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New to the Forum. I'm seeking advice on how best to raise my T. My T is 222 (blood work done around Noon) and  it was 154 (blood work done at 4:00 pm). I'm 33 and 160 pounds.

Prior to my recent discovery of low T, I suffered anxiety, night panic attacks, chronic/severe insomnia, heart palpitations, chronic fatigue, depression, and sinus tachycardia. I also had a past infection of the Epstein Barr Virus. I also had a low DHEA reading back in February.

These symptoms have gone on for seven months. I have less anxiety now, but still suffer insomnia, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, depression, no libido and heart pounding in my chest at night.

I suspect the low T is now contributing to the chronic insomnia. MRI and EEG came back normal. I'm scheduled for a sleep study in two weeks.

My doc wants me to try Androgel, but I'm hesitant. Should I get a second opinion from an Endo or Urologist first?

Thank you for listening.

Contact Defy medical. They will lead you in the right direction. All local docs are unexperienced in testosterone filed. Defy will order the correct lab work and start a plan for you.

I haven't posted in a while.  I will give a summary of my situation. Two years ago i was diagnosed with high prolactin of 162. I had symptoms of low energy and no sex drive. They did a mri of pituitary and didn't really see anything. They put me on cabergoline to lower my prolactin and i was on it for a while. My testosterone was also low in the 300 range. I'm in my late twenties so i figured this to be low.  The cabergoline didn't help much. I was on it for 14 months. I was able to regain my erections but the sensitivity wasn't great.  I was not to thrilled about my progress.  I didn't seem the pills were doing much for me.  I still felt tired and carried alot of body fat.  I never had this much body fat in my entire life which is very odd to me.  When i went to the urologists office like a year ago they tested my fsh and told me my testicles were failing due to my high fsh and they couldn't do anything about it.  My lh is in the normal range so go figure.  I was also told i have hashimotos. low vitamin d. and low dhea.   I also have slow bowel movements.  I think my situation was either caused by a tetanus vaccine or antibiotics i took. After i took them i experienced my rapid decline in health two days later. I lost alot of weight mysteriously the next two weeks. My body just shut down and i couldn't eat. I lost around 20 pounds in two weeks. I didn't know what the hell was going on with me so i went to the ER to find out.  They ran some tests and told me i'm fine. For months afterwards my arm was sore were my doctor injected the vaccine.  Doctors told me its not possible and its in my head.   

Fast forward today.  Here is where i stand  i've been off the cabergoline for about 3 maybe 4 months.  I went to a new endocrinologist. She is a nice lady.  I told her my situation and she wanted to run all my pituitary test hormones to see if any other hormones are affected.  She also wants me to do an mri with contrast which i am dreading.  I don't see the relevance in it since the last test they didn't see anything. Maybe so the hospital can make more money?

Here are my test results from like 2 weeks ago.  The test was done early in the morning. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks.

ACTH   62 pg/mL          6 - 50 pg/mL

CORTISOL   17.4 UG/DL   2.9 - 19.4 UG/DL

FREE T4   1.1 NG/DL         0.8 - 1.7 NG/DL

TSH   6.13 UU/ML                 0.40 - 4.60 UU/ML

PROLACTIN   23 NG/ML         2 - 18 NG/ML

TESTOSTERONE, TOTAL   483 ng/dL   250 - 1100 ng/dL

FREE TESTOSTERONE   108.2 pg/mL   35.0 - 155.0 pg/mL

FSH   20.2 MIU/ML        13-70 YEARS: 1-15 MIU/ML

LUTEINIZING HORMONE   5.4 MIU/ML      AGES 21-70: 2.0-6.0 MIU/ML

VITAMIN D, 25-HYDROXY   20 NG/ML   30 - 80 NG/ML

IGF-1   205 ng/mL   53 - 331 ng/mL

Do you guys think the acth hormone is high enough to give me problems?  Can the elevated prolactin still be causing me issues? I know its not super high.  I read an article that says high prolactin leads to obesity.  I still have crap energy.  My libido is not great. I am able to get erections and have intercourse. My sensitivity is not good.  My endo says my testosterone is fine.  I don't think it is for someone my age.  I asked if i should go back on the cabergoline and she said she will decide after my mri.   So yeah thats where i stand.  I mean i don't feel like complete crap which is a plus, but i don't feel 100 percent optimal.   Like my body is being held back.  I'm just wondering which is the right step. i'm taking vitamin d daily.  Should i be taking pills for my thyroid? My dads tsh and my friend checked thiers and it is at 1.7.  Mine is really sluggish compared to theirs.  Is that contributing as well?

Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks guys.

Hey guys i haven't posted on here for  a while just thought i would get your opinion on my situation and let you know how i'm doing.

So i talked to Dr. Saya a month ago from defy and he put me on 350ml of hcg for a month then plans on doing a clomid restart. The month is almost up and i wanted to know how you guys feel about this.

I don't notice much from the hcg. I still feel basically the same. My testicles don't seem to be any bigger. Maybe just very slightly.  Dr. Saya will also treat my hashimoto's and have me do bloodwork and will determine the best course of action once i consult with him in a couple of days.

Does anyone know how the clomid restart would work? How long i would have to be on it? Also does hcg lower lh and fsh in your body? does anyone know this?

All in all Dr. Saya seemed very nice and answered all of my questions. He also put me on 40 mg of dhea daily since mine were low.

Thanks alot guys

Hey guys here is where i currently stand.  I used to have high prolactin of 167. I started meds then got it down to normal around 13.  I stopped my cabergoline medication and checked my levels again recently.

My prolactin is at 17 on a scale from 4-15  Its still high but i have stopped taking the cabergoline for 7 weeks when i got the test done.

Recently the past couple of days i've been having these massive headaches in the back of my head.  I was debating a couple of times of going to the emergency room and having them scan my head. It gets worse in severity then eases up but doesn't leave completely.

I also developed an eye floater in my right eye.  Very annoying. It looks to have gotten a little bit bigger in the recent days. I don't know if its connected to my headaches or not but i'm thinking it is.

So i'm wondering is my tumor growing again that's causing these headaches or is something else going on here. Did i burst a blood vessel in my brain or something? Its very debilitating.

Do you guys think this is some kind of migrane or something more serious?   

So my endo calls me last night at around 9 30 and goes over the blood work i did at his office. This was like two weeks ago now he finally calls me.

He tell me my testosterone level of 393 was normal and how he described it as me having "a generous amount"  Keep in mind i'm 30 years old and i know this is not a normal level for me.

He then also asked why i have i been going to the sperm analysis so often. I told him i'm saving for the future and putting them in storage.

He looks over my bloodwork and says since my bloodwork is in the normal range that my sperm count doesn't make sense.

My sperm count is like virtually non existent according to the sperm analysis. He said why am i spending so much money going there when each time it costs like 400 or 500 dollars.

I told him i have no choice.  He then says that maybe my tubes that carry sperm have a blockage. Perhaps from a past infection or something.

He also says there is a test for it called a fructose test which would determine if there is or not. He said i should contact my urologist and ask about it.

So i wrote my urologist today asking about it and i will get it done asap.  One thing that doesn't make sense is wouldn't the urologist brought that issue up when i saw him the past 2 occassions?  Or maybe me freezing sperm is more money in his pocket? Is that why he didn't bring up a blockage issue?

What do you guys think?  Also i told you guys how my testicles have always been sensitive to touch and achy at times.  Is it possible i have a low grade infection in my testicles? Should i roll the dice and try some antibiotics for a week?

Thanks guys.

So i've been on clomid for almost 2 weeks i would say. I don't notice any visual disturbances, thank god.  I've been taking 12.5 eod. Also 10,000 vitamin d3 a day. Heres what i have noticed.

When i have sex with my gf, my erections are like porn star rock hard. I mean, i've not had erections this hard in the past 10 months.

Libido is not improved. Which sucks. I don't feel the urge for sex but when i do have sex my erections have been flawless.

My drive and motivation has improved the last couple of days.  I mean i had not had this kind of drive and determination since this all started happening to me. My mood has been improved as well. I'm making more jokes and feel better.  I'm also getting back my old personality that i used to have.  My fuse is alittle bit shorter the past couple of days.  I really feel like the old me is coming back.  I've been unmotivated, down and undriven the past 10 months.  But these past couple of days have shown me that low testosterone was the cause of that.  Depression  was caused by my low testosterone  no doubt in my mind.

