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Hi all,

I was on a school field trip for my son's school and chatting with another parent who is an oncologist/hematologist. We were talking sleep apnea and he said that sleep apnea can cause a thickening of the blood. Basically, the body is starved of oxygen and produces more hemoglobin in an attempt to fuel the body better.

As many of you know, T therapy can cause this as well, and I've personally had to donate blood to address high hemoglobin. I had never heard of sleep apnea causing this, however, and thought I'd share with the group.

If you run into high hemoglobin a lot while on T therapy, you might want to consider a sleep study...

Hi all,

I've had a few challenges with my IM injections this past month. :/

First, I made the mistake of injecting into my quad on the same day I did squats. For the first time, my muscle "jumped" and freaked me out. I've only injected into that same quad one time since, and I was so nervous about it I <thought> I felt it twitch but it probably did not. I successfully got the job done that time though. Today, in my other "easy" leg I aspirated blood for the first time! Note to all of you doing IM - don't ever take for granted that you don't hit a vein as IT CAN HAPPEN.

Now my confidence is shaky on both legs. Ug. I used to do SubQ HCG so I'm familiar with the process and want to try SubQ. What size needles is everyone using for SubQ? I've been using 25ga 1 inch for IM so I assume a 25ga shorter needle would work SubQ but what to learn from others. I need to be armed, as I want to tell the doctor exactly what I want to do and convince him to let me be his test subject on this one. :)

thanks all!

Hi Peak,

So I've been on HRT for about two years now, starting from 266 and spiking close to 1300. I was on 200mg a week (100 2x a week) and my doc had me shift down to 160 a week. I didn't feel quite as good but OK. I then tried to go to 140 a week and felt terrible. I have been back at 160 a week (80 2x a week) and just not quite there. Recent labs were about 930 for total T and 230 for Free T.  E2 was in the 40s.

I have decided I want to go back to 200 a week to feel optimum, but I'm concerned about the risks. Here's what I know so far:

* High Hemoglobin. I do suffer from this and donate blood every two months. Just donated on Friday of last week and my hemoglobin was 18.4.
* Sleep Apnea. I already have this and I'm on CPAP, so I don't see this as an additional risk.
* Heart Disease. I see mixed results on this - are there any definitive problems with high T and coronary issues? I know that low T causes problems, but I can't tell if high T really does cause problems as well.
* Prostate risk. Again, the jury seems out on this one. It appears that if you have prostate cancer then high T could accelerate it, but it won't cause it.
* Hair Loss. I haven't experienced any so far. Again, I hear that if you suffer from hair loss then high T could accelerate it. Again, it doesn't appear to cause it.

In short, I'm willing to accept some risk to have a high quality of life. I'm gluten free, work out hard 5 to 6 days a week, take regular supplements, donate blood regularly, and get regular blood work done. I just need to understand the risks to the best of my ability.

Hi all,
I just finished this book, well devoured this book - I could not put it down! It does not discuss HRT, but it discusses a lot of other issues aging guys deal with and I think it's just an amazing book. It covers some new science on how our bodies work with exercise and nutrition, and also covers lifestyle changes related to growing old happy and healthy.

While I do serious strength training 3 times a week, this book has inspired me to add 3 days of cardio based on target heart rate zones. Now I want a rowing machine! :)

I would love to post a complete update but my new doc has thrown some new ideas at me I need to digest.

My endopat came out pretty good - the good side of intermediate and almost in the low risk category.

I STILL have sleep apnea and even though I gave up CPAP years ago it needs to come back. I think I'll get it Friday and start a new. The doc thinks with all of the other things I'm doing, the CPAP could really make a difference. Not looking forward to using it again, but would LOVE better sleep and more cognitive power. He also mentioned some peptide or something (still need to get caught up) that gets released in apnea sleep that destroys endothelial cells. Good reasons to go on it...

This was my first draw on my new protocol of 100mg 2x a week of T-Cyp. Before I was on 80 a week, but I think I was getting more like 60 a week since I hadn't learn to draw the T out of the needle before exchanging needles. At any rate, my total was over 1200! and my free was over 360. We're going to back the dose BACK to the 80 and see what happens.

He suggested I get off HCG. I told him HCG monotherapy didn't make a difference. He told me that in his experience he's only seen HCG work on guys in their 20s and 30s that still had functional testacles, and that it rarely worked for guys 40 and above. In his opinion, it was a wasted effort. I won't mind giving up 3 shots a week and dealing with the compound pharmacy - so I'm giving it a try.

