:08:55 pm »
I have been having a bad week on clomid.  I am still getting very tired in the evening and going to bed early.  My symptoms have been worse in general this week and I am thinking about my Urologist appointment on Friday.  I am starting to wonder if the patch would be better for me, or some other TRT method.  I don't want more kids so I don't need clomid for that, and there appears to be more health risk in taking clomid.  The patch seems to be safe and easy.  Just stick it on and go, no mess, no risk of getting T on the wife or kids, no needles.  I want to use something effective though, and the patch doesn't seem to be used that much.  I wonder why?  I would have to pay more for the patch, $40/month instead of $20/month.  That is cheap if it works better though.  Injections would be only $10/month but I shudder at the thought.  I would do it to feel better though, gladly.  I'm hoping this is just a temporary setback.  The timing may be good though, if I am starting to question clomid I may be more open to alternatives the Urologist might suggest.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / 25mg clomid
« on: November 22, 2012, 12:16:07 pm »
Based on your suggestions and comments I have been trying to cut back to 25mg of clomid.  I have done that the past two days with pretty good results.  I also focused on eating healthy and exercising more.  I don't get the same strong affect after taking clomid like I used to, so I must be getting more to the maintenance dose area.  Exercise seems to be helping a lot too.  I ran two nights ago, and I kept telling myself to slow the pace, but I kept going faster.  I haven't had a strong run like that in a very long time.  I went out last night and took it easy to recover.  Yesterday I got some things done and felt more motivated.  I will be working on staying positive and having a good attitude.  Overall I am improving.  It will be a month since taking celexa and valium on Friday.  I don't even carry valium anymore, as I am confident I won't need it.  Thank you clomid, and thank you Peak Testosterone.  Have a happy Thanksgiving day.


I am liking my gp pretty well now.  He did not get me into the urologist this week, but I will get there soon.  Yesterday I felt terrible even after my 25mg of clomid.  I decided to try taking another 25mg and I felt much better after only 30 minutes.  So today I called the gp to ask if I could take 50mg.  I wasn't going to call that awful endocrinologist.  The gp's nurse called back and asked what I wanted.  I told her that I feel better on 50mg and can I take that.  The nurse told me I should take 50mg if I felt better.  So apparently the gp will keep me in clomid even at 50mg.  This seems safe according to some of the research I read.  Also, the endo gave me enough rx for 60 days at 50mg, not sure why she was so generous.  So I have been very up and down emotionally, but better overall.  Hopefully 50mg will do the trick until I get in with the urologist, probably in December.

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