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Hey Peak,

 As I stated in my earlier post my testosterone started out at 585 before I went on TRT. 2 1/2 months later I went to my cancer doctor for my regular 6 month check up and blood work (was diaginosed with cancer yrs ago) I asked my oncologist to check my testosterone while he was checking everything else and they shot up to around 1245 ng/dl  in 3 months time! Long story short I FEEL GREAT!!!! Since I had my three month follow up coming up in 3 weeks with the GP that originally prescribed me TRT, I backed off my injections and didn't take another one since I was already in the red with it. I wanted to wait until she ran her tests. When she ran my lipid panels again, my testosterone had dropped from 1245 ng/dl to 297 ng/dl in only 3 weeks time without a single injection! Wow, I guess your body dose shut down on producing it's natural testosterone when introduced to a synthetic testosterone. She agreed that I can take a 1 ML shot a week which was great! Other than that my triglycerides dropped down to 85 mg/dl from 179 mg/dl (high) and my cholesterol dropped to 173 mg/dl from 215 mg/dl. and my PSA screening was 1.4 I'm sure me going to the gym now 4-5 days a week 2-3 hrs at a time has something to do with it as well, but I couldn't have done it without the extra energy, enthusiasm and mind set that my TRT has given me. The only concern was that my TSH which was originally 4.16 mlu/ml and went up to 7.69 She put me on 75 mcg of levothyroxin to see if we can get that back in check. I can't say enough good about this miracle drug and how TRT has helped me get my life back again. I nolonger have any symptoms of low T anymore. Everything is up and running strong. My wife can vouch for that!  ;) It has helped me in more ways than I could've ever imagined and I suggest that every man get his testoterone checked. They won't regret it, if it's low. Thanks for all the good advice. ;D

I had my blood work done last week and now they say my thyroid is two high. I started my T replacement 3 months ago and feel better than I've ever felt in my life. I have no physical symptoms of hyperthyroid and yeah my testosterone is borderline in the red but I was wondering if my high T would cause my thyroid to be jacked up. I was treated for hyperthyroid 3 1/2 years ago and then got cancer. When I finished a year straight of interferon chemotherapy my thyroid levels came back low and then was treated for hypothyroidism. When I started my T replacement I quit my levothyroxine (I know stupid!) but now I think my GP is gonna cut me back on my testosterone. Ughhhhhh!

To sum up TRT in three words, I LOVE IT!!!!!

Doctor put me on 1 ML per week for the last three months and I just had my first follow up blood work done the other day. It came back higher than normal and now he wants to cut it down! :( It came back at 1237 ng\dl but everyone is different and I'm feeling great at that level!

I had stage 3 melanoma cancer 3 yrs ago that spread to my lymph nodes. After two lumpectomy surgery's in my left and right inguinal areas, I then began my journey through a year straight of interferon chemotherapy. Right down to the day, from Jan 20th 2010 to Jan 20th 2011. Of course it was the worst year of my life and I was actually making peace with my life and saying my goodbyes because I was under the assumption that my days were limited at that point. Well I guess the good Lord wasn't ready for me at that point because I'm still here to tell about it. The one thing that I never regained from that whole ordeal was my since of feeling normal again, and just feeling really good inside. After my chemo they said it would take about another 6 mos. to start feeling back to normal again. After my two year anniversary of no more chemo and still feeling like crap inside, I finally had to do something to change it.

Long story short, I found a doctor that would work with me and offered to try TRT. I was very excited to try anything at that point. Well low in behold it worked!!!!! To me now I consider it as my "miracle juice" and I don't never want to stop it nor decrease my dosages because they are working for me. At this point I'm not really concerned what the side effects are of "too high levels" nor what some quack doctors have to say about the disadvantages or the risks of having too high levels. Until they have the facts in black and white that its dangerous, I might, and just might have an ounce of condensation but until then, It's a miracle to me because I got my life back and then some!

At 44 yrs old this is the best I've ever looked or felt considering the fact that I was preparing to meet my maker 3 yrs ago! I honestly go to the gym now 5 days a week 3 hrs. a day and actually working out the whole time, and I look forward to it since I have the energy now. I'm now at 225 lbs with about 10% body fat and I'm seeing my body change in ways that I've never seen before. I have more energy now than when I was 17. Plus my wife is really liking it because she says that I'm acting 17 again when I comes down to our bedroom time "which is a lot more now day's" If you know what I'm talking about!

To end my personal story of what a great decision I thought it was that a doctor would even try this therapy. There is just no words to express my gratitude of how this has helped me in more ways than just one. It honestly cured every side effect I had of Low T and I had quite a few.

 If you have symptoms of Low T, stop watching yourself grow old in the mirror while you just stand there. Fight to get your life back because it's possible and it's just within your reach. It's okay that some of us need a little help, and this for sure is the one thing in your life that you'll be glad you asked for!!!!! I sound like I should be a spokesman for TRT! LOL

Good luck and don't give up hope. Keep looking and find a doctor that'll help you. Preferably a woman doctor because after all the egotistic male doctors I went through, I finally found a woman that would help! And females don't even know actually what we are going through or feeling inside. Go figure!!!!! 

Well its been 12 days since my first shot of liquid gold (testosterone), and I can already feel my short lived energy fueled fire burning out! I went back to my doctor today and he said that hes gonna wait another month and see how my levels look. I'm a little disappointed that this past 12 days have been the best that I've felt in the last 3 years ever since my last chemotherapy. And now I have to wait another month and as he said "we'll check it then"! I just don't understand why doctors treat people like their in their just asking to get a script of narcotics to get high from, Instead your just asking for something that your body makes naturally and makes you feel like a man and natural again. My mood drastically changed within 3 days of my shot, my blood pressure is the lowest its been in 7 years down to 127/88 from 156/98, Ive been able to sleep almost through the whole night and my energy level went through the roof! I've actually had enough energy to hit the gym for the last 4 days in a row, and believe me that's good for me because before I was doing good if I went 4 times in 6 months! I'm starting to think that doctors are realizing that if they start giving you something that makes you feel good and will help clear up a lot of your medical concerns then they'll be out of a job soon! That just makes me think that they're not really there for me as a patient anymore but just as another dollar sign! The only thing that I didn't notice from my shot was my level of interest in sexual activity's. Not that their were no interest at all in sex, but believe me it could be a whole lot better per my wife! I'll just cross my fingers that, that's coming in the near future!!!!!!

After 44 years I'm finally trying to take my health into my own hands because my doctor(s) can't seem to get the job done! I had stage 3 melanoma cancer three years ago that spread to my lymph nodes. After two surgery's of removing lymph nodes (not all of them) from my groin areas and exactly 1 yr of me being on interferon chemotherapy, I feel worse now than I ever had in my life! It's been 2 years now since my last chemo shot and now I'm starting to look into some other reasons why I still feel like crap. I've tried to look up as much information on my symptoms as I can. To make this short as possible, I have EVERY symptom of low testosterone. I had a testosterone blood test done when I was on chemo and the doctor just said that I was within range. I didn't know much about low-t back then or about the huge within range gap there is and so never questioned it. I just assumed it was just the chemo and so I have dealt with it ever since. I'm tired of telling my doctor now of how tired and so lethargic I am plus/w all the other obvious reasons of low-t that I'm having all the time. I finally stepped up to the plate and told him to earn his money and to do another test. I'm hoping I Get the results back this afternoon but now what I'm so confused about is, If I'm a 44 yr old man 5'9 215 lbs what is the exact number that I should be aiming for, for me to be at my optimal prime and feel my best? There is just such a wide range to be considered "within range" and I need some help with that. Please help. Thanks   

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