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I apologize, guys.

False alarm, I didn't remember that free test is a result of a formula. The lab made a mistake.

Be well all of you

Hey guys

Any experience taking DHEA? I started taking 25 mgs daily and after 4 days I took Test labs and my two anterior levels were just above one thousand and this one came at the 700s. I have not changed anything, but the adition of the DHEA. I find no other cause to that 30% reduction in my testosterone levels.

Thanks in advance.

Hey guys. Anyone knows about a relationship between Diclofenac Sodium and libido ? Any doctor who can comment?

Because a muscle contraction, I had to take recently a drug that contains that diclofenac sodium plus vitamin b12. I think my libido went up .

I do not find any other explanation other than this drug.

I found this study among others.


Thanks in advance

Hi there

Anyone with this experience?

I restarted my trt program like 4 months ago with the same dosages (test and half of what I have used recently of hgh)I have used in the past.

The strange thing is that with those dosages I was able to achieve the 900s levels in testosterone and 250 to 275 in somatomedine.

In my last two lab works, I hardly get to the 700s in test and 180 in Igf1. using the same dosage of Test aprox 75 mgs and 6 clicks of hGH (double that in the past where with 3 clicks I was getting to the 250s)

The only change I have made is adding 1500 mgs of CAlcium d Glucarate

I have found a very few comments on the web about this product lowering Testosterone.

Any ideas?  This is weird to say the least.



is the main cause, guys go in to TRT. What do you think guys ?

And on the other hand I have seen in myself and in many more of you that after a while, libido is not improved at all and maybe it gets worse.

Hey guys.

Anyone had to stop TRT because of high Hemo ? or for another reason?

I have been reducing my dosage to end in 50 mgs a week and my hemo keeps going up. My latest result is 18.4.

I have to make something drastic to stop this.

I'll stop all the testosterone for one month ,I cannot donate blood because I allready made a mess in my Iron levels. My ferretin is just above 25 after all this time. ( it went down as low as 8 !!)

Any advice for my HCG ? I'm having around 300 units twice a week on the two prior days of my first Test inyection.( I was dividing my 50 mgs in to two dosages)

Should I stop that also (HGC)? I'm totally angry about this, but is my fault, I know.

I shouldn't have taken that amount of blood. I wanted to be bellow 15.5 when for me a normal level is 16.5 due to the altitude of where I live.

I hope this nightmare serves to somebody else no to do the same stupid thing I did.

Advices very welcome, guys


In other words.
I was asking myself the other day if it not were a good idea to change dosages weekly to
try to "fool" the body.

I have the idea that it get used to the same dosage and that is why we lost the nice feeling we have at the beginings of the treatments.

What da ya think?

Am I clear?

Happy new year to all !!!

Hey guys

Does anybody know if taking iron supplements or Cod Liver Oil, increases Hemoglobin count?


that day ,wars will end !!!  ;D ;D ;D

You can test your iron stores to see if you can donate without depleting yourself. To test this get ferritin and iron saturation.

Hey Exp

I see you know a lot about Iron issues. Well, I messed up (I don`t know if it is the right way to say it in english) my Iron levels with the various Phlebotomies I did.Good news is that my hemoglobin levels are very well controlled but my Iron levels went way down. 2 months ago I was a 8!  and last week I went up to 16, still very low. Any advice on how to increase it ? I have been eating more red meat but it seems that I need some suplementation to lift that level until my body gets to the 70s.

Any one knows if this could happen?

Hey guys

I'm fed up with whey.

I'm gonna try beef isolates. Any one has tried them?

Hey guys

Who can tell me what are the real benefits of POM juice.

On me, it doesn't do anything at all regarding NO production, proved yesterday, with my Berkeley strips.


Just to ask anybody what could be the results of inyecting Test directly on the scrotum instead of another sub q  site.

It just ocurred to me and wanted to know if anybody thhougt about this also.


Hi guys

I thought I was going to see a huge difference but no.

This are my recent results on E2 and the ultrasensitive test done in the US

Test Name Lab                       Out of Range           Reference Range
Estradiol, LC/MS/MS                       44                 SJC < OR = 29 pg/mL
Performing Laboratory Information:
SJC Quest Diagnostics Nichols Institute 33608 Ortega Highway San Juan Capistrano CA  92675-2042

Normal Test 

Estradiol,                                            Ranges
37 pg/mL                                            5 - 66

I expected to see the ultrasensitive way down in comparison to the common test but not.

Any comments or similar experiences?


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