Also what my mom pointed out to me was that my arm pits smelled when she was close to me.   It was not a strong smell but a smell nonetheless.  I have not had to wear deodorant the past 10  months as well since my arm pits haven't smelled at all.   So the first time in months i was forced to wear deodorant.

I plan to check my levels in a couple of days and see where i'm at.  I'm also praying my prolactin has stayed in the normal range. I've been off my cabergoline med's for a month now.

I will keep you guys updated on my progress. 

So i got the results of the blood work i did at my endo's request at 9 am in the morning.  here are my results. i'm 30 years old by the way.

Total testosterone   250-1100 ng/dL   394

Testosterone Free   35.0-155.0 pg/mL   86.3

fsh 16.3

lh  6.9

VITAMIN D 25 HYDROXY   30.0-100.0 ng/mL   23.2

I haven't talk to the endo yet but i already know what the idiot is going to say.  He's going to say my levels are normal and not to worry.

I tested my testosterone on my own about a month ago and my level of total tesoterone was at like 179.  So how is it possible it went up 200 points in one month?

Also is my free testosterone low for my age? what is more important. Free or total testosterone?

So guess what i finally started taking clomid a couple of days ago.  12.5 eod.  I don't feel much from it.

I did start taking 10,000 mg vitamin d3 everyday..  I think this has helped me alot. I felt pretty good yesterday. Alot more clear headed and just overall better and happier.

I think my condition was a perfect storm that really messed me up. I still have bi lateral varicocele's, plus with low vitamin d, hashimotos and had very very high prolactin. This is what killed my t levels. 

Also how soon should i check my levels while being on clomid? is 2 weeks long enough or too early?

Another thing that pisses me off is that my libido is still shit.  I'm always confused about low t in regards to that. Does low t cause ed or does it cause low libido?

Hey guys, so i saw an endo doctor on friday in my city.  He works at a very good hospital so you would figure he knows his stuff.  The more i learn from the guys here and from the website i realize how very little doctors know or care.

So i get there and i brought all my recent blood work i did on my own to show him. Im sitting in the chair and he walks in and immediately he goes on him computer. He's looking through stuff and typing away. It takes him like 15 minutes before he starts acknowledging my existence.  He then says it looks like from the blood work he has on his computer that my thyroid is fine and my testosterone is normal. He then asks me a series of questions about how i'm feeling, am i tired, how do i sleep, how is my libido, how are my erections, blah blah blah.

Finally after like 20 plus minutes I told him why i'm there.  I told him about how my breasts have grown and how my energy is low and libido.

He looks at the lab work that i done at my own at lapcorp and he says, "i don't know that this was legal to do on your own"
I told him yeah its very easy to do and it is legal.  He looks over it and says these tests are not reliable that i did. I ask him why and he says my testosterone test should be done between 8 and 10 in the morning.  Mines was done at 2 pm.  Yeah okay i agree with him but my t level was at 181.  How much higher is it going to get 4 hours earlier.  I showed him another testosterone reading of 151 from last month but this test didn't have a time on it.  He says i have to come back to his location between 8 and 10 in the morning for an accurate reading.  He also said labcorp doesn't do accurate readings.

He also doesn't acknowledge the high Eosinophilia in my blood. I ask his about it and he says it doesn't mean anything. He saw my high thyroid antibodies and said their is some inflammation in my thyroid.  He didn't say anything about me having hashimoto's.  He said my thyroid was normal.  He didn't know shit about testosterone to estrogen ratios.  He also asked me how much money i blew on these tests.  Kind of trying to make me feel like an idiot for ordering them. I told him not that much.  But apparently if you ordered your own blood tests and care about your health, you are blowing your money away according to him.

Then finally he makes me take of my shirt and yes he does see my breasts have grown.  He then makes me take off my pants so he could measure and check my testicles.  So he measures them and yes they have shrunk a little bit from the last time i saw him. He measure using these wooden testicle things. They went from a 25 to a 20 in size. Whatever that means.

