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I just read a couple of reviews on Amazon for the Berkeley strips that were very poor.  Complaints that they are unreliable and that Berkeley even knows it.  You might want to take a look.

Maybe I just spend a bit more and use the Neo strips? Looks like Neo also markets a kit with 30 lozenges and strips together.  Lozenges seem a bit pricy for a month supply.  Do they work?  I might be interested in trying them for kicks to see for myself.


Watching my beloved Sharkies SMOKE the queenies last night!!

1 win down, 15 to go!  8)

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / NO Strips
« on: April 15, 2014, 08:35:22 pm »
Where do I get NO strips?  Do I need a script?  I doubt I have any issues with NO since I lift a lot and I wake up with wood all the time.  But I am curious to check it out.

Anything I need to know about how and when to administer?  Tricks of the trade?

Thanks in Advance

I suppose I could sift through a bunch of threads and posts to find this answer, but I choose to be lazy today!  ;)

Clinic names and and any additional info on them would be greatly appreciated.  Trying to help out a friend.  I am prescribed from my PCP so I don't have any knowledge on the clinics around here.

Thanks in Advance!

Just got my latest lab results for the last 3 months.

Total T and Free T look great (986 and 15)
E2: 28


HGB - 17.7 (max should be 17.2)
HCT - 51.6 (max should be 51.0)

Interestingly my RBC is normal.

I made an appointment to donate blood later this afternoon.  I know some of you guys have experience with this same issue.  Did the blood donation workout well for you?


Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / HCG Questions
« on: September 16, 2013, 06:01:33 pm »
HCG seems like a real wonder worker for me.  We'll see, but it is a huge energy/altertness booster.  It's actually kind of scary as I don't really feel like sleeping at night, so I'm going to have to watch that.  (I'm pretty hyper so the last thing I need is something to keep me awake!)

Hey Peak,

Interesting stuff for sure.  I will be watching to see how you are doing with HCG after 3 months or so.  I know in the beginning there are a lot of things that can be going on with any new regimen, body adjusting, placebo, etc.

I know in the beginning of my TRT I felt all kinds of new energy, but after 6 months things have leveled off.  I now feel more normal and just don't have the awful fatigue that I had prior to TRT.

Is HCG only available by administration from a nurse or dr?  Or can you give yourself the shots like Tcyp? Is it twice a week? 3 times a week?  I imagine if it is belly subQ that it is a lot easier to endure than the Tcyp IM shots? Yes? No?

So please report back on your journey periodically to let us now how thing level out.  You mentioned a bunch of new energy here in the beginning.  Are you concerned that there may be some type of crash coming?  What goes up must come down right?

Thanks in advance

So let me say first of all I am not a big fan of most supplements as over the years I have found most of them were just well marketed snake oils.  Of course I am not including vitamins in this.

So I am battling nagging shoulder aches, especially at night, as a result of osteo arthritis. This is likely from many years of heavy lifting together with various shoulder injuries.  Basically all the wear and tear has thinned down the cartilage capsule around the humerus ball.

So a couple of guys at the gym are trying to convince me to try the  Glucosamine/Chondroitin pills.  They swear it works.  I tried glucosamine liquid a few years ago and quit after about 3 months. My ortho surgeon said he had mixed feelings weather the stuff actually offers any benefit, but said he didn't see the harm in trying it.

So have any of you guys tried these pills/tablets?  Can anybody really swear by them as effective?

Thanks in Advance

I found out today from my pharmacist that the DEA has a limit (in days) that your doctor can write refills for Tcyp in his script.

It is 120 days.  This means the DEA requires your doctor to write new scripts every 120 days or less.  I imagine this is to ensure your doctor stays on top of monitoring your blood and to keep people from stock piling the stuff as easily to sell it illegally.

The only reason I just now found this out is that my pharmacy can't get the 1ml vials anymore.  So now they are giving me the 10ml vial.  so here is where the logistics issue comes in:

Let's say you get 1ml/week for easy math numbers.  That means that a 10ml vial should last 10 weeks (or 70 days).  Now when your 10 weeks are up and you call in the refill for the 10ml that brings your total days to 140 days on 1 script which is beyond the DEA limit.

So what the pharmacist told me is that when I need my next refill call him a day in advance so he can get a new script from the dr.  The doctor and pharmacy are all in one large suite which makes it easy.

