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So I recently read that berberine promotes muscle loss and at best you can maintain muscle through weightlifting.

What are your thoughts on this, is it correct?
And personal experiences on berberine and building muscle?
I do personally feel since I started berberine 10 days ago I do feel flatter/softer muscles/no pump
It might just be placebo tho..

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Low SHBG supplements
« on: March 10, 2016, 10:00:18 pm »
So basically I'm on TRT. 125mg/week. My SHBG has also been consistently low and I've been reading your article ''How to Cure Low SHBG'', Peak.

I'm doing cardio and weight training weekly. Atm I'm looking into supplements. I wonder if Sam could chime in and help.

I'm thinking of taking ''Swanson Milk Thistle, Dandelion & Yellow Dock'' per serving:
Milk Thistle Seed    700 mg    *
Dandelion Root    350 mg    *
Yellow Dock Root    350 mg    *
Beet Root    100 mg    

or should I just go with Milk thistle only?
Is Berberine needed?

Are there any significant side effects with these supplements? I'm not on any medication except for TRT.

Do you guys think there are correlations with fatty liver/low SHBG and difficulty losing weight?
Been on a calorie deficit (1800cal per day) for 3 weeks now without any change in weight or in waist circumfence.

Here are some related bloodwork:
Glucose 4.8 mmol/L (4.2-6.0)
Hba1c 34 mmol/mol (27-42)

P-ALAT 0.44 ukat (0,15-1.1)
P-ASAT 0.38 ( 0.25-.75)

Blood lipids
Triglycerides 0.69 mmol/L (0.45-2.6)
HDL- cholestrol 1.2 (0.8-2.1)
Ldl- cholestrol 2.1 (1.2-4.3)
Cholestrol 3.4 mmol/l (2.9-6.1)
Apo A1 1.33g/l (>1.35)
Apo AB 0.6 (<1.5)

Hi guys. Im almost 1 month into 125mg/week test E.
Last week I've been feeling a signifcant tightness in my chest and difficulty breathing like I'm gasping for air. It occurs as fast as 1 hour after the shot? Could it be an allergic reaction? I will be getting bloods done in about a week. This issue concerns me alot.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Subq Injection sites
« on: February 15, 2016, 01:41:19 pm »
I've a question for the guys that inject SubQ:

What sites do you rotate between? Is it always the stomach you inject into?

I've seen some people inject into the delt and quad etc with an insulin syringe, but isn't this more of a shallow IM?

I can't think of any places except for the stomach with enough fat to not inject shallow IM..Maybe I'm just stupid :D

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Two SubQ questions..
« on: February 10, 2016, 01:26:35 pm »
Hi guys. For all of you that do SubQ injections out there, I would like to ask you two questions:

1. Does it take longer to feel the effect of SubQ injections compared to IM? As I understand SubQ has a slower more stable release.
I took my 1st shot on sunday of 60 mg testo and my second one today. I haven't felt any difference. Maybe a slight relief in anxiety and depression. But it's so small that it might aswell be placebo.

2. Is it normal to get a slight dime-sized raised swelling (2mm rise) over the injection area? It's still abit sore if I press on it (from sundays injection) no redness or puss, just hurts abit if I press on it.

Thank you

Hi guys.
I've researched alot and double-checked studies, read on forums. Many people on this forums are very well-read and educated on this subject.  I just wanted to double check with you guys here to see if I got the facts right:

1. It's usually possible and likely to regain Pre-TRT Lvls and Fertility when tapering off TRT + HCG (HCG was running during TRT) even after 5-10 years on TRT:

2. TRT is fairly easy to monitor when sticking to actual TRT doses 100-200mg/week. The main things to look out for is : fat lipids, prostate (PSA + prostate exam), heart problems, blood presure and RBC + Hematocrit.

3. It's possible to stop TRT with HCG cold turkey.

Also, what's your guys opinion on HCG on TRT? Should it be cycled to not desensitize the testicles or can it be used E2D during TRT? I've read many different sides on this.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / 18y updated situation
« on: December 25, 2015, 07:42:39 pm »
I was here about a year ago. I've been running back and forth to doctors with no results. I've updated with some new blood tests.
I also posted this on another forum. Any suggestions? I checked thyroid now. I am limited to self-testing and selfmedication.

I suffer from alot of low T symptoms, mainly however: HUGE loss of libido (consistent for 2-3 years), ED, inexistence of morning wood, fat gain (I use to easily stay lean) weaker physically, and feel weaker both physically and mentally, constant levels of low anxiety for no logical reason (I'm not worried in my mind, but my body feels at unease) foggy mind (my memory and conecentration is BAD, going from A-B grades to barely managing E)

age: 18
weight 74kg
height 5'11
bf 17-18%

I've got prolactin, thyroid, estradiol, testosterone, liver, kidney function, vitamin D, insulin function and blood values checked over the years:

Total Testosterone Reference: 230ngdl-866ng/dl - Values been hovering around 260-373ng/dl over the course of 2 ½ years. Latest ones at 323ng/dl, 280ng/dl, 260ng/dl.