So i ask him what is the next step. What i should do. He then says if he was a betting man, which he is not, that he thinks the signal is not coming from my pituitary gland.  He then drew pictures to explain how the pituitary gland works, blah, blah.  I already knew everything he was talking about from my own research.   So he asked what the urologist diagnoised me with. I told him they didn't tell me anything.  He said, why did they tell you or sperm and testosterone was low.  I told him they didn't tell me anything except to freeze sperm.

He then says that clomid might help the signal and he might prescribe that.  I personally don't know how clomid will help if my lh is at 5.4 and my fsh at 13.5   

So i have to go back on monday to get readings at his lab and then he will call me and go from there.  So overall i was very dissapointed in him.  He didn't acknowledge allot of the issues i had. He didn't even mention hashimotos. didn't prescribe thyroid. Didn't have a plan for my gyno.  A big major letdown.  I think an anti aging clinic would have been better help then this shmuck.   But i will go back for the bloodwork.  the one plus side is that my insurance is free so i doesn't cost me anything to go to doc to doc.

But yeah like most docs, it seems his whole motto is, are you in range, then you must be okay. Not by how do you feel. How is your quality of life.  So yeah thats my story.  I wish i would have recorded it.

Hey guys finally got my results from the bloodwork i ordered last week.  Alot of things i'm confused about.

1.  The high Eosinophils count.  Looking online it said it can be due to autoimmune disease, parasites, etc.

2. My Creatinine serum is a lil high. i don't know why. I don't take any creatine products.

3. Also my testosterone of 187 and my sensitive estridol test of 24.7.  With a testosterone that low shouldn't my estridol be very low as well???

4. Also and the low reverse t3 serum.

5. Also the hashimotos antibodies.

6. What's also weird is that my testosterone a couple of months ago used to be in the 400 to 500 range and now it dropped this much? How is this possible?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks guys.

The link to my results. Its easier to view them that way.  You can hit the zoom button to see it better.



[MODERATOR SPLIT FROM HERE: http://www.peaktestosterone.com/forum/index.php?topic=7592.0]

Quite a ridiculous doc no doubt but on a seperate note does your friend have any of the mental symptoms of low T?

Im just wondering cause at 21 im now in a situation where my T is at 480 (so near 500) with SHBG at like 21 or so but I still got anxiety..

Actually yes he does have the mental symptoms. he has anxiety most of the time and he self medicates with painkillers.  He doesn't have depression i don't think but he always tells me about his anxiety is really bad.  Wow.  When i tell him this it will open a new door for him.  I'm going to convince him to do clomid and see how he feels off of that.

So here's a story about my friend.  Ever since i got diagnosed with high prolactin then i had low t he wanted to check his level's out as well.

So he finds a random doctor through his insurance. He goes in and tells the doc he wants to do a checkup.  He tells the doc my story about having low t and my symptoms and the doctor tells him " You are not your friend"  My friend then asks the doc to check his testosterone levels and the doctor says he "doesn't do illegal practices".   Since when is getting your testosterone checked an ilegal practice? lol   So the doctor only runs my friends basic blood work like thyroid and checks for cholesterol.  My friend gets his results and he found out he has high triglycerides.

So my friend goes back to the doc and finally convinces him to get his testosterone checked out.  The doc finally says yes. My friend asks him what about lh and fsh.  The doc tells him to not worry about it as those are female hormones. lol  True story.

My friend is naive when it comes to all this stuff and if it wasn't for me would believe his doctor. I told him if i was there i would have punched the doctor in the face if he told me something like that.

So my friend got his testosterone results back and it was 500.  So i told him that his levels might be low too for his age. He is 27 years old. He's a little overweight.  He's not fat.  I told him to find a new doc and look into it more.

This has been going on and off in intensity.  Yesterday my gf was touching my right testicle and when she would grab it in certain spots it would hurt. Same as for the right but not as intense. She wasn't be rough or anything. Its just like certain spots they would cause a painful reaction. Not too crazy pain but pain nonetheless.

I was diagnosed with bi lateral varricocles and the urologist said they weren't that big where they should be causing pain.  So i don't get it. I have seen guys on pornos who have had their balls sucked by girls and i'm thinking i would be crying in pain if my gf did that to me.