One nice benefit from this though is that my copay for the 10ml vial was still only $10.  So instead of being $10/4 weeks it is $10/10 weeks  !   ;)  I guess I can live with $1 per week for T  !!!!

I just thought I would share this in case anybody else didn't know about this as I didn't.

Well I just received my latest blood work. Some of you may recall my total T of 3408 about 7 weeks ago.  Well I'm back down to 1223 which is almost identical to what I was in the test prior to the 3408.

Here are my latest numbers:

Total T - 1223
Free T -  12.98  (4.25 - 30.37)
E2       -  24.9    (0 - 39.8 )
Vit D    - 61.9     (30-100)
PSA     -   0.98   (< 4.0)
Cortisol -  16.6  (AM: 4.3 - 22.4 , PM: 3.1-16.7)

Everything else is normal limits.  My first thoughts on these numbers are that my free T seems on the low end of the range considering my total T is a bit over normal range.  The draw was done on day 6 of 7, so perhaps this is why.

My bigger question to Peak specifically is regarding the cortisol number. Blood was drawn in the AM (9:00ish) so my 16.6 number seems to be in the upper area of normal.  Does this number seem inline with my other numbers? Or does it seem higher than we should expect? What are some consequences of elevated cortisol besides insulin resistance as I don't really have weight issues.  Is joint pain possible from this? The only real stress I am under in life is the weight lifting in the gym.  No real stress at work or home (and yes, I realize that this is a blessing!)

Here is a summary of my TRT journey blood results thus far:

11/6/12:  Total T: 380    Free T: 63.4 (35 - 155)   Vit D: 30  PSA:  0.5 (Quest Diagnostics)
     ** This was the first time I had my T levels and such tested.  Where everything began.

2/6/13:  Total T: 315   Free T: 4.01 (4.25 - 30.37)   E2: 16.0  Vit D: 37.4  PSA:  0.5  (Path Inc)
    **This was after 1 month of worthless Axiron!  Began injections right after this.

3/6/13:  Total T: 455   Free T: 6.72 (4.25 - 30.37)   E2: 34.6  Vit D: 39.1  PSA:  NA  (Path Inc)
    **This was after 4 weeks of 100mg/week injections. Also began Arimidex here.

4/23/13:  Total T: 1206   Free T: 20.46 (4.25 - 30.37)  E2: 26.6  Vit D: 37.4 PSA: 0.5  (Path Inc)
    **Great numbers Arimidex working. 6 weeks of 175mg/week instead of 100mg/week.

6/20/13:  Total T: 3408  Free T: 113.35 (4.25 - 30.37)  E2: 50.5 Vit D: 51.4 PSA:0.56  (Path Inc)
    **This was the result of double dosing within a 48 hour span and testing 3 days later.

8/2/13:  Total T: 1223   Free T: 12.98 (4.25 - 30.37)   E2: 24.9 Vit D: 61.9  PSA:0..98  (Path Inc)
    **This 175mg/week Tcyp and 2X .5mg Arimidex/week..

So in this last set of numbers my PSA did jump a little but I don't think the rate of change constitutes "high velocity".  Pretty happy with my vitamin D consistent rise over all of these tests. BTW, "Path Inc" is short for Pathology Inc, a lab here in CA.

Lastly, as I have reported in many threads, I feel great and am very happy with my decision to undergo TRT via injections!



After returning from my 3 weeks in Europe I thought some of you might find my observations on the Spanish island of Mallorca of interest.  You may already know as I did prior to my trip that topless women on the beaches of Spain are not uncommon.  And indeed they are not!  Many women showing off their racks.  I would say about 10% to 15% of the women there were topless. 

OK, so I have a pretty high bar when it comes to chest talent.  With that in mind I would say about 1 out of every 20 specimens was worthy of being topless.  Sadly most of the women that you would actually want to see topless were not.

So if we do the math here and say 10% are topless and out of those only 5% are eye candy we end up with about 0.5%, or 1 in every 200, of the women on Spanish beaches are a pleasure to view (without staring of course which is also a challenge!).  So if you are a single guy and looking for a little extra stimulation on vacation, head to the beaches in Spain.  I guess you can find this in many South American countries as well, but I'm only covering what I witnessed first hand.


Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Inexpensive HRT
« on: July 24, 2013, 06:43:07 pm »
Do yourself a favor and get on (a minimum) weekly injections of Test-C. Starting dose is typically between 80-120mg per week. Jells are messy and contaminate everything and everyone. One shot once a week self-administered at your home. You will be glad you did!

Thanks Adam & Ken,

How much do the shots cost? My insurance is a high-deductible HSA and doesn't cover much on prescription drugs. I'm probably not going to continue the Axiron anyway, just because it is too expensive ($431 a month), and that's on one pump per armpit per day. If the doc said to use two pumps per day, then my cost would be $862 per month, which is completely ludicrous.

Thanks, Dave F.

Yeah the topicals are absurdly expensive and don't even work that great.  I was able to get the Axiron for $271/ month at 1 pump/armpit/day if I wanted to stay on it, but it was nasty and expensive and didn't work!

Shots are dirt cheap!  You can buy a box of 100 syringes + 100 larger draw needles for about $30 total.  And even without insurance the T-cyp is only about $100/month.  I pay $10/month copay with my BC Anthem.

Good Luck

So I just returned from our 3 week trip in Europe home to CA Bay Area.  We had a total of 9 planes and 9 Security points in 6 different countries.

I traveled with 3 vials of T (1ml each), 3 Syringes, and 3 larger needles for drawing.  I packed these in a small box from my laser pointer (about the same size as an eye glasses box) along with my note from my doctor's script pad that I was required to travel with these.

The good news is that my carry-on with this stuff inside was never asked to be inspected.  My wife's was asked twice to be opened due to her knuckleheadedness of packing water and such.  Even my 3-year-old's little Tinker Bell flight case was asked to be opened once because we had our video camera in it.  They took it out and put it in a sniffing machine for explosives!

Anyway, I thought I would pass on the experience for anyone concerned about placing needles in their carry-on.  BTW, I packed it in my carry-on rather than checked bags because it would suck to have the airline lose my checked bag and then I'm stuck without T for 3 weeks while on vacation.

Hey Guys,

Finally back from the family vacation in Europe (Italy, Spain, Germany, and Bulgaria).  There are many interesting things I can share related to traveling with needles (and vials) to TRT without weight lifting (cuz I couldn't really get motivated to lift in a stupid hotel gym).  I also saw various interesting things culturally from smoking differences to dietary and public health appearance in general.

I will send out bit-by-bit some of these observations as I get caught up here back at home. And I must say I am actually quite happy to be home again.  I certainly appreciate a lot of the things home life offers that I had been taking for granite!




Can't prove it, but I base that on the fact that so many guys do quite well with erections, blood pressure, etc. in the 300's and 400's simply because their arteries are still okay.  (Mentally they can really struggle though due to brain fog, depression, loss of libido, etc.)  So this brings up a lot of questions as to how you are going to come up with a plan of attack...

I would say this spot-on described me before TRT with the exception of brain fog and depression.  Substitute Grumpiness and exhaustion in my case for these.  I was ranging from 310 to 380 before TRT and now in the 4 figures I am by far and away better off in every category mentioned.

OK, so I have good news and bad news regarding my improved sleep since going on TRT.

The good:  I am sleeping deeper and not waking up at the slightest little sounds anymore.  I also stay asleep for longer continuous stretches of time.

The bad: While I'm sure the following story will get some laughs, it did really happen and was not a lot of fun.

Monday night at about 2:30 in the morning I was having a dream of some kind I guess, and while completely asleep still, I some how started to sit up in bed and then rolled over and fell straight down off the side of the bed from 3 feet up!  213 pounds of limp man hitting the second story floor gave the house a pretty good rumble!  If that wasn't enough, as this torqued my back and left elbow a bit, my forehead smashed into the lower shelf of my night stand and gave me a gash about 1-1/2 inches long.  Bled like crazy.  The wife and I scrambled to perform emergency triage and were able to tape the gash closed and get the bleeding to stop.  I then went to my doctor yesterday morning and he put 5 of those plastic "glue strips" across the gash.  He said he could do stitches but he thought the strips would work.

Anyway, I have never been one to sleep walk or anything and the most unusual sleep episodes I've ever had were maybe once a year I would be dreaming I was in a fight and somehow kick the poor wifey in the leg (whether she needed it or not  ;D ).

Anybody else have any strange sleep events while on TRT?  I'm curious.

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