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Which laundry detergent do you use?
Thank you

( i ask this because I read a really really disturbing article on the subject )

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Re: Prof's Bean Recipe
« on: November 02, 2016, 12:34:05 am »
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PEak, why do you take brewer's yeast? whats the function of that?
And peas, what are the benefits?

I think you are eating to much walnuts, I think more is not better. 3-4 wallnuts per day on a regular basis is enough :)

I have been eating beans like never before.

Heres a recipe, simple:

16 oz of black beans or red beans ( dried organic beans)
3 bayleaves
1 big yellow onion or 8 shallots
3 garlics
1TBSP of tomato paste
Salt, 1tsp
a bit of chilly
2-3 cups of water

( soak the beans in plenty of water at least for 12 hours before)

Use a pressure cooker
stir fry the onion with garlic, onions, bayleaves, with 3 Tbsp of EVOO, 7 minutes
add the beans
add the water
add the tomato paste and chilly

put the lid on the pressure cooker, seal it, 30 minutes on pressure


I was thinking about juices that people buy on grocery stores and supermarkets full of preservatives and without nutrients due to pasteurization and I was why do producers dont adopt a easy technique and cheap, to preserve nutrients for about 60 days.
For instance, who likes shity orange juice on a hotel during vacations? Well, they serve pasteurized orange juice. But why?
I have been drinking juice for about 10 years, bottled and 100% natural and nutrient full, where they use the HPP preservation method ( high pressure food processing) in resume is like putting food on a hiperbaric chamber. It lasts 60 days on shelfs and integrity of its nutrients if closed since package time.
On natural food stores, why are people buying beetroot juice that is pasteurized.
Why arent these producers using a cheap technology and natural like HPP?

Peak, do you think cialis can do a kind of irreversible harm? How long did you take it? Weeks, months,  years? Which were your issues with it?

Check this out, it's amazing.

13000 units per 500mg!

This is new stuff to me, another point to mention here are the natural lovostatin molecule present on these mushrooms with LDL lowering properties.

Another mushroom to take into account is Hericium, amazing properties with NGF ( nerve growth factor), catalase, gsh peroxidase, nadph, etc

Check their products and nutrients. I became a fan.


10 days ago I have bought a vitamin C supplement from acerola extract, which is a great source and more natural. It also contains hesperidin, rutin and rose hips.
I took one on first day 500mg, and on day two forward I took 1000mg. This second time I completely lost my sleep, started to be very irritable, slightly anxious. The irritability would not stop and for sleep, I was going to bed at midnight and 7 am I was still awake and nervous. Very angry with my wife, any little stuff and I started yelling and told her "sorry I am not okay and dont know why, somethings on" high cardiac pulsation, blood pressure 140/80, normal is 120/70, wanted to grab a stick and break things around, wanted to kill the cat, man woow. For the first time I saw my wife with scare of me. Until two days ago I was taking it and stopped yesterday.
I made a post diary and checked everything I ate and drink and went to see details of this supplement, turns out it contains phenylalanine.
I drink coffee and have no problems with it

Do you think this phenylalanine messes up with nervous system? Man I thought I was going to lose it, never felt such symptoms. Or was the mix of phenylalanine and coffee and other foods, spices, etc. Today I am good, the only difference was i didnt take the supplement yesterday nor today.

Today I ended up in some pages talking about hydrogen molecular water and benefits.
Seems there is also called hydrogen medicine.


Anyone inside this subject or taken hydrogen pills?

This is new to me.

The daily doses of creatine and protein averaged eight and 30 grams, respectively, and were taken only on training days. The researchers measured formaldehyde in the subjects’ bodies. While most familiar as an embalming chemical, formaldehyde is also a by-product of creatine metabolism. You could say that using creatine “preserves” gains, but studies show that in young men getting high-dose creatine phases—21 grams daily—formaldehyde production increases 348 percent.

The concern here is that it is toxic. Among other problems, it may damage the endothelial cells, which could lead to atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease. In large doses formaldehyde is also a carcinogen.

