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I have gone through TRT experiences of many here and am a bit perplexed by my condition. I have been on TRT for about 2 weeks but do not feel anything yet. Following a protocol of 25mg EOD (due to my low SHBG) but have yet to feel any kick from testosterone. I was hoping some quick benefits on mood, fatigue, depression, sleep etc. Yet to do any blood work.

So was curious when should one start feeling good from TRT? I know every individual is different, Peak for eg I think felt better from the 1st injection itself (lucky him!!!). 

I just started TRT and have had a couple of T cyp injections (following a protocol of 50 mg Subq injections twice a week) and noticed anxiety like fast breathing almost immediately after the injections which lasted a day or so. Could anyone please let me know if that's normal? Is that anything to do with my low SHBG?

[SPLIT FROM HERE: http://www.peaktestosterone.com/forum/index.php?topic=6425.msg53766#msg53766.]

had a veg sandwich and a juice...I have just started TRT and was just wondering if my water retention shall improve with increasing T...

Hmmm.  Well, you want a lot of carbs to test the post-prandial per Dr. Patel and even some refined carbs. 

Water retention is often a symptom of elevated estradiol, which of course would only be made worse with rising testosterone.

But talk to your doc of course as there can be other reasons.

no Peak you get me wrong...my problem is I don't retain enough water and I think I have been dehydrated for last few years due to frequent urination.

I have typical insulin resistance symptoms - frequent urination, visceral fat, very low SHBG etc. My blood tests are as follows:

HEMOGLOBIN A1c :                 5.2 % of total Hgb
 * Less than 5.7% - Normal
 * 5.7 to 6.4% - Pre Diabetes
 * 6.5% and above - Diabetes

GLUCOSE, POST-PRANDIAL:               113 (range Upto 140 mg/dL)

GLUCOSE, FASTING:                          88 (range 74.0 - 99.0 mg/dL)

I am most bothered about my frequent urination and I think because of that I am dehydrated which in turn leads to various health issues. So I was wondering if TRT would help me by reducing insulin resistance and frequent urination. Any thoughts pls?

I have been doing google searches and found varied results on the testosterone undecanoate half life, results range from 16 days upto 53 days. Bayer / nebido claims it to be 53 days, but lot of other sites (like this: http://steroidplot.com/about/) mentions around 16 - 20 days.

Anyone can throw more light on this? I am interested as I have very low SHBG and undecanoate might be perfect for me, however I need to figure out its half life to be determine the frequency of injections.


ok I guess this is bit of a radical thought. I am about to get on TRT and would like to avoid the additional HCG injections if I can.

So just conjecturing - will Nolvadex / clomid keep the pituitary working (and hence the boys down there) if on TRT? I am not interested in fertility but will like to avoid testicular atrophy.

Is 1 ml too much to inject on Subq? whats the maximum ml limit for subq?

I am about to get on TRT and my doc prescribed me 1000mg testosterone undecanoate every 10 weeks, but I do not want to get on that protocol and would ideally want to split my dose weekly (i.e. 100 mg every week) to have more stable testosterone and estradriol levels. I have very low SHBG.

My problem is that the 4 ml 1000mg testosterone undecanoate is supposed to be single use and comes in an ampule, so how do I split it in weekly doses without affecting the sanctity of the Testosterone? Its quite cheap here and I don't mind using say 400 mg a month (by probably pre filling the syringes?) and letting the balance go waste. Or can I transfer it to a sterile vial and use it as required? Sorry am new to this hence the novice questions.

I was planning to get on HCG monotherapy for a couple of months, however to avoid HPTA shutdown will it be beneficial to take nolvadex / clomid during this period? will it stop the HPTA shutdown?

Hi - I finally found a doc would treat me for TRT but I am not happy with the protocol he suggested - Testosterone enanthate 250 mg (similar to cypionate I assume) every 3 weeks. When I told him this would not be suitable especially for me (my SHBG is 12.5) he didn't agree and wanted me to stick to the insane protocol.