He gave me some interesting articles on E2 but they are in print so I need to try and find on-line references to post here. He didn't pull E2, and said the very latest science is saying you should NOT inhibit E2. He said it's in your 60s when you're a young guy, and it has huge health benefits. I told him this was very foreign to me and he listed off a few recent conferences he went to on the subject and what was discussed. He seems to be on the cutting edge of this stuff - and he uses T-cyp and a CPAP, so he walks the walk.

My lipid profile needs improvement but I'm not ready for statins. He is putting me on 1.5g of Niacin a day and an herb I've never taken (but don't have written down here).

So, big changes and small changes and we'll check some things in two months and do another big lab in 6.

So, my new doc wanted full blood draws, a take-home sleep study (thinks I need to get back on an CPAP), an EndoPat, and a take-home saliva sample kit.

I am extremely happy to report my EndoPat came out well! Here's what they gave me for categories...

<1.67 High Risk
1.67-2.09 Intermediate Risk
>2.1 Healthy

I cam in at 1.97. :) I suspect the doc will want me to make a few changes, but the tech was pretty happy with that number. It's nice to know that a heart attack is probably not right around the corner... I shudder to think what this would have been two years ago!

Now, the saliva test is for Cortisol, and needs to be done three times on the same day. The parameters/restrictions are nuts, so I won't be able to get this done until next week sometime.

also, the nurse copied some current articles on E2 for me (cause this doc wants them higher than my last doc), and I'll pick those up and report back...

So I needed a new family doc and I asked around for someone with a holistic approach. I had my first appointment with my top recommendation today. Turns out, he's a pretty sharp guy whose approach to total health aligns with mine. He is also into HRT. He told me flat out that I had to make a decision though - was I going to see him or see my existing doc? He either wants to be managing my care (with me) or not at all. I think this is a reasonable request. I ran a number of questions by him - I do NOT want to go backwards in care. I was overall encouraged by his answers. He was in turn quite impressed with my knowledge and the amount of changes that I have made in my life over the last few years.


He was quite unhappy to see that I was taking Arimidex with my last blood draw at 19 or so. He doesn't believe in keeping E2 levels down around the 20 range, and told me specifically that he'd like to see it around 40. I said this doesn't jive with all of the info I've seen or what my doc says. He told me this is based on the very latest research and claims that his certification and knowledge is all on the cutting edge. I'm inclined to believe him, but I would like to see the research (and he said he would get it to me).

Has anyone else's doc talked about such "high" E2 numbers? I can tell you battling E2 is a huge pain in the ass, as keeping it around 20 is VERY difficult. Heck, a swing of 2 is 10% off!

Since I took myself off a CPAP years ago, he wants another in-home study. He says OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) is linked to all sorts of nasty problems like Altziemers. He also wants to pull deeper blood work since my Trigl/ldh/hdl have never gotten where they should be and I've done a lot to change them. He says there could be something metabolic there and needs to be determined. He was familiar with calcification studies (ala Manage Your Plaque) but wants the deeper blood work done first. My HRT doc was reluctant to pull deeper blood work since my numbers are OK but said he would since I wanted. He was not supportive of the calcification scans.

I've decided to give him a shot. I'm going to have him pull baseline numbers in two weeks and manage my HRT for a minimum of six months IF I agree with his approach.

The guy seems sharp, and into ALL the important stuff (sleep, nutrition, hormonal balance, spiritual balance, exercise, etc.). For guys like me in my 40s, he says his goal is to manage:

1. Brain/memory
2. Mobility (skeletal, muscular)
3. Vision

All of this makes TOTAL sense to me. I am very apprehensive trying a new HRT doc as I've made some great progress with my existing doc, but admittedly he doesn't have all the answers.


I recently mentioned that my labs came back and my doc was upping me to 200mg a week of T-Cyp from 180mg. At the same time, I also realized I was missing a bit of my T-Cyp by changing needles and not drawing in the T from the needle before swapping. I started the needle trick right after the blood work (that's a 25% increase in T-Cyp) and then upped the dose to a 100mg twice a week about a week and a half ago.
OMG. It's like a switch FINALLY flipped. My libido is high (but tolerable - I don't want it where it was in my 20s), I'm waking in the night with erections AND having erections in the morning. Strong ones too. I just lay in bed and smile. :)
I've been on this journey for 16 months and I'm FINALLY feeling great in almost all ways. I also know this can change overnight if something in the balance changes. I just want to encourage all of you that are struggling to keep up the chase and continue to change - your diet, exercise, protocols, and even your doctor if need be. This can be a real tough issue to deal with, but it CAN and DOES get better when you address enough of the underlying issues and find a balance.
And a special thanks to you PeakT - there are a lot of us in the world whose lives are a lot better for having virtually met you.
I've got tears in my eyes - I'm getting my life back!

