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Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Hepatitis C and T
« on: March 04, 2017, 11:45:33 am »
So after being on cruise control for a year...all levels good, feeling good, etc....I get infected with HEP C via a tattoo...the good news is that being diligent about my T level. blood testing, blood donation, they caught this within 4 weeks of being infected - almost unheard of...I go to see a Gasto doc and he tells me to stop doing Cypionate injections that these numbers can have an impact on liver enzymes and this is an area he will be monitoring on a 2 week basis as my body begins to fight this off naturally (lets hope I can or I will start treatment in 6 months).....So my question is this...is it a smart thing to stop T cold turkey? In two weeks time my libido has already dropped significantly and my energy is definitely down....which is a known symptom of HEP C.....I was doing 100mg per week, once a week. Anyone up here take T with HEP C? your thoughts and recommendations....I am not taking any meds to terat HEP C at the moment and wont be for at least another 4 months....My AST and ALT are currently elevated do to the virus...levels have begun to drop..but are still high....However, when I was on T they were very, very normal....Thoughts, comments, suggestions? Thanks.

All, I am running into a few roadblocks with my current Endo doc. Can anyone recommend a good TRT doc on Long Island, NY? Thanks In Advance, BB

So I just met with my Endo who has been working with me for the last 6 months to get zero'd in on Test Cyp....I am currently injecting IM 80 mg's e5d...Previously I was doing 100 e4d. So my blood results (Quest) look like this:

T 534
T FREE 122.8
RBC 5.83 H

So my T dropped to 534 from ~775. Has not changed my libido - all pretty good. However, it has not helped my fatigue. I feel horrible. Also been getting very flush, bags under eyes. Ironically, since lowering dose I have been sleeping much better. So I asked my doctor about Arimidex, she told me that although the Estradiol is slightly elevated the ratio is good. She mentioned that when I was at ~775 my E was 51, so it dropped. I asked if this could be contributing to fatigue - she didnt think so. Did not want to prescribe Arimidex. She also mentioned that the flushing in my face could be attributed to Hematocrit being high - that I should donate blood ASAP. I usually do donate blood just hadnt done so before blood test.

So heres what Im thinking, Im going to drop my Test Cyp down to 60 but inject e4d. That would put me at 150 e10d total, vs 160 e10d which I am doing today (80 e5d). Im hoping the mild decrease in T and the shorter cycle may help with E level....Any thoughts, I sure wish i was feeling better.....Thanks, BB

As mentioned in previous post, doc bumped me up to 100mg Test Cyp IM e4d. Since doing so almost 6 weeks ago I feel worse, all the usual symptoms...I know my e2 is too high and Im going to ask doc to lower my T dose....however, at one point I was on 100 mg e7d and felt like I do today....So based on my updated labs what would be a recommended dose? knowing that I inject IM e4d 100mg....I go to see endo today and would love to hear your suggestions before she makes hers...(PS, I also am using Dim-plus). Thanks, BB

RDW 15.2 H 11-15 %
FSH <0.7 L 1.6-8 MIU/ML LI

On December 2nd I started taking 1cc or 100ml IM Test Cyp injections e4d. I have followed up on the 6th, 10th and 14th with injections. My doctor had suggested that I wait 3 weeks to get my blood tested. 3 weeks would put me around the 23rd of Dec. Which would be 1 day after my injection on the 22nd....too close to start of cycle..true?

So, if I shortened my cycle and injected on the 17th and 20th (3 day cycle)....would it skew my numbers if I then had my blood drawn on the 24th? Based on the fact that I had injected twice on 3 day cycle instead of 4 - yet waited 4 days after last injection to get tested? Does this make sense? Sorry for confusion....

Is three weeks enough time to get accurate data from blood test?

Based on the fact that my Hematocrit and Estradiol were high last go around I want to be pretty accurate with this blood test - even though I know doc is going to wind up lowering my dose...I did donate blood last Friday so that should help with the Hematocrit number...

I would wait till after the holidays but this maybe too long based on the fact that numbers were high on half the dose....Your thoughts?

Okay, so I just donated blood at the Red Cross....Will this help me to feel physically better or just lower some of my numbers (E2?) Hematocrits?

As mentioned in previous post...Due to issues with T levels going up/down I went from Axiron to 1ml of 100 mg of T Cyp 1 injection e7d...numbers went up to 750 but felt terrible. I has tested right after going to the gym and thought this may have skewed the results. Retested and T came back at 461....explained to the doc that I was feeling very symptomatic, libido, energy levels, etc....doc bumped me up to 1ml 100 mg e4d. Immediately after injecting 1-2 hours later I felt great with much more energy....but then quickly went back to old self...2nd injection 4 days later same exact effect...I just did the 3 rd injection Tuesday and by Thursday I was shot...so Im hoping someone can help me out with some questions and concerns...

1) are Estrogen, Estradiol and E2 all the same thing or are they different?
2)  My Estradiol level was 40 high could this be causing me to have low energy and libido? my libido seems to be lower than when I was on lower dose of T.
3) I workout for a couple of hours everyday in the gym 5-6 days per week...Could this be counterintuitive?
4) My Hematocrit level was high at 51.9 (at 461 T level) could this be causing symptoms?
5) I have been going to sleep everynight between 9-10pm but wake up at 3:15 like clockwork....usually toss and turn till 4:30 then get out of bed for the day. Common side effect? anything I can do?
6) ive been reading about zinc...is this something I should be taking?

