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So I just finished tapering off clonazepam. Was on it for 6-7 years and tapered extremely slow. About 2 months ago I ran out of hcg. Ever since my sleep has been horrific. I watched a Nelson vergel video about how hcg mimics lh but helps create hormones down the line like progesterone etc.
Does anyone think this could be the reason for my sleep being so bad?  Sleep has never been great throughout my taper but itís almost non existent now. I have some hcg coming in about 3-4 days.  Thanks.

I just finished a taper off clonazepam which was hell.  I fall asleep fine but wake up sweating mildly and wired.  I have a feeling my cortisol is spiking at the wrong time due to adrenal fatigue or something like that.  Literally sleeping less than 4 hrs a night but most nights way worse.  Any feedback would be appreciated.

so i have some bloodwork back. my Alt is 47.  which is 1 point above the top of the range. this is a liver test according to quick google search. 
then my BUN/creatinine ratio is at 24.1.  this is over 2 points the high range number.  Anyone have thoughts about this? I am just finishing up a taper off clonazepam and i take vitamins and melatonin for sleep and an occasional sleeping pill   Thanks for any feedback!!

Has anyone ordered bloodwork in NYS from life extension?  I ordered and am having trouble finding a clinic that will draw blood. Life extension is saying I can't use LabCorp. I did this 2 yrs ago and used LabCorp. Thxx for any help.

This is a urinary test.  It can detect high and low levels of neurotransmitters.  Has anyone ever heard of it?  Also, if results found are off one way or the other what can we do to fix it other than ADs and benzos?  If you go to their website you'll be able to find it. I thought this was very interesting!

So,,,, I have been taking 20mg dhea and 30mg pregnenolone in a compounded tablet through defy medical.  Also, taking HCG 250units EOD.  Then, .10ml Tcyp EOD. 
 My dhea went up to 293 from 170.  That's good maybe want to go higher though.  My progesterone though went from .4 to .1!!!! This seems crazy.!!! I will be consulting with Defy soon.  I am waiting on other labs for Testosterone total and free.  Any thoughts on this!! I am thinking Dr saya will raise my dhea and put me on straight progesterone pills or cream??!! Thxx. PS.  I am tapering off clonazepam as well during all this.  It's been slow and painful, but just wanted to add that!!

Is there any research on anti depressants and benzos like clonazepam affecting T levels?? I am weaning  off clonazepam and it's tough.  While doing a lot of research these meds are made to slow down brain activity but along the way many other things slow down as well.  This subject has been on my mind a lot lately.  Once I am off clonazepam I am toying with the idea of seeing if I can do a restart.  I have an appointment with dr saya next week and I will pick his brain on this!!!

LH- 0.1--  Range 1.7-8.6

Dhea- 172-  Range 102-416

Estradiol (sensitive). 22 That's a good number!!

Progesterone-0.4 - Range  0.2-1.7.  This has always been low and hcg never moved that number.

So my questions!!
If I have been on TRT for 1.5 yrs does LH matter anymore? I am unfamiliar with that!

Should my dhea be up? It's in range but a little bit low end of range!

I will talk to dr saya about the progesterone, hoping we can get it raised and it will help me taper off clonazepam.

My estradiol is in good shape. Doing .10ml EOD, subq. 

I am tapering off clonazepam, and I am fatigued and have poor exercise recovery.  This is mostly due to the benzo tapering IMO.  Sex drive and erections are decent nonetheless!

I am meeting with dr saya in July sometime. Looking forward to that!!

Dr. wants me to take 50mg pregnenolone caps to raise my progesterone. My progesterone is at 0.4 before TRT and 0.4 after TRT plus using HCG.  If HCG didn't raise my progesterone would pregnenolone? Thanks all!!

Any questions thoughts on this? I have a few mercury fillings and have been reading up on them! They certainly cause neurological issues and I have them.!! Just looking for any thoughts!??

Pre TRT my progesterone was 0.4. After being on TRT for 8 months and then HCG for the past 2 months my progesterone is exactly the same!!
1) Does this mean that the enzyme that converts HCG to progesterone is defective?
2) Can this be why my recent cortisol test came back very high?
3) Should I try progesterone creams?
4) Should I stop taking HCG?

Any other suggestions and help is greatly appreciated. I am sleeping horribly. I am not too depressed, but just zombeish and low stress tolerance!!

I am a hurting dude!! Just literally cannot sleep. I fall asleep fine. Within the hour I wake up and cannot get back to sleep. I stopped my hcg for past two days. My cortisol urine test was really high. I am taking seriphos and quit the coffee and sugar this week as well. This has been going on for a while now, mixed in with some really decent night's. I am to the point of complete exhaustion. So, can T cyp raise cortisol? Can I skip a dose or two and see what happens?. I am with defy medical so I will be calling them today.  Thanks all!

Just trying to rule out all things. I had a 24 hr urine test done since being on hcg for 8 weeks or so.  My cortisol was very high and i have all the symptoms. Can it raise cortisol? Maybe raise another hormone that could cause cortisol to raise. I am mostly sure that it is not the cause, but I have been wrong before!!

My results are 65!! Range is 0-50 according to the life extension email I received.  What are my options to lower cortisol.  Quitting coffee, even decaf, and am currently taking seriphos!  What types of drs deal with this issue? Thanks guys!!

So I have some new labs since switching from 50mg e3d subq to 30mg e3d IM plus 70-80 hcg daily.

All labs are from 30mg e3d IM plus 70-80 hcg daily!!

Estradiol- 21.7 (LabCorp ultrasensitive)
               35 (Quest, not sure what test!) ** Both of these labs were pulled on the same day 2 hours apart**
Total T- 536
Free T- 121 (35-155)
Hematocrit- 52 (not good, donating blood)

The E2 reading is obviously good and shows that the non sensitive can be inaccurate. These labs were pulled on the trough day before I injected. I ordered the Estradiol through defy medical and then had the quest labs ran through my urologists office.


I do feel sluggish. Sex drive is pretty good, erections are pretty good.
Should I up my dose a bit? Would this help with the sluggishness?

If I go to the same dose but Subq, would my E2 crash below 20? I do like the idea of subq over IM!!

How about an EOD dose like PeakT? 25mg subq maybe? Maybe doing a solid 100IU or HCG?

I feel decent and stable but know that I need a tweak to feel more energetic and clear minded. Any suggestions welcomed!! Thanks.

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