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G'Day, my friends !

I'm not taking IM testosterone or other drugs, so I am not participating in the poll.

I just wanted to suggest a different Aromatase Inhibitor than Arimidex (Anastrozole)...

My SottoPelle Dr. put me on Letrozole, as a troche, at .05 mg once a week on Sunday night. Numbers
have me hovering around 20 for the last three years.

She said Letrozole is as a good an AI as Arimidex, but not as harsh.

Just my 2 cents, for your consideration.

Cheers! Have a good healthy week out there ! - Sam D.

Good Day, Y'All !!

Been away for a while, we have been enjoying the great Fall weather down here. Life in general, sex life in particular, Everything is working FINE.
My lover and I just got back from our week in the TN mountains, what a sexy week of isolation and pure adult fun that was...

But, to the matter at hand: Mr. PeakT asked me to post my lipids numbers. My SottoPelle Dr. put me on Niacin last July 2014 to start getting my lipids
numbers down. It took about 7 weeks to get up to 1,000 milligrams of niacin a day, and I have been taking 2 grams of l-Citrulline, and 2 grams of
l-Arginine, and 5,000 IU D3 daily since last February under her watch. That's for NO supply to the vasculature, makes for better erections and has
endothelial healing capabilities.

Now, this is only 90 days so far, and I have another blood draw for mid-cycle monitoring in mid-January 2015. That should show even better numbers.

I have my HRT dialed in, my E2 is in control, and the LabCorp lipid panel shows 3 months of Niacin intervention has my

HDL raised from 43 to 58 mg/dL;

triglycerides dropped 144 to 85 mg/dL;  (My Dr was stunned at this drop in numbers)

LDL stayed the same at 100 mg/dL;

total cholesterol dropped to 180 mg/dL;

Estradiol (via Roche ECLIA method) is 16.1 pg/mL....(but that is due to use of AI anastrozole .25 mg/week)....
And, yes I definitely feel that E2 control in the 20 to 35 range is CRITICALLY important. I'm definitely sure I feel and function better
when my E2 is somewhere between 15 to 25 pg/mL. That's another thread, though....

The Niacin I use is plain old niacin, 250 mg capsules from a local real health and sports nutrition store. Sometimes, I get a good flush
but it doesn't bother me. Sometimes I take the big dose when my lover and I get together. The niacin flush during sex is mind-blowing.

I am working my way up to 1,500 to 2,000 mg per day per my Dr. direction. She is a firm believer in vitamin supplementation for health,
but will give an Rx as needed. She draws from both worlds to help her patients. She is just wonderful in her attention to monitoring my condition.

OK, that's the short story.

Comments and questions are welcome. I shall try to answer as quickly as I can.

Hope Y'All are doing well, go do something FUN this weekend !! Yes, we are grillin' and chillin' on the back porch, as we usually do.

Cheers! - Sam D.

(Oh, and Ja! Lovin' it down hee-ah in Flah-ridder!! )

Before the recent data loss there was an interesting post on the wonderful erection-enhancing effect of vitamin B3 one member experienced.
I logged back in to re-read it, and reply, but it was it was gone.  And I now only vaguely recall what he said.   I think a doctor also said it
was better than statins for improving cholesterol levels.

Good Day Y'All!

Hi! That was me who posted the thread on my use of niacin (B-3) per my doctor's recommendation. I had wondered where it went!!
I thought I  had stated things a bit too colorfully and it was deleted.....

The short story is, my doctor put me on oral Niacin to bring the HDL up and LDL down, and triglyceride and cholesterol control
without going to a statin-type drug. My numbers are good, but she wants them better. (She's like that, she says I can always BE
better. She's my SottoPelle doctor...)

I have blood work about the 1st of October for my next HRT pellets insert. And, I shall post the HDL, LDL, trigs and Chol numbers
when I get the lab results in mid-October. Mr. PeakT seemed to be very interested in that.

As a completely unexpected side-effect, one Sunday morning with my lover, I took my Niacin dose with our in-bed morning coffee,
and we eventually became intimate. (FYI, Sunday mornings are our absolutely "no one interrupts us" private time.)

I had a full-on "niacin flush event" during sex, and the orgasm was mind-blowing !! She was amazed and wanted to know what
the Heck got into me. (Other colorful questions and answers occurred, but I shouldn't post them here... 8)  8)    )...

Oh, yeah, I should mention that I do take vardenafil-generic at 20 milligram dose for my ED.

Currently I am taking 5 each tablets of 100 milligrams per day. My doctor said I should get to 1,000 milligrams per day. This is
plain old Niacin, not time-release or no-flush. Those formulations do not work for you.

I have repeated the Niacin experiment with vardenafil and it still works. Sexy, sweaty, orgasmically fun. Now, she tries it too.

More to come, just wanted to post this reply. Data loss, eh? That is very unfortuante.

Y'All be good, do something FUN this weekend!! Me, I have a gunshow and grilling on the porch to do. Oh, and Guinness !!!

Cheers! - Sam D.

Good Day, my friends!

Thought I would provide my experience with a daily dose of l-Arginine and l-Citrulline.....
It works for me, YMMV, always consult a Doctor, an expert, Mr. PeakT, anybody but me....  ;)

I have had no bad side-effects, no oral herpes, no upset stomach, no gastro-intestinal irregularities, no headaches, no
dermal problems, no itchies, or any unexpected pregnancies...

