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Hi, i have used hcg 200iu twice a week for the last couple of months, lets say i quit today how long does it take for all effects from hcg to vanish?
Regards S

Been using hcg 450IU 3 times a week for a couple of years and it usually puts T at 18-22 with reference range 10-30, added in tostrex and back in november tested at 47, no retest despite suspicion of false high test, dose of tostrex lowered from full to half.

August 11 my gp tested estradiol at 217 range 50-160, added in 0.1mg arimidex a day didnt feel any improvement so after 2 weeks i increased to 0.2mg a day.
2 weeks ago some other tests was taken including T which was at 3.1 with reference 8-30

3.1 is the lowest result to date for T and thats WITH both hcg and tostrex, the second lowest was 4.9 and it was without any treatment at all.

Another weird thing is that i have been using cortisol for more then 2 months and still tests "normal", prednisolon 10mg for 35 days then 20-35mg hydrocortisone most days.
2 weeks ago i woke up at 4pm took 10mg prednisolon, around midnight i feel asleep and woke up 2am took another 5mg prednisolon and watched movies until morning, about 9am blood was drawn and cortisol tested at 317 with reference range 133-537.

What could cause T to be so low despite treatment working well before?
What could cause cortisol to be mid range despite the use of prednisolone?


Hi, im having increasing issues with weak erections, low libido, unable to relax, worse concentrations.

This can be divided into three parts, 1.  feels ok during sleep and waking up, at this time both libido and erections are normal 2. during afternoon and evening it comes and goes 20 minutes here a couple of hours there, when its really bad i cant even stay still both feet and hands moving all over the place 3. most of the time iTs in the middle.

For many years had gi issues so from time to time been using enemas to solve issues or prevent issues, 5 years ago it was easy to take 2 litre of water in less then 60 seconds without any discomfort and 5-15 minutes for all the glory to go down the drain.
Now its more like 60 minutes for 1 litre of water with discomfort and sometimes more then one hour to evacuate, feels like the muscles are tensed and unable to relax.

Both psychologists and psychiatrists are in agreement that i dont suffer from anxiety, depression or any other treatable mental health issue, all of them see the issues as strictly phsycial also had the gi issues looked into but nothing wrong have been found.

Acth above range and cortisol in lower end of range, hydrocortisone does have positive effects on this but only to some extent, other effects are lower blood pressure, lower heart rate in rest, chronic hunger -> normal hunger, increased body temperature measured 38.5celsius after driving to the store on my motorcycle in thin clothes with an air temperature of 20 celsius, about 60% improvement for gi issues but can still go 4-5 days between toilet visits.

Used erfa thyroid for more then 1 year not much of a difference despite medicating so free t3 is at the very top of range, hcg 450IU 3 times a week keeps testosterone in the middle of reference range, tried boosting testosterone a little with testogel but didnt feel any improvement.

Tried l-theanine and Valeriana officinalis L., radix in high doses a couple of days ago, might have had positive effects or i just had a good day hard to tell.
NAC, got decent effect day 1 but then the effect declined and now its more or less zero, same happened when i tried tongkat ali.

Anything else worth trying?

Recently tested T and it was way higher then usual, way above reference.

Hcg 450IU 3 times a week usually puts me around 19-23 with reference 9-30, testogel 2 satchels usually put me at 11-13 at the time of testing i had only taken 1 satchel so guessed T would be around 24, previous test before summer was 24 with this protocol.
Last week i had T checked and now it was 47 with reference 9-30, never been close to that number before when i used nebido i peaked at 29-30 a week after injection.

The only difference this time was that i had taken tongkat ali for a week, is there any solid data around that tongkat ali can increase T?

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / eeeeeeeee
« on: April 01, 2017, 11:10:34 pm »

There is a snowballs chance in hell that i can get testo E/C prescribed since it requires a license which is extremely hard to get but testogel is alot easier so i wonder what difference is it between testogel + hcg and injections + hcg?


When taking carnitine and it does have positive effect, does the effect come slow or does it come fast?

Saw a claim today that dhea protects against osteoporosis, any substance to that claim?


Thoughts on this? could a neuroinflammation have a LH and/or FSH lowering effect?


Im recently diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and lately i have read lots and lots of claims that ME often is caused by chronic infections and lyme is pretty high up on the list, one part of this is that chronic infections can cause the immune system to break down.

I have hypothyrodism but all tests looks ok on paper, free t4 low in range, free t3 midrange and tsh mid to high in range and no antibodies so im medicated because of positive effects, can chronic infections cause hypothyrodism?

Testosteron deficiency, also this is a bit unclear health care claims its weight related which i dont buy since T dropped with over 50% between 2004 and 2009 while my weight was about the same, can chronic infections cause low T?

Cortisol, again on paper it looks ok usually mid range and result of synactentest was good but when i tried hydrocortisone i got effects like better sleep, less hungry, lower blood sugar, lower heart rate, lower blood pressure, more energy..can it be related to chronic infections?


I have heard time and time again from health care that synthetic and natural thyroid hormones are bio identical but are they? recently i read an article that claimed there are differences.

Synthetic hormones are free while natural hormones are bound, if a synthetic t4 molecule is 1mm big then a natural t4 molecule is in comparison over 10cm big.

Anyone else read anything about this?

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / change of protocol?
« on: November 14, 2016, 07:30:41 pm »
3 times a week(monday wednesday friday) i take a combo of 450IU pregnyl, 0.1-0.15mg arimidex and 25mg testogel, it doesnt work good but its the best so far.
Noticed that wednesday and thursday is usually the days i feel best, strongest erection and libido while saturday and sunday is the worst.
I dont have anythin other than this that changes regularly, does anyone know why i feel better midweek then end of week?


For various reasons im almost out of draw up needle's and cant get any new for maybe 10-14 days, the needle is only used to mix hcg ampoules...how stupid would it be to boil a needle and then use it a second time?


I can give more then a dozen examples of this but im going to stick with estradiol, i ran 22pg/ml through 3 different converters to change unit from pg/ml to pmol/l which is used where i live and got ~81.

A little over 1 year ago when i had estradiol tested reference range was 50-162 and 81 is not a bad number right...a couple of months ago estradiol was tested again and now reference range had changed to 95-223 which puts 81 below range which isnt that good and this work the other way as well.
Both tests have the same unit, both tests was analysed by the same laboratory the only difference is a change of method used to analyse estradiol, the new method yields a higher result and therefore a higher reference range.

Seems unit are not an exact measurement and therefore cant be compared without reference range.

Elevated estriol and/or estron with normal levels of estradiol, could it have similar symptoms as elevated estradiol?

If estriol and/or estron is elevated, could lowering estradiol below reference range to some extent lessen symptoms of estrogen dominance?


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