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Some different stuff in this podcast about testosterone replacement therapy. He gets into some info about antiestrogens and why they should be avoided which I found pretty interesting.

Anyhow I just thought I'd give it a share.


Hey everyone just wanted to tell you guys about my experience. I absent-mindedly left the HCG in my kitchen cupboard with my syringes. It was there for approximately 48 hours before my next shot. I noticed that I had some aching in my testicles a few weeks later so I tested the HCG with a pregnancy test and it came out negative. Just thought I'd share this.

So Iíve struggled with acne for a while now ( since commencing hcg and Arimidex). I had no acne with just test. I for a long time assumed it was the hcg but Iíve recently stopped taking my Arimidex and my acne has cleared up significantly. Iím not experiencing any high E2 symptoms yet and I havenít had blood work yet. I was always in the normal range while taking arimidex. Just wondering if anyone has any insight on letting E2 rise or correlation between the relationship of  Arimidex and acne?

Iíve aways known my sleep was a mess and knew it was a contributor to my health issues. Iím on chapter 9 of this book where there is a focus on the effects of sleep deprivation effects on testosterone and it has literally blown my mind. Diet and fitness have always been my two biggest focuses in life with sleep falling behind. Well itís come to light from this book that I have to move sleep back up to the top. Time to shift focus. A sleep study showed that men who sleep longer have larger testicles! Anyhow, great book.

I know essential oils are quite the rage now a days. I have them all over my house. I've heard rumblings about them being estroeonic. I thought I'd share this article for what it's worth.


I'm at my wits end here guys. I thought I crashed my E2 but it definitely wasn't the case. I got bloodwork for my estradiol extra sensitive test from  from LabCorp.  It came back at 34 with a range of 8 - 35. I can't concentrate on anything. I wake up feeling like death every morning.  Bags under my eyes. Tired all day. Coffee doesn't do anything anymore. If I nap in the afternoon I start to feel better late at night.  I feel like I have had the flu for 3 weeks now. I have had a twitch in my left eye constantly for three weeks as well that's driving me crazy. Another thing to mention is I've been breaking out in hives for months. I have been dealing with a lot of stress between a job I hate, working on purchasing a small business and leaving my secure job, throw  in a rocky marriage. But I haven't felt this bad since pre trt. My prescriptions haven't changed. One thing I noticed is that the HCG I'm using expired January 30, 2018. I wonder if that could make a difference.

So I really need to figure this out.  What tests would you guys suggest in order? I would appreciate any ideas here. Thanks in advance.

 So if you weeks ago I thought I might have doubled up on my Arimidex.  Sarah almost 2 or three weeks now I have felt like complete shit! Iím starting to feel better but the first two weeks I could barely keep my eyes open, the brain fog was like nothing I had ever felt before. So about 12 days after the last time I took my anti-estrogen I got bloodwork for my estradiol extra sensitive test from  from LabCorp.  It came back at 34 with a range of 8 - 35.

So now Iím confused.  If I did crash my estrogen, is it possible to raise it that high from not taking my Arimidex for 12 days?

 Or am I completely wrong and maybe somehow my estrogen was just creeping up higher and higher on me and I didnít actually double up on my dose of Arimidex.

Now what do I do? Do I start taking Arimidex again?

 Im not 100 percent sure yet but I'm fairly certain I took too much arimidex and crashed my E2.  I will be getting bloodwork on Thursday to confirm.

 So I've been under a lot of stress lately and I think I accidentally took too much arimidex.  I haven't felt this awful since before I started trt.   I've never experienced brain fog like this. Feels like I have not slept in days even though I'm sleeping through the night. And I have a twitch in my  left eye which is driving me absolutely crazy.

 Just wondering in the event that it is a crash of  E2, is there anything I can do to recover more quickly?

 What kind of timeline am I looking at to bounce back?

  Just wondering how long I should wait before getting my E2 (sensitive) tested after changing my Arimidex  protocol?

 Hey everyone. So I need to go for surgery on my shoulder and that's all fine and dandy. It's not the surgery that bothers me at all.  But for some reason the general anaesthesia scares the life out of me!  Just wondering if anyone comments on their experiences with general Anesthesia? If anybody's heard super negative experiences, no offence but please keep it to yourself. Thanks.