This is not a normal thing right? Does anyone else get this also? Do you guys feel any any pain or discomfort when your significant other touches your testicles?

I'm starting to wonder if its like a small bacterial infection or can the varicocle's really be causing this?

So i got my results from my doctor about my estrogen but i think they gave me the wrong test and lab. If anyone can comment or offer assistance please help.

Estrogen 89.2    60-190        I think the range they gave me is for females. Am i right?

Also my testosterone  was 159 when i got it checked at the same time.

If they did mess up and give me the womens reference range. Isn't my estrogen too high compared to my testosterone?

Also with testosterone that low shouldn't my body not produce any estrogen at all? WTF is going on.

I'm at my wits end here. This gyno is driving me crazy. I wanna grab a razor and just cut it out myself. What can i take before i have to get surgery done? I've been reading online that some guys say you can't get rid of it and others are saying you can. I have ordered Andractim Testosterone Gel and am waiting for it in the mail. Online it says that it might help. I have also ordered a slew of other things such at Tamoxifen and Arimidex. I read online letro works good too.

Does anyone have any experience dealing with this. I used to have ultra high prolactin and brought it back down to normal. I assume i must have had high estrogen as well but incompetent doctors never checked my estrogen levels while i was dealing with high prolactin. So i think the gyno is from high estrogen. Thanks guys.

So Yesterday i went to get the results of my semen analysis and talk about my varicoceles with the urologist. Here's how it went.

I got there and they scheduled me in the wrong room so i had to wait like an hour to see the doc. First walks in a girl and guy in training and they ask me why i'm here and what my issues are. I told them i'm here because I want the results of my sperm analaysis and about the pain in my testicles. Also about my breast enlargment.

She then makes me drop my pants and examines my balls and dick. She told me she feels it on the left side. She then talks about my sperm results and tells me its very low. Probably in the hundreds of thousands. Which is bad because its supposed to be in the 50 million range. She reccomends i freeze as much as i can so i have some for future use.

She leave and then i wait for 40 minutes untill the doctors partner comes in. He makes me drop my pants again and he examines me too. He tells me he doesn't really feel a varicocele. I asked him what about the pain its causing me and he says its too smal to be causing pain. I show him the results of the ultrasound and he says  they look like small varicoceles even though they are bilateral. He goes on to tell me that they shouldn't have any effect on my sperm production or anything like that. WTF is this guy serious. From what i read online it has plenty to do with sperm production. He also looks at my previous testosterone results which are in the 400 range and says the "it looks normal to me"  I didn't realize a total number of testosterone of 400 for a 30 year old guy was normal!!! This guy is an idiot. He then again goes over everything the 2 students in training did. He then tells me to wait for the main doctor to come and talk to him.

I just can't believe that this idiot would look me straight in the face and tell me varicoceles are a non factor for sperm production. I also tell hiim i can see enlarged veins on the side of my penis by my balls and he says thats normal. wtf i think i know what normal on my body looks like idiot. He had this very cocky attitude and very unpleasant.

So i wait 40 minutes for the main doc to walk in and he is alot nicer. More people friendly. He again makes me drop by pants to inspect my balls!!! He tells me the exact same thing the other people told before. I feel like im in the groundhog movie reliving the same thing over and over again. He says its great that i have some sperm and freeze as much as i can for future use. I then ask the fucker if there is anything i can take to increase my sperm production and he looks me in the face with a straight up no. Only multivitamins. I was going to ask him about clomid but decided i didn't want to argue with the guy and whatever. Why he would not mention this to me is beyond belief. if i never would have found this forum maybe i would have believed him.  But just wow!!! He also gave me the number of a plastic surgeon for my gyno.

   So what i got from this experience was that urologists don't really give a shit about you. Fuck how you feel. Again if you are in the range you are normal for testosterone levels. They will flat out lie to you and tell you that varicoceles don't matter with sperm or testosterone production. they also won't recommend medicines like clomid to try and help you.  I really feel bad for alot of guys out there who don't do more research and would trust doctors like this. If i didn't do my research i would have believed them too.  Just wow is all i have to say. And i went to probably one of the best hospitals in my city.

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