I have for now decided to go for 100 mg Testosterone enanthate weekly and had my first injection yesterday (yet to feel anything though).

However, I was wondering if Testosterone undeconate might be the best option for low SHBG guys like me. I would like to avoid injecting more than once a week, and hence the convenience of Testosterone undeconate is attractive. I am from India and testoserone undeconate is available here as generic.

I was wondering if 500 mg every 5 weeks could be a suitable protocol? The nebido protocol (1000 mg every 10 weeks) might mean that by the end of 9th or 10th week, hardly any testosterone be left in the blood for low SHBG guys. I am just conjecturing, and shall discuss it with my endo in my next visit, and in the meanwhile was hoping to get some thoughts on this.


Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / temcm6
« on: November 03, 2014, 05:52:01 am »

Well, you doubled your LH, so we know the clomid did its job. And your testosterone increased, albeit not as much as you'd expect from the LH increase. But you're not primary,  as the balls are working, just not enough. So you need to increase your leydig cell sensitivity. Just done a bit of googling and came across an article saying SAM-e could do that. It might also improve your mood too. I think relying solely on testosterone to cure all our problems is asking a bit much,  I'm sure there are plenty of people in the world with ample testosterone but low mood. Less likely,  but possible. Anyhow,  every time I try to cut and paste what I wanted to show you in this post, it goes to the top (I'm using my phone though). So I'll put it in another post.

Thats quite interesting and helpful. I think I am going to give it a shot with SAM-e, while continuing clomid as most of you have suggested. Any idea about the dosage and duration? 200 mg per day? 

Continuing my thread from here https://www.peaktestosterone.com/forum/index.php?topic=5273.msg43886#msg43886

I have been on a dose of 25mg Clomid every day for little more than 4 weeks.

My blood work prior to starting clomid:

Age: 33
TOTAL T: 270.09 ng/dl
FREE T:   5.84 pg/ml
FSH:    5.75 mIu/ml
LH:    4.16 miu/ml
SERUM ESTRADIOL E2:    <10 pg/ml
SHBG:  12.8 nmol/L
After about 4 weeks on clomid:

TESTOSTERONE, TOTAL 424.20 (241.00 - 827.00 ng/dl)

TESTOSTERONE,FREE 11.30 (8.9 - 42.5 pg/mL)

LUTEINIZING HORMONE 8.29 (1.50 - 9.30 mIU/mL)


PROLACTIN 7.37 (2.10 - 17.70 ng/mL)

So does this mean I am primary? Should I try HCG for a weeks to see if it works, or jump straight to TRT? With LH and FSH that high, will HCG have any incremental effect on my T levels? 

I have been suffering from low T for about 13 years I think and recently I have been trying to find the root cause of my low T. Have visited various endos and urologists and no one thinks I have low T, so I have been doing my own research to find cause of my low T and other health problems I have.

My symptoms:

1)   ED
2)   High fatigue, especially since I started having ED
3)   Extremely low stamina
4)   Very low confidence professionally (although I have done ok) and low motivation at work
5)   Minor depression
6)   Extreme negative thoughts
7)   Chronic stress and tension
8)   Huge belly fat (I used to be very skinny till I was 22);
9)   Brain fog
10) Cold intolerance
11) Frequent urination
12) Suffer from cervical and lower back pain
13) Chronic sinusitis and headache 
14) High cholesterol
15) Chronic acid reflux (GERD)

Have got various tests done in the past for which I am listing the results below. Am thinking of getting my cortisol levels (to see if they are really high?) and C reactive protein (to see if I suffer from inflammation) checked, does it make sense?

