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Sure, let's see the home brew.   ;D

OP:  Lots of guys swear by magnesium oil.  I'm a little more primitive and take a multi-type powder.

Also, some guys swear that taken before bed it is quite relaxing and helps with sleep.  This would really help with recovery...

Magnesium oil is made by dissolving magnesium chloride flakes in distilled water. This produces a relatively watery solution that has an oily feel and is widely regarded as a healing application for post surgical topical applications.
The solution for internal consumption is magnesium chloride hexahydrate salt dissolved in purified or pure mineral water.
The salt can be purchased without prescription from a pharmacy. The recommended mix is 33 grams of the salt granules in one litre of water and the recommended dose is 70ml per day in one dose or split doses. Most people have no trouble supporting this dose although some report mild abdominal pains or diarrhea for the first few days. Magnesium is used as a laxative in much higher doses.
My wife suffers from a nasty genetic skin condition and has been using the hexahydrate formula for the last six months with amazing results. I also went along with this for moral support, although I do not have any specific reason to benefit. Nevertheless, I find that I get no adverse effects.

I've been using Sustanon 250 subq for a couple of years now and I find it so much more comfortable than IM into the outer thigh (lateral quads) with a 25G 1-inch needle. That always caused a muscle ache above the knee for 3-4 days.
For the subq injection, I use a 30G 3/8 inch needle. These are very difficult to fill by suction and puncturing a vial blunts the needle. To avoid this, I back-fill a batch of syringes and keep them in a sterile bag at room temperature. Back-filling is easy to do and preserves the sharpness of the needle.
If you need back-filling guidance, let me know.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Hydrocele
« on: June 19, 2015, 10:27:50 pm »
We hear a lot about guys with varicocele but not so much about those with hydrocele (which is what I had in 2005). The symptoms are similar but the surgical repair technique is quite different. Whereas varicocele involves the blood vessels in or around one testicle, hydrocele is a collection of fluid in the outer 'skin' of one testicle.
The main symptom of hydrocele is that the affected testicle can swell to a considerable size - if allowed to. (Billiard ball size in my case.)
Hydrocele repair is a difficult procedure because it involves removal of the protective membrane surrounding the testicle to avoid recurrence. We all know how delicate the testicles are so you can imagine the impact of stripping away the surface and leaving the testicle unprotected. Somehow or other, it seems to work, although the repaired testicle does seem a bit squishy.
Apart from that everything seems to function as it should. In my case, I get quite a bit of testicular and inguinal pain but it's bearable. However, I suspect that it contributes to my ED.

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This is certainly not my experience. I was injecting 1 ml Sustanon 250 in the quads every 3 weeks and my TT leveled at a little above mid-range. I then switched to 0.15ml subq 3x  p.w. (=1ml every 2 weeks). My TT level rapidly rose above the top of the range and so did my RBC count. Reducing the dose to 0.11ml subq 3x  p.w. (=1ml every 3 weeks) brought the levels back within range.
Despite all this, TRT has not had any effect on my ED.

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The side effects of taking it can be extremely uncomfortable, which is why I tend not to take the big doses some people suggest.

As mentioned here:


If you take high doses of Niacin with meals, the side-effects are minimised or are non-existent, as in my case.

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I used to suffer RLS so badly that I was afraid to go to bed. Then someone suggested a magnesium/calcium tablet that had a miraculous and immediate effect. The RLS comes back if I run out of those tablets so I am satisfied that it works for me. No doubt you could find something similar in a health food store and give it a try.

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We've had a couple of guys on here who have tried DHEA and feel better using it anecdotally.  So it's just something you have to try.  I always encourage, when it comes to hormones, to work with a knowledgeable doc and start low and work your way higher if need be.

I forget the link, but a thread on allthingsmale (with Dr. Crisler) talked about supplementing with DHEA to backfill hormonal pathways, due to DHEA going down on TRT.  He specifically said to apply DHEA transdermally rather than orally, though... but what if one couldn't absorb T transdermally? Would DHEA not absorb either?

Absorption depends partly on the permeability of the skin but also on the base in which the active product is mixed. Some T gels are absorbed more effectively than others and the same would apply to DHEA formulas.
Probably the most absorbent gel base is DMSO but that has the disadvantage of imparting an unpleasant body odour. The next best absorber is MSM gel, which is readily available from pharmacies. Compounding pharmacies might be willing to use msm gel as the basis of a blend but some guys mix their own by simply adding a drop of msm gel to whatever formulation the pharmacy makes up.
MSM gel is usually well-tolerated but its always best to do a skin test to be sure. Check with your doctor or pharmacy beforehand.

As a new boy, I would like to add nerve damage from groin surgery as a potential cause of ED. That includes such routine interventions as inguinal hernia repair, hydrocele repair, varicocele repair, vasectomy, testicular cancer and prostate cancer. In my own case, I had a vasectomy in 1972 and a hernia repair in 1995. I started to experience ED sometime before 1999 and started using Viagra at that time. I had a hydrocele repair in 2005 and that seemed to finalise my erectile capability.
I have always had the feeling that the hernia repair was the initiation of ED for me as it just continued to steadily decline from that point on.

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