My diet is good, I do Paleo WOE. However, I do weigh 260 lbs....am working to cut down weight... Does anyone anything out of whack that might be screwing me up?

Lastly how long do you think I should wait before having my blood tested? this is the 12th day I have been on new dose. Is there any danger in waiting till the holidays are over.....say 5 weeks total since start of new dose? Thanks for your help BB

Looking for some advice regarding training intensity and duration....a little about me, I am 49 - 261 lbs, currently on TRT...200mg every 8 days...I have been exercising for 14 months. Last six months I have been weight training 5 days a week (m-f) for 1.5 hours a day....last week I started adding 30 minutes of real slow (3.8 mph) treadmill walk. I try and follow a Paleo woe and have lost 40lbs since starting 15 months ago. The forty lbs came off within the first 6 months but for the last 8 months I have stayed around the same weight give or take 3-5lbs....

I eat eggs, chicken w/skin, 1 ribeye per week, a lot of salad with some sort of protein wether it be tuna or grilled chicken with balsamic vinegar and olive oil, avocados, almonds, tomatoes and some times feta cheese, broccoli with Kerrygold butter, salmon. I drink more than 8 glasses of water per day. I also have an Isopure carb free protein drink....with a teaspoon of vitamineral.

I take vitamin code whole food multivitamins, fish oil 1200x3, vitamin d 1x1000, magnesium, metformin, synthroid, baby aspirin...

So how do I get my body back into fat burning mode? Trainer at gym says not to increase the intensity of my cardio or I will start burning muscle instead of fat...any thoughts? any suggestions about tweeking diet? Thanks in advance, BB

All, this is my first post, so please be patient with me...I have looked at many sites and read a lot of different research...yet, I still have some questions which I hope this forum will help me resolve...ley me start by describing my current situation..first and foremost, I am no bodybuilder (obvious when you see my stats) thanks in advance.

male/261bs - dropped 40lbs in last year
49 years young
low T - initially 200 range

So when originally diagnosed with Low T I was experiencing the normal symptoms, fatigue, weight gain and low libido. Doctor started me on Axiron, immediately experienced positive results. T levels rose with 1 pump under each arm 1x per day, then dropped off. Eventually doing 2 pumps under each arm every day with varying results (400-1200, eventually 250's). Endo doc then suggested weekly injections .5ml or 100mg per week of Test Cyp....Instantly felt fatigue, libido drop....first blood test was right after workout at 10am... T level 750. Told doc something was wrong, no way was my T at 750...i felt great on axiron around 800 and like a king at 1100....Assumed it was high (750 and feeling terrible) because I tested right after workout (on 6th day after injection). Retested blood again 3 weeks after above mentioned test, T level 460. Tested early in the morning prior to working out - again on 6th day. Had sicussion with doc and she bumped my TRT to .5ml 100mg every 4 days.....so lets assume this is around 200mg per week. (really 200mg per 8 days)....injected this morning (Wed) and will inject again Saturday with 22g needle. So thats where I am at...now for my questions....and thanks again for being patient with me.

200mgs is a decent dose from what I have read...although 100mgs seems like the average for TRT...Im assuming here. I go to the gym 5 days per week. Up until yesterday I would spend 1.5 hours lifting and bullshitting....I was following a Paleo style way of eating...I have dropped 40 lbs in the past year...I have not done a whole lot of cardio. However, I am now going to scale back the amount of time I was lifting (too many injuries and unnecessary to spend that much time lifting) and increase my cardio - guru told me to walk at 3.8 for 45 minutes...after each workout so I dont burn too much muscle....So my questions to this forum are...

1) Does 200mgs per week seem like a decent dose as TRT? I definitely dont think i need more, possibly less?
2) If I increase light cardio workout to 30-45 mins per day 5 days per week, would i lose weight?
3) should I maintain my Paleo way of eating, chicken, fish, eggs, 1 ribe eye per week, Almonds, feta cheese, tomatoes, olive oil and vinegar, avocados, bacon, butter, almost all carbs from veggies?
4) as my T is prescription, when would you suggest I do bloodwork, doc suggests that I go 2 days into "cycle" since my cycle is 4 days...also suggests I go in morning...however, i have a feeling if I go at these times my numbers will be hiigh again and she will cut me back - which may not be a great thing...
5) doc is obviously worried about Estrogen, Red Blood Counts, etc..the following stats are from my most recent bw...these are the only numbers that are "out of range"...Should I be concerned about any of these numbers and have a further discussion with my endo? please keep in mind these numbers were based on lower TRT...now my medication has almost doubled per week...I plan to retest in 3 weeks ..based on feedback i get from this forum as to which day in the cycle...

HEMATOCRIT 51.9 H should be 38.5-50 %
RDW 15.1 H should be 11-15 %
FSH <0.7 L should be 1.6-8 MIU/ML
LH,PEDIATRICS <0.2 L should be 1.5-9.3 MIU/ML
ESTRADIOL 40 H should be <OR = 39 PG/ML

Thanks In advance for any feedback you provide, BB

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