RED BLOOD CELL COUNT 5.72 High (4.5 - 5.5 mil/μL)
HEMOGLOBIN 15.4 (13.0 - 17.0 g/dL)
HEMATOCRIT 45.1 (40 - 50 %)

GLUCOSE, FASTING, PLASMA 88 74.0 - 99.0 mg/dL
CHOLESTEROL 188 (< 200 Desirable, 200 - 239 Borderline High, >/= 240 High mg/dL)
TRIGLYCERIDES 154 (Normal <150; Borderline high: 150 - 199, High: 200 - 499, Very high: > or = 500)
CHOLESTEROL HDL 32 (< 40 Low; >/=60 High)

Thyroid profile:
Free T3: 3.03 pg / ml (2.5-3.9)
Free T4: 0.99 pg / ml (.61-1.12)
TSH: 1.75 uIU / ml (.34-5.6)
Peroxidase antibody: 53.2 uIU / ml (<60)
Thyrglubin Antibody: 16.1 uIU / ml (<60)

TOTAL T: 270.09 ng/dl
FREE T:   5.84 pg/ml
FSH:    5.75 mIu/ml
LH:    4.16 miu/ml
SERUM ESTRADIOL E2:    <10 pg/ml
SHBG:  12.8 nmol/L

Can the experts please give their thoughts on my underlying disease / condition / syndrome. Any help is appreciated.

I am currently 32 years old having ED since I turned 19 or 20 years of age. Prior to that everything was fine, but suddenly I started having erection problems and I couldn’t get it up unless I had Viagra, which doesn’t give me 100% erection but just enough for an intercourse.

I do have classic low testosterone symptoms (which I am listing below) except that I have good libido and I do have partial morning erections (about say 3 days a week). Also I had a thyroid test done last year which was negative in one test and a result of 53 for antibodies (range of 0-60).

My symptoms:

1) ED
2) High fatigue, especially since I started having ED
3) Extremely low stamina
4) Very low confidence professionally (although I have done ok) and low motivation at work
5) Minor depression
6) Extreme negative thoughts
7) I tend to take undue extra stress with frequent panic and anxiety issues
8) Huge belly fat (I used to be very skinny till I was 22);
9) Brain fog, but that could also be due to my chronic sinus problem
10) My urologist said I have small testicles

My recent blood test results:

TOTAL T: 270.09 ng/dl
FREE T: 5.84 pg/ml
FSH: 5.75 miu/ml
LH: 4.16 miu/ml
SHBG: 12.8 nmol/L

I am now hunting for a new endo / urologist, but in the meanwhile wanted to know the best testsoterone treament option for me which I could discuss with my new doctor. As I am relatively young, would clomid or HCG be better for me?

Hi All - went to a famous endo today and the visit was very disappointing. He felt my T was low but normal and it should not be the cause of my symptoms. He said extradiol is a female hormone and its good that its low. I tried to argue with him  with all the logic and details I have learnt here and elsewhere but he was adamant. He said I cannot be diagnosed as suffering from Hypogonadism because the LH and FSH are not high which they should have been if I had low T. And LH and FSH are not extremely low, so he ruled out the possibility of a benign pituitary tumor. He basically prescribed me some vitamins and relaxants [Vitamins Capsules A TO Z, Prothiadew (Dosulepin ), Nutrix (whey protein), Arcalion(Sulbutiamine)] and said I should feel much better after a month.

Guys - please help me out on my next steps. Do I visit another endo? My problem is all of them would have the same opinion (I have visited couple of urologists earlier) and in all probability they wouldn't treat me for low testosterone. Testosterone otherwise is available OTC very cheaply here in India but I don't want to self meditate.

No, it sounds like you had the expected experience with an endo.  I swear, these assholes...

Go to a general practitioner; from what I've read (and Peak can jump in on this), GPs are the most likely to prescribe TRT.  You can try looking up docs on the Life Extension Site to see if you can find one that's much more likely to be a good one: http://www.lef.org/Health-Wellness/InnovativeDoctors/

Hi Kierkegaard pls note that I put up in India and here GPs wont prescribe TRT for sure. Pls aslo see my above post and give your opinion on whether I would be suffering from primary or secondary hypogonadism?

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