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I made a minor slip up and tested on a Saturday morning while on a M/W/F injection routine when I should have perhaps drawn on Mon AM before my injection.
on a 24hr "high" of TCyp and HcG, I was very shocked at how high my numbers were TT/FT and SHBG which was low @ 12 which that wasn't too unexpected I was thinking 15-20 is typical for me the reason I put myself on this EOD regimen.
Has anyone else tested in the Peak and what did you think of your numbers.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Testing for DHEA-S
« on: March 26, 2015, 11:56:35 pm »
Is this really worth testing or essential if on TCyp, HcG, AND 50mg oral DHEA daily and 30mg Pregnenolone...just considering my next round of tests and this one I'm not sure worth testing. In this round of tests im looking at TT/FT, E2, and SHBG.

I had Nelson V's test through discounted labs/LabCorp, and came back with a 43....hmmmmm...I'm rather perplexed Im that high I was expecting high 20's or low 30, but it's also the first time I've had this specific test from that site. I've times before used the sensitive Labcorp 140244 test.

Protocol at time of test:
M am/W am/F pm
60mg TCyp
250iu HcG
Tues AM /Fri PM
.25mg Anastrozole

So I guess I need to add another .25mg each week, thinking on my strict M/W/F injections routine.


Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Next step: Cortisol
« on: March 19, 2015, 12:11:22 am »
Ive come to the conclusion that the next step is cortisol testing. I need an answer to the fatigue, the yawning throughout the morning, the waking at 3/4 AM, afternoon crash, it seems logical. It's the fatigue that bothers me. My weekends typically revolve around this deep deep desire for a nap... :-\
I'm waiting on a Thyroid panel and sensitive E2, which I think is going to come back LOW. Has anyone found an affordable saliva test? Nelson's which I'm sure is the right one to get...$200...would rather be more affordable.
Also going to try the Pharmaceutical grade DHEA and Pregnenolone.

Anyone using a liquid? I was considering how I could dose <.25mg, that's too small to cut further without waste and then it's just not any kind of precise dosing. I've also considered that I could crush a tablet and weigh it out on a small scale I have ala my clandestine pill lab...that's a joke, kind of.

[MODERATOR SPLIT FROM HERE: http://www.peaktestosterone.com/forum/index.php?topic=6373.0.]

I thankfully ran in to a Physician that was so awful on the subject, female as it relates to mens health, but anyway, she's the one that pushed me to injectables so I do thank her for that.

It started with I had lost a great Dr due to him going to another clinic, he had me on Andorgel 1.62 3 pumps daily and it was working. I was up from 240 to 582 and was happy with the results (mostly). I went to the female MD for refills and she went off the reservation, nicely, but still..."41 is too young, you're too young to be on that, that's too high a dose, 582 is too high, 240 total T isn't low"....

...I shit you not, I didn't embellish any of that conversation. She was nice and even cute but knew less than squat about the subject.

Is this as simple as calculating mg's you shoot divided by 7?

For instance 100mg/7=14.25mg (rounded down) X 3 = ~43mg EOD

Is is that easy?

I'm contemplating a change when I get my next set of labs. I've been low SHBG (19) in the past and will check that again with Sensitive E2, TT/FT.

Just something I'm thinking. I'm don't feel a need to change just exploring where my optimum, could be. I'm doing fine enough E3.5D.

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