 I canít recall which member turned me on to Promethease but it was a great investment and interesting insight to my raw data from my genetic testing with 23 and me. They are now offering free updates reports. Just thought I would share to return the favour. Here is the email I received from them:

As someone who has purchased Promethease reports before, we thought you'd be interested in a new opportunity to get up-to-date reports for free.

In the past, we always deleted your raw data within 24 hours. That meant you had to re-upload (and pay again) for every updated report. We now have improved infrastructure in place that allows you to upload your data once and then generate updated reports free of charge, whenever you want.

We added this infrastructure so we could use de-identified stored data to better assess the accuracy of the raw data produced by different companies, platforms and technologies. This will also allow us to provide the best, independent assessment of true vs. false data in future Promethease reports and add new features.

As a Promethease user you're probably familiar with the value of getting updated reports from time to time. SNPedia's content, upon which Promethease reports are based, doubles almost every year, and Promethease's interface is always improving to enable better searching, filtering and exporting options.

To support this new capability, we are now allowing free data uploads until December 31, as a holiday gift to our users. We invite you to re-upload DNA data for free now and receive a new report. You will be able to generate updated reports in the future without uploading or paying. To take advantage of this opportunity follow the simple steps below:
Go to https://www.promethease.com
Check all the checkboxes and click "I agree"
Click "Upload raw data" or "Import" it again.
When prompted, click the "Get free report" button.
If you want to get free updates in the future, enable the storage option which allows us to save your data and generate updated reports for you.
Pick a password for your account.
Wait about 5 minutes to receive your first report.
From then on, you'll be able to visit Promethease.com whenever you want, login to your account, and generate up-to-date reports for free. You can also delete your stored DNA data from the same page, at any time.

It's as easy as that.

Get started at https://www.promethease.com

Have more questions? Check out the FAQs.


Mike Cariaso & Greg Lennon

 So ever since I added hCG to my protocol Iíve had a very difficult time controlling my back acne.  After trying out all different kinds of Luffas, creams, soaps I finally found something that seems to be working rather well for me.  First I found some information from a website which I canít recall which explained that Iím washing the infected area completely wrong.  Apparently all the loofahs, exfoliators and scrubbing it is a major cause of making the acne worse which I didnít know.  So the protocol is to use an acne soap but literally to put the soap on your skin with your hands as light as a feather. You lather up the infected area for approximately 30 seconds and then rinse off so I do my chest shoulders and back and basically four quadrants.  Secondly the way you dry yourself off is very important as well. I used to take a towel and scrub my back is hard as I could in order to further exfoliate it while drying with a towel. Again, this only spreads the problem from pore to pore and again is wrong. What Iíve been taught to do is simply pat myself dry with a towel. Throw it over my shoulder and Pat my chest and shoulders and back dry.  Once Iím dry Iím to mist myself with hydrogen peroxide at 3%. I spray this on the affected areas and let dry before I put my shirt on.  I was toldp to do this twice a day until the acne is under control.

Along with my hygiene regimen Iíve also read on the Internet about taking high doses of vitamin B5 with l-carnitine.  So three times a day Iím taking 750 mg of vitamin  B 5 with 500mg of crnitine.  iíve only been on this protocol for approximately one week but I can already see exceptional difference in my Acne.  Itís supposed to take a few weeks to a few months to get it under control and then you can reduce the amount of vitamins to one dose per day for maintenance.

 Anyhow , I just wanted to share this for anybody who has some very stubborn acne.

 Is high estradiol associated to anxiety?

 I recently started suffering from anxiety which I have not had for a very long time. Particularly at night when I was trying to sleep. The only thing I changed is I was experimenting with reducing my Arimidex dosage by cutting it in half. So I was taking a quarter tablet on Monday and a quarter tablet on Friday.  The only other thing I changed was I begin taking coenzyme Q 10.  But the day after I brought my Arimidex dosage back up to half a tablet my anxiety was instantly gone and I felt a sense of calm. I know itís hard to tell without blood work but itís impossible to get an E2 sensitive test in Canada. Iíve been meaning to trek over the border to get one but I havenít had time recently.

Does this make any sense?

 anybody know any research where relax house locked call from Tammy services such as plastics, soy, flax...etc?

Im not sure if Iíve been living under a rock but I was just introduced to this. I know a lot of you like to read through different studies so I thought Iíd add this search tool for those who are unaware of it.


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