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Well I should post my results. A year ago I had my T tested a couple times. To set the stage I am a very fit 63 at the time with bf within reason my T was 400. Increased exercise a bit more and bf the same or slightly less and T was 469. I was unable to produce any increase in muscle mass no matter how long I trained which was a change from before. I went on T cyp of 50mg every 3 1/2 days and mine went to 700 T. I was happy as I could notice that I was able to get muscle pump and started building muscle mass. However my PSA climbed from 0.6 to 1.6 which is bad ju-ju. My Uro took me off T cyp and I went down to around 249 6 weeks later. After a couple more PSA tests where I stopped all exercise for 48 hours and PSA was fine again. My Uro said that since I use a rowing machine that I can cause my PSA to be higher than it should and I found that for me 24 hours my PSA stayed high. 48 it was fine----go figure.
Back on 50 mg T cyp with 350 iu HCG and my T was back to 700 with the same feeling of being pumped and muscle mass.

So for me it was for health and the HCG was to be sure my testicles remain the same in size.
My erections nocturnal have been better too but that was not the main purpose it was to get into a range where my body performed the best and not get my T too high.
For me the 700 range seems just right.
Coming off T cyp my T dropped from 469 naturally 700 with T cyp to 249 no T cyp and no changes. Back on T cyp back up to 700.
I would expect anyone who cycles T cyp will get proportionally the same results.
Hope this helps...

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