I have been consuming 1.5 gram per day of each since February 2014. Weekends with my lover, I may go to 2 grams of each per day.
This is done via 500 milligram capsules, taken during the day.

Although Liver enzymes and Hepatic function weren't tested, blood lab work in March and June 2014 showed no bad numbers, in fact
my Dr was very surprised with my good, unmedicated HDL, LDL, and cholesterol numbers.

Also, I take 500 mg of each with Vardenafil when my lover and I are having a night together. The effect is stunning, I guess there is a
synergy with the three compounds. Without getting too colorfully descriptive, I can perform like I'm 35 years old again...

As I said, this works for me, it might not for you.

Well, gotta go get ready for the weekend. Hope Y'All have FUN, do something to make yourself laugh...

Cheers! - Sam D.................................I smell grilling meat and a Guinness in my Future !!!

Official Most Cheerful Peak Testosterone Forum Poster for the month of August!

Good day, my friends,

Quickly, here is my status now, bloodwork as of March 2014:

Age: 61 (hit 62 in July, and LOVING it !! )
Total HRT program: SottoPelle Testosterone Pellets every 6 months, 250 IU hCG daily, .25 mg Anastrozole once weekly.

28 March 2014 blood work: Serum T: 819 ng/dL (six months since LAST pellet insert procedure);
                            Free Testosterone: 94.8 pg/mL
                            Estradiol (ultrasensitive): 4 pg/mL
                            PSA (Siemens CL): 2.6 ng/mL
                            D3: 110 ng/dL

15 April 2014: got new pellets inserted.

I have started my 4th year with Testopel HRT as done by the SottoPelle method. I have had absolutely no problems/infections/discomfort with the drugs or the procedures or the maintenance meds. The pellets
 have not popped out of my skin.

Both my doctors are surgeons, and know exactly how to insert the pellets.

The only complaint I have, is that I pay every cent of the costs, except blood labs. My med insur takes care of that.

OK !! Hope you have a great weekend! Lovin' it down hee-ah in Flah-ridder!

Cheers! Sam

Good Day, my friends!

Basically, I am just curious if anyone has found Stendra aka avanafil anywhere in the US. I have posted my success stories with
generic avanafil in the "Hot Topics". I am using avanafil I have procured from other sources.

My urologist is a good guy, very knowledgeable and 'hands-on' both book learning and surgery.
He started me on Vardenafil in 2007, knows my condition and is very supportive of my sexual health.

He will write a scrip for Stendra/Avanafil/whatever. But, I cannot find a local drug store that can fill it. Most of them have not heard of it.

Also, my medical insurance will not pay for it, as it is not listed on their Schedule of Authorized Prescription Drugs. So, I would
have to pay for it out of my pocket.

Any information is most appreciated. Thank you.

Cheers! - Sam

[MODERATOR:  For those int'd, here is SamD's Stendra thread: https://www.peaktestosterone.com/forum/index.php?topic=3796.0 . ]

Good Day, well here's where I get my feet wet and get my first post on the forum. Be gentle!!

I thought this would be a good place to start, as I have personal experience with STENDRA / Avanafil, and Boy!! HOWDY!! does it work fabulously !!

I participated in the VIVUS clinical STENDRA Trials here in St. Petersburg Florida from October 2012 to March 2013. It was a double blind study,
random mixed placebo and 100 mg STENDRA. I had a 100% success rate with the STENDRA.

Yes, I know that I did not know when I was taking a STENDRA dose, but those pills worked in 15 minutes or less, gave me a full hard erection that
lasted for 2 to 4 hours. If I went soft, my lover was able to quickly coax me back to full hardness in less than a minute. (And, yes, she is talented).

I usually had two orgasms, gave me enough time to bring my lover to 3 or 4 orgasms. We took our time and enjoyed the Sunday morning private
time we make for ourselves.

[Edited by Moderator.  See Forum Rule #8.] So, I know the drill on the stuffy nose and other minor side effects. The STENDRA had
less stuffy nose, no back pain (except for our enthusiastic sex in bed), no gastric disturbances, no vision problems, no hearing problems.

And, no priapism problems at all.

[Edited by moderator.] The stuff is wonderful, works FINE !! I take it if my lover surprises me with a
short-notice intimacy call. I keep a pack at her house for just such an emergency.

So, yes, this stuff works as well as, or better than advertised.

My stats, and yes I shall post a more detailed stat set with chems on me.

I am 61 YO, WM, 158 pounds. No heart, diabetes, BP, or other medical problems. I am also on SottoPelle, been enjoying it for 4 years now.
Never had one problem. My doctors are surgeons, so they know which end of a trocar to use, etc, etc....

I survived a car wreck that almost killed me, the steering wheel tried to castrate me. I have long term damage to right pelvic structure, right pubic
and penile shaft musculature, and impact trauma to the right spermatic cord, and testicle/epidydymal structure. I have had two surgeries to
correct the physical damage. The doctor thinks I am a fast healer, and have recovered as best as can be expected.

I am in a committed tightly bound intimate relationship for 5 and 1/2 years now. She welcomes my use of the ED meds, my confidence is over the
moon as I know I'll be hard and ready for her, and she welcomes it.

We have Sunday morning as our absolute no-interruption time. The cell phones are in the kitchen, telephones turned off.

That should be enough for a start.

I welcome any questions, and I am happy to share any thing that would be of help to the forum members. I am totally enjoying our sex life.

Cheers! - Sam

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