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Last T levels were 337 Aug 17 and I skipped injections 20 Days?

Have a new female dr now as my old Dr decided to go to "pay for services" and she wants to NEW LABS again. Hemocrit is. 50.3

Thank you.

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Did they say what constitutes this cost? 

I pay for one doc's visit at least every three months plus on average $20-30 a month for testosterone cypionate 10 ml.
As others have said,  Get Good Rx app, it SAVED  me $68 dollars on. 10ml bottle of cypionate , my cost $43.68 here in Las Vegas at Walgreens. Bi-passed my insurance from work too much trouble n would be more less the same amount.

Started to self inject 1 1/2ml 200 mg Test cyp 1/12/15, do for 2nd injection now 1/29/15. Notice an increase in BP, when I went to work that night few hours later it was 199/114 as I walked into the hotel.  Take 4 BP meds, Dr's office said it does not raise BP in it self. The other injections from April 14 in the office once a month, did not bother me, 1 1/2ml 200ml Test Ent. Dr's office did increase the clondine transdermal patch to .03, instead of .02 1/19/15 as it  was trending a little higher anyway before but not that high.  Anyone have any thoughts on this? Oh, my testicular cancer tumuor had encased the aorta and could not be removed.

Next Dr.'s visit 3/10/15. Read info here, FDA and elsewhere, GoodRx saved me $68 on a 10ml bottle test Cyp check it out.  Thank You.

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