SHBG 13-71nmol/L - values been around 15-20nmol/L Latest ones at 18nmol/L, 15nmol/L, 16nmol/L

LH- Been around 4-6iu/L on all tests. Latest ones at 4.8iu/L, 5.6iu/L, 4.5iu/L
FSH - Always been low 1.2-1.6iu/L. Latest ones at 1.3iu/L, 1.6iu/L, 1.2iu/L

Hemoglobin - Always been elevated, hovering around 160g/l. Latest test showed 150ng/dl.
Hemacromatotit- Always elevated aswell, hovering around 0,50%, Latest test was 0,43%.

I think it's because of dehydration, I will get this retested properly hydrated.

Estradiol - 19.5pg/ml

Vitamin D 88nmol/L

Thyroid: 3 TSH tests around 3-3.5. Latest one (complete) showed a more or less perfect thyroid function?

TSH 2.2miu/L (0.4-5miu/L)
Free T4 20pmol/L (10-22pmol/L)
Free T3 5.4pmol/L (3.3-6.5pmol/L)
TPO-AB <10 (0-35)
TRAB <1 (0-1.0)

Prolactin, 6.5 ng/ml, 33ng/ml, 16ng/ml (2-17ng/ml)

S-Glucose 5.3nmol/L
HbA1C 32mol (27-42mol)

S-DHEAS 9.3umoL/L (5.7-13umol/L)

P-Cholestrol 3.5mmol/L (2.9-6.1mmol/L)
HDL Cholestrol 1.3mmol/L (1.0-2.7mmol/L)
LDL cholestrol 2.2mmol/L (1.2-4.3mmol/L)
Triglycerides 0.5mmol/L (0.45-2.6mmol/L)

I would appreciate any welleducated thoughts and comments :)

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Hi guys
Am I missing anything and should something be added, as in what blood tests to monitor during TRT?


Liver (ASAT, ALAT)

Kidney (Creatinine, Sodium, Potasssium, Calcium)

Magnesium, Ferritin, Iron

Hemoglobin, (EVF, is it necessary?)


Total Testosterone



HDL- cholestrol
Total Cholestrol

Am I missing anything?
TRT isn't rocket science right.
 Start TRT >Monitor blood tests > Adjust/correct accordingly?

Thank you,

Is regular estradiol test accurate enough, or is sensitive required?

My TSH tests are constiently at 3.2 to 3-4 miU/L (pretty high) but my T4 was 22pmol/L (8-22), so my metabolism should be high as fuck?
Still I have symptoms, low body temp in morning (avg 36,2-36,4'C in morning), thinning of outer eyebrows, senisitvity to cold, puffy face for my bf%, what's up with that?

Hey guys, after a long time babbling back and forth they finally gave me my blood test results, any ideas? I know the testosterone is low and that's about it.

First value is first test, second value second test. ALL TAKEN 8AM MORNING UNLESS OTHERWISE WRITTEN

TSH 3.3 (0,4-3,7miU/L)

Free T4 22 (12-22 pmol/L)

Prolactin 714*, 138 (second test was taken afternoon, why?) (65-400miU/L)

LH 6,6 (1.7-8,6) IU/L

FSH 1,6 (1,5-13) IU/L *

Total testosterone: 319ng/dl (232-866ng/dl)

Glucose 7,2*   5,3 (3,3-5,6nmol/L)

HBA1C 32 (27-42nmol/L)

When I look at it I don't see any real absolute culprit to my low testosterone, so I am clueless ;/

If any units are wrong then please tell me and I will do my best to find the right ones, I've been looking around and I've had trouble translating the ''miu'' units.

Thank you in advance.

[MODERATOR's UPDATE: SPLIT FROM HERE https://www.peaktestosterone.com/forum/index.php?topic=5214.0.  The poster's testosterone was in the mid 300's and low 400's.]

Sup guys. I'm back here just to give a lil quick update.
Got back from the doctor, she said she thought my values were absolutely normal and instead wants to send me to a psychologist and maybe SSRI lol.

Anyway I only had 30 minutes and she said it would be better if she would take a look at the papers I printed out alone in her privacy. 3 studies with average test in different age groups. Hopefully she'll change her mind, if she even reads them.

So, but with alot of hustle she eventually agreed to pull some bloodwork.

I'll be getting
total testosterone
free testosterone
t4 free

She didn't want to pull SHGB and estradiol, cause SHGB was pulled in the earlier labwork and estradiol is a female hormone.

Yeah I guess there is not much I can do until I get the blood work result, I'll be back then

"Hey guys, can you please take a look at the attached picture link?