Those in the creatine-and-protein group had a significantly greater lean mass gain than the creatine-alone group. The protein-and-creatine group also had a 25 percent increase in bench press strength but no strength gains on the leg press. Gains made by the older men in the study were comparable to gains made by younger men. In fact, the older men made slightly greater lean mass gains than their younger counterparts, even though the younger men ate about three times more protein. Those who got creatine only showed no greater lean mass gains than the placebo group. The authors suggest that the low dose of creatine—eight grams daily—might not have been enough to bring on lean tissue gains.

Creatine use also produced 4 percent fewer muscle-breakdown products. As for formaldehyde, none of the men taking creatine excreted more than those in the placebo group. Formaldehyde may be a factor only during creatine loading phases. Another thing to consider is that since loading phases typically last six or seven days, formaldehyde is not likely to produce any toxicity. Studies show that formaldehyde formation in the body is related to high stress. Having greater amounts of the stress hormone adrenaline fosters formaldehyde synthesis in the body—as does smoking. The good news is that older men can make significant muscular progress on lower doses of creatine, especially if they combine it with slightly more protein in the diet. IM

Speaking of inflamation, two days ago I ran c reactive protein ultra sensitive and the result was 0.07. My blood crp is always between 0.05 and 0.2, i take blood around 8 times a year. This is good right? Having crp always in lower range? If i get sick it goes up but the norm is always very low as well as low sedimentation rate

Very interesting video about explosions on nuclear tests for 50 years. California, new mexico, arizona(?) etc is massive, damn. 2500 tests around the world, for what?



Two days ago I was watching a tv documentary regarding underage drinking.
Docs were saying that an innocent booze every weekend before 25's can do permanent brain damage starting in the hipothalamus, pineal, neurons, glands, etc. Not to mention liver damage which I dont know if its permanent, maybe it is. Maybe some of my problems are coming to surface from the mistakes I have made in the past? One bottle of vodka per week, some cigs and joints, drink til knock out as fast as I can?
How much of you are having problems not expected now but who abused a lot in youth from bad lifestyle? Alchool drugs mushrooms etc?  I can speak fr myself,lots of alcool and some joints, is my brain or neuroglands fried? Probably if the doctors are right regarding brain damage from alchool in youth. I started innocently drinking in clubs at my 15's

one early theory about acupunture, not that I believe in meridians of magic spots and, after meditating on the subject, some cures using acupunture may be related in bloodflow.
Why do I say this? Well i believe it's all about estimulation of immunity in a sense that when you stick a needle or if you cut yourself with a knife, the immune system will send blood which delivers oxygen and nutrients to fight any possible infection and to rebuild tissue. If a acupunturist stick three dozen needles on a person for 30 minute treatment, the body will detect a threat and start to send blood to those areas to flood them with reparing and fight infection. If doing it in a regular way, the body might recover to improve circulation in some areas permanently. Acupunturists refer a lot about the term "blood stagnation"
so this might be a possible explanation, the needles are used as a threat to the body and the body reacts to it. This has a name like hormetic stimulus or something like that.

It's just a theory though

Hi, this may seem stupid and too simple but I am going to share or remind a simple routine that has amazing effects on brain and also body in general, legs, digestive system, etc.

Put your feet up and head down!

You can do it by headstands, or in a board at the gym or whatever, for 5 minutes twice a day. First time or second you may feel dizzy or spaced but it is normal.

A yoga friend of my wife came to dinner one of these days and the talk moved in this way. She told us that the best way to oxygenate the brain and the body completely is to turn up side down. We started to laugh a bit but after a while I started thinking how I felt when I did that regulary 20 years ago just for fun and how I felt.
A couple of hours after dinner we went on trying and after 30 min we felt amazing, like a rush in the brain.
Most of us just stand on our feet, or sit or l down while sleeping.
Putting the body up side down circulates blood and oxygen where it might no go fully, help with lymphatics, rest the digestive system relieving pressure in the organs, helps with stagnated blood and whatever more. I dont know, what I know is that after three days of doing it the effects are noticeable.

Heres the challenge, turn yourself up side down for three days twice and see how you feel. I can assure the effects are not placebo.
Or google: headstands; inversion table benefits, etc

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