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No UTI.  