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Just wondering if I should try or avoid iodine and selenium if I have high, but in range shbg ?

My reverse t3 is also very high, if that's a factor.

I know that exogenous T will lower shbg.

But as a non TRT person, generally when my T is high, shbg is also high.

So does my liver increase shbg when there's a higher T circulating?  Or if my T number is higher, it's just because of more shbg?

My last lab tests were for a defy consultation. My shbg was at an all time high in the low 80s (T at 780), which is the only reason why I was granted an appointment. I need to get shbg down, but I don't feel any symptom difference from when shbg was at 35 (T at 620).

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Methylation testing
« on: September 23, 2017, 11:37:23 pm »
Discounted labs offers MTHFR testing. Does this test for all types of methylation issues, such as meth for folate, b12, etc?  I'm looking at this vs 23andme, and I'd like to get something comprehensive if I'm testing.

Also, how many vitamins/micronutrients need methylation?


TSH.                 1.5 (.45-4.5)
Reverse t3.      21.7 (9.2-24)
Free t4.            1.24 (.82-1.77)
Free t3.             2.8 (2.0-4.4)
Progesterone. 0.3 (0-.5)
Pregnenalone. 89 (<151)
DHT.                  61 (30-85)
Estradiol sensitive. 16.7 (8-35)

Salivary cortisol
8am.     0.309 (.025-.6)
12p.m.  0.077 (.01-.33)
4pm.     0.056 (.01-.2)
12am.   0.014 (.01-.09)

I'm not on any medication, no trt or ai. Mid 20s with natural testosterone in the 700-800 range.  Shbg has fluctuated from 30s to 50s with no symptom change, maybe some depression in the 50s. Morning erections and sex drive disappeared into thin air.

Reverse t3 is sort of high, e2 is low, cortisol looks low as well.


Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Gyno fluctuations
« on: July 13, 2017, 12:40:35 am »
I've been having massive fluctuations with gyno. And it's very noticeable over the course of the day. I could look like an athlete and then later on the same day have gyno and flabbiness to the point I look overweight.

I have never taken steroids or AI or anything related. Asking your opinions if this sounds like a medical condition, I'm thinking hyperthyroid. I don't drink milk, limit caffeine and sugar. No alcohol or weed. It happened today and only drank water.

Maybe fillers in supplements? (now on sorghum, ginkgo, milk thistle, and aged garlic). But ive had this for months so I can't blame them unless it's the fillers

So after each sample is taken, I immediately cover it and stick it in the freezer?

After all samples have been taken, is it necessary to return to lab the next morning? Just asking in case I need to schedule around work.

Any other tips please let me know. Thanks.

TSH, free t3, free t4, reverse t3 (antibodies done in past)
Salivary cortisol x 4
Pregnenalone, progesterone, dht, e2 sensitive

I'm not on TRT, testosterone has been high 700-800, lh and fsh normal (5ish), shbg bouncing all over (35-57). First symptom was no morning erections, libido went from 100% to nothing in the same time. My first thought was I had ED, but a couple days later I realized I wasn't getting that ache or build up feeling from abstaining.

I couldn't get the blood tests done today. They said the cortisol had to be done and brought in first since they were in the same requisition. I based these tests off a post by Dr. Saya.

This week I took creatine and sorghum to increase DHT. Plus a no soy diet.

My body has ups and downs where some days I look like an athlete, and other times my torso has a fat layer with mild gyno and look out of shape Plus smaller testicles. The diet above caused the latter.

I was thinking about trying an e2 blocker supplement with CDG, but remembered bones cracking this week. Knees ankles and once lower back stepping out of the shower.

My endo is maintaining ground on seeing a psychiatrist (because of almost no libido/morning wood), but I may just do more in depth hormone testing with a defy consultation.

I feel like this is hyperthyroid (matching high testosterone, gyno, excess sweating), but that would mean higher e2.

Any thoughts?


Zinc combining with SHBG reduces the affinity(attraction to bind) with estrogen, with no change to androgen affinity. Theoretically that means more free estrogens, and less free androgens if zinc is binding to SHBG.

Just wondering if any of these tests need to be done in the a.m. like testosterone.

T3 free
T4 free
Reverse T3
Zinc RBC

I'm also doing the 24 hour salivary test, which is time sensitive. Not testing testosterone since it has been drawn over 5 times by docs, and is more than adequate.

I read some of Merck's symptom guide book on ED. It was detailed for the 5 or so page section. And worth a read if you're still lost.

It mentioned that a lack of morning erections were due to organic causes.

So what are the organic causes? Also, libido is low to the point where I avoid interaction with women. Before issues, I would be motivated just to talk to them in hopes of leading to a sexual release out of misery. Morning erections were my first sign of change.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Libido vs arousal
« on: May 07, 2017, 04:37:29 am »
I've been taking Dopabean, Maca, Gaba and tyrosine to help increase libido. It might help with achieving an erection, but nothing regarding how I would define libido, or knowing if I would be able to perform if I was with a girl.

Back when I had morning erections, I would feel horny based on how long I went without ejaculating. The longer I abstained, the ache in the groin would buildup each day. That's how I would define libido. And having sex would be the arousal part.

That feeling went away with the morning erections, and I've since struggled with everything including relationships because I don't know how to gauge if I could perform. Sometimes I wonder if I have neuropathy in the seminal vesicles or epididymis that would cause that feeling.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / High DHT questions
« on: March 18, 2017, 12:12:49 am »
If one has high DHT, would it ever cause low T type symptoms?

I took some supplements one night, big dose of CoQ-10 that had rice bran as the filler. I had a much lower refractory period the next day. Days later I read that rice bran (and brown rice) are some of the best at inhibiting DHT.

Is there a possibility that my DHT is too high?

I'd like to mention that the years when it was a struggle to get an erection, I started growing terminal hair on my chest, thighs, and sideburns. I've always had poor facial hair before problems.

My arm hair is about that of a female. What's weird is that I have a couple dark hairs that grow on the same location on each inside forearm. They keep growing fast and long, but repeatedly fall out.

I don't know, it's like my body stopped puberty, even though T is good.

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When would you recommend hydrocortisone? Do you go by blood or saliva cortisol numbers, or by symptoms alone.

I know that asking a doctor for a shot is like telling a mountain I'd like it to move.

Let's say that a man takes testosterone replacement for the first time. Assuming his libido went from nothing to high, is this due to neurotransmitters balancing or increasing from the T?

Or like the sticky post from Dr Crisler, CDG can increase libido. Is this also exclusively neurotransmitter related?

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