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curious about this since only way to get social insurance to pay gh treatment for you  (or get even treatment legally) is if stimulation test show you have gh deficiency, dosn't matter what igf-1 or igf-3 levels are.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / unable to gain weight
« on: January 20, 2016, 05:11:09 am »
Long story short,  22 yrs old male, been on trt for over a year (125mg sustanon weekly split to two im injections along with 250hcg. We tried with my doctor hcg monotherapy but it didn't work. All labs are fine despite last lab my shbg was lower than six months ago (17) so my free t is over the range.
Always been skinny fat gay despite eating a lot (3000 cals daily along with mma training/weights) never been able to gain weight much and most i've ever weight is propably about 140. I'm 5'10.
I've been on different doctors but no one hasn't been able to say why i cant' gain weight. Currently on trt not feeling physically that much better than before trt. Still experiencing weakness, fatigue and cognitional symptoms. I'll write more later and post labs but is there anything that could help me. Thyroid labs are fine, tsh,ft3,ft4,reverse 3 etc. Except i don't have growth hormone levels measured.

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