I finally will have my time at the endo tomorrow. In my country they're very anal about reference range. So first I will have to convince my levels are low (369ng/dl, 420ng/dl) I will be using this study (the link above) and a few others. But as you see there is something called ''standard deviation'' which means that there was people that the lowest one in age 25-34 had 617ng/dl - 170ng/dl. which is 447ng/dl. If the doctor argues that this shows that my levels are  normal, what can I say? (switching doctors isn't really an option, I'm very young and the public healthcare is free, my family cannot afford private care, nor do they even know I am going to the doctor)

+++ If anyone can link me to any solid sources where it shows low testosterone can lead to many bad things, extra good is if it also says what levels it starts to increase the chance of bad things. I am also searching around right now, just saying so you know I ain't being a lazyass :D

Thanks in advance for possible replies!  :)"

My  values are below if needed for anything, all taken 8-9AM

Hey guys, I'm bad at writing to the point text so excuse me if I ramble on abit, please have patience.

I've, without listing all the symptoms, been feeling pretty much all of the symptoms for low testosterone/. Except the one for sex drive which is abit complicated.
I also feel very tired all the time, even though I sleep 8-9 hours I've had trouble concentrating on lessons and literally fall asleep, even though I am trying really hard to focus it's really difficult. I've trouble remembering things, thus my grades in school fell like a deckhouse last season.
 For example I was just going to check my book to check the macros I had written down, and it's literally on the desk behind me, as I check it and turn back to write it here I forget it, I did this 3 times, stuff like this happens more often now, makes me kinda sound like a retard lol, but that's the way it is.

 And I've always been cold really easy, e.g in spring when I'm outside I was shivering whilst my friends think it's super hot. Shivering in classroom etc. Also been feeling down, like I don't really feel sad sad like when you cry or something bad happend. More of like, a numbness to any type of feeling. Like I don't have a drive to do anything.

 This one might sound abit weird but when I lost my virginity I wasn't like super estatic afterwards like my friends, but I was more like like smilingg for like 20-30 min then I was dead as usual. What I'm trying say is I don't have like those adrenaline kicks or what you wanna call them after you do something fun, like hanging out with friends, meeting a girl, like when you're out with a girl and making out etc, I don't have the rush of being in ''love'', like I just do it to do it, just going through the motion, like you would read a newspaper, or browsing the web etc. I don't enjoy anything anymore, yes,  that's how you can sum it up easily.

As far as erections go, no morning wood anymore and spontaenous erections are non-existent, also semi-hard and not rock hard anymore.

 I had to push an incompetent doctor to write me a note to an endocrinologist, which I've now waited 3 months for, I will have an appointment in 1-2 weeks now, and my family can't afford private doctors, so I really gotta make this shot count. I'm looking for help/links whatever that can support that there is something wrong with my blood values, the problem is that the doctors in my country (Sweden) are very anal about reference ranges and will only treat you if you're pretty much dying. I've read that some people were below reference 6-8nmol, and didn't get treatment until they pushed the doctors and had to take action themselves.

 I really don't want to go on TRT at my young age, and I have my own theory that in my case the SHGB and thyroid values are linked together (read here on peaktestosterone, and seems to be the case in my situation?), and if I somehow fix the thyroid problem my T would also rise closer to an average level for my age, maybe not an optimal T level, but atleast high enough for me to feel normal again and to put some  muscle mass on me.

BF: 17-18%
HEight 5'10
Weight: 75-77kg

I've taking following supplements since my second blood test in May: Zinc, magnesium, Vitamin D, fish oil, multivitamin
I make sure I get 8-9 hrs sleep per day. And during the time of the tests I was doing 5x5 and following a 45C/30P/25F surplus

Blood test 1 taken 8-9AM
total testosterone: 12.8nmol/L or 369ng/DL (8.0-30)

B-leukocyter 7.5x10^9/L (5.0-13.0)
S-calciumion (ph.7.4) 1.25mnol/L (1.20-1.38)
P-kreatinin(enz) 91umol/L (60-105)
TSH 3.2mIU/L (0.4-3.7)

blood test 2 taken 8-9am
total testosterone: 15nmol/L or 433ng/DL
SHGB: 18nmol/L (10-80)

test/shgb ratio 0.83 (0.3-1.1)

When I saw the test I argued with him that my testosterone is not normal for my age but he said it's perfectly normal, eventually he gave in and offered to write a referral to an endo.

So I'm looking for help on what I can say to the endo I will meet to point him/her in the right direction, or maybe what tests I should suggest for him to take? Also if anyone sees a problem with my blood values?

if anyone have the link to the document where AACE recommends TSH reference values to be lowered to 3 it would be really helpful if you linked, I tried finding it but I just got some error instead.

Another question that is very important for me. Does anyone have any knowledge/experience with treating hypothyroidism with iosol iodine, I've read around on a protocol that has successfully treated hashimitos with iodine drops, but I'm afraid to self medicate

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