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Hi all,
I haven't been on in a while because things have been going well with hubby's T for several years now.  He has been on 1ml every 9 days of 200mg testosterone since he started the injections after trying testopel in 2013.  He has bloodwork every 6 months and his testosterone level is usually around 500.

He saw his Dr a few weeks ago and the testosterone level came back at 1500.  We are not sure why this happened but the Dr asked him to back off to 1 ml every 14 days and retest in 6 months.  We are in agreement with the DR that if this test was correct, that is way too high even for the peak after injection.  But we did decide to give the injection at .5ml weekly instead of waiting 14 days. 

As it happens hubby's employer just switched to a new insurance company and since this is the first time filling the Rx on the new insurance they wanted a preauthorization.  Well they denied the claim because they said that he no longer fits the diagnosis of Hypogonadism with a test result of 1500 so they will not cover the medicine. This is like telling him to stop taking his blood pressure meds because his blood pressure is normal while he is on them. 

And even if we sent them his other recent test results they are within the normal range and it would not be approved.   So our options at this point are to pay out of pocket for the injections and retest in 5 more months at the new dose  (at which point it will also not be approved if normal) or stop using the testosterone long enough to let his levels go down to nothing again and retest when his symptoms return.

So assuming this test was accurate how long would he have to be off of the testosterone to let the levels get below the normal range and when he starts the injections again will he have the same issues with e2 to deal with or would it still be somewhat leveled out

After our axiron failure Hubby was taking injections for about 2 1/2 months while waiting for insurance approval for Testopel. He has had the Testopel now for one month (which doc says should be about the highest level) and doesn't feel as good as when he was taking the injections.

The doctor did bloodwork today and we are waiting for the results but since he didn't do any bloodwork while he was taking the injections we have no way to compare the actual levels to those of the Testopel. So I would like to try and determine if the dosages would be comparable.

If anyone can help I would appreciate it.

Injections were 200mg of test cyp every 10 days

Testopel insertion was 12 pellets

his e2 was at 23 before the injection but we do want to make sure it stays below about 30. How quickly does it go up? I guess what i mean by that is... we should see some improvement before the E2 rises  right am I correct in assuming it wont rise fast enough to cancel out the benefits before we even see them?

I don't know when Doc is planning on checking it again but he is planning on checking.

I know it doesn't kill you overnight but we have been dealing with the symptoms of Low T for about 20 years and the thought of Low T never entered our minds until about 10 years ago. It took us another 8 years after that to get a doctor to even test for it and now we have spent another a year and a half knowing what the problem is and not being able to get good treatment. I feel like we have a lot to make up for.

Sometimes it's really hard to keep your head up and stay hopeful. Especially for me. I get really emotional sometimes (because I am a female after all)
I feel like this condition (not my husband) has cheated me out of the relationship I should have enjoyed before I got to be middle aged. We have been together since I was 21 so it's like I was at my peak while he was at the ultimate low. 

And I don't even want to think about the possibility that he may not be one of those guys like anonymous11 who has an almost magical transformation.  That is truly what I hope to have happen but I know I have to stay realistic because it doesn't always happen quite that way.

Thank you for your encouragement and a place to spout off.

Hi all!
I am relatively new here and I am hoping not to get the Slingshot to Mars by the "He-man Woman Haters Club"

I am one of those faithful wives who has been suffering with Low T along with my husband for a long time now.

We have been together for 22 years and married for 18 years (as of yesterday) We know his T levels started dropping about 2 years into the relationship but we are not sure why. It took us until July of 2011 to even convince a doctor to test for that at all.

That test came back around 230 and we were referred to an Endo.

They couldn't get us in to see him for 3 more months. He ordered a lot of bloodwork to try and determine if it was primary or secondary We waited 3 more months to see him to get these results. At this appointment he stated that it was primary hypogonadism. But while being on the low side at 209 he said hubby was still within the normal range.
I argued with him at that point because I had never seen any scale where this was in the normal range. I cried and pleaded with him to at least let us try HRT.

He finally gave in and said we could do a 6 month trial of Axiron and sent us on our way. We were so excited because we thought it would make a difference. It even seemed to make a little bit of difference for the first few weeks.

When we saw the Doc in six months he did another total T test and said the number was 4-something (this one I cant remember) but around 450. To hell with the fact that we had no symptom relief. Wrote another script for Axiron and sent us on our way.

FFW to now. We have moved to a different state and needed a new doctor. We found a Urologist in the next state and drove 150 miles to see him last Friday. He seemed interested in getting to the heart of the issue. I will post test results below. But he encouraged us to see one of his colleagues and a good friend of his who is actually only about 20 minutes from us. We have an appointment with him for this Friday.

The doc in the next state called with the lab results and said we definitely need to change the delivery method right away and wanted to see us back this week if we were not able to get in with the doctor here. He would recommend  Testopel.

Here are the results of the most recent tests (on axiron 2 accuations per day)

testosterone, serum                     248       348-1197    ng/dL       

sex horm binding glob, serum       16.7       16.5-55.9    nmol/L

estradiol                                       23.3       7.6-42.6    pg/mL

prostate specific ag, serum       0.8               0.0-4.0    ng/mL

hematocrit                               42.5       37.5-51.0    %

hemoglobin                               14.3       12.6-17.7

My questions are should we start off with testopel since it is a straight dose and cant be adjusted until the next round of implants or would it be better to go with injections until we find the right dosage?

I know the E2 is normal right now but isn't it already too high in relation to the Testosterone?

I don't really know much about the SHBG but I did notice it is on the very low side of the scale. Is that good or bad?

Also what might be a good starting dose to look for with the testopel or the injections?

Thanks in advance,
The Wife

PS My hat is off to MS. Anonymous11. You go girl!!!

Hi all, we are new to the area and looking for a doctor who understands how to treat low-T. Our last doc (an endo) put Hubby on Axiron 1 pump per side, at a beginning level of 209. And this after much begging and crying from me in his office. He did not want to treat at all because he said this was within the normal range (HUH?). He never raised the dose and levels are around 400 now with no symptom relief.

We just moved to a new state and would like to find a doctor in the Charlotte, NC area who will really help us get some better results. I looked at the list of doctors on the peakT website and there are none really close. And I have read all of the posts I can find on tips for choosing a doctor.

But if anyone is in the same area and has a doc that is doing a good job, could you please, please suggest him/her? You can PM me if you don't want to share this info in the forum.

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