Wow, I'm pretty darn happy. :)
Total Test        783
Free                253
E2                  16.4
Triglyc            153 (were 288 back in March before I gave up wheat)
Cholesterol      145
HDL               29 (too low, wants me to double my Omegas. Was 28 in March)
Glucose          87
Insulin            10
CRP                7.94 (high inflammation - related to HDL he said. Was 2.38 Again, double the Omegas)
Hematicrit       50.1 (down from 51.2 in March)
Hemoglobin    17.2 (down from 18 in March - I gave blood since then)
Red Blood       5.87 (down from 6.06 in March)
Thyroid, DHEA, CoQ10, metabolic, all good.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Self Injection tips
« on: October 02, 2013, 09:29:06 pm »
Hi all,
We've talked about a number of items before, such as needle size, using direct pressure to avoid the charlie horse, etc. I have a few others:
1. I noticed that when I remove my 21ga draw needle to put on my 25ga injection needle, the needle and its base (the hub) have Test in them. I started pulling back on the plunger to aspirate the needle before removing it and found that I get about 1 tick mark more on the syringe (not sure what that measurement is). When I put on the other needle, I push the plunger back to fill the new needle and hub. Since I inject at the 4th tick mark twice a week, I realized I was shorting myself 20% of my testosterone! Another way to look at it is I'm now getting 25% MORE testosterone. That's a big number.  :o
2. I used one of these needles at the doc's office when I learned to self inject. http://www.vitalitymedical.com/safetyglide-im-needle-21g-1-inch-1.html They have a sleeve that can be used to cover the used needle with one finger, which lessons the possibility of sticking yourself and why they use them in the office. I've found they have the added benefit of giving you a great base to hold onto and stabilize the needle when doing IM. I just ordered these from the link above and they arrived quickly. First shot with them was yesterday. Pain free, very stable. They are a bit more expensive than a regular needle, but IMO they are worth the difference in being able to stabalize the needle while aspirating and injecting.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / HCG Diet
« on: September 09, 2013, 01:21:11 pm »
Have any of you done the HCG diet? I figure since I'm already on HCG shots, it wouldn't be a big deal to give it a try. I know it's a different protocol than TRT, but obviously related. My doc does provides this service, so I'm going to ask about it next week. I've put on a lot of muscle, and I'm ready to drop some fat. I hear mixed reviews on this (although the concensus is the drops are a scam).
If it works, it sounds pretty awesome...

So Peak,
Now that I have my numbers up (see signature), should I be freaking out about TOO MUCH T?

I just had to share. :)
I have been chasing this dog for over a year, and until now haven't been able to get my T into the 800s. Last week I had a blood draw and just now received the numbers:
Total T   996
Free T    304
E2         39.3
This was without HCG. I decided to go back on HCG and after 2 injections felt absolutely crummy - like I do when my E2 climbs. So I took .5mg of Arimidex and felt great two days later. I am going to continue to take .5MG twice a week (on my IM T shot days).
On a related note, I got a totally random boner on the way home for lunch today. I can't even remember when that last happened.  8)
I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and it ain't a train!!!!  ;D

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Give up HCG?
« on: June 19, 2013, 03:36:54 pm »
Hi all,
Now that I am self-injecting T twice a week, I would love to give up my 3x week HCG shots. I started on HCG and never moved my T. My doctor has kept me on it to prevent atrophy. I have already had a vesectomy so kids aren't a concern.
Have you any you given up HCG after combining it with T replacement? Good/bad?
I am trying to convince myself to get off of it, but I haven't been able to do that yet...

Hi all,
I saw a video where a doctor was discussing self-injecting IM test. He believes the charlie horse comes from blood pooling in the muscle from the needle trauma, and suggests that you apply direct pressure to the injection site for 1 or 2 minutes after injecting to promote clotting without letting the blood pool in the muscle tissue. I did this yesterday and have ZERO pain from my injection - not even a little of the phantom charlie horse.
Also, the direct pressure meant I didn't need to use a band aid, which is about a 1,000 times more painful to remove than the shot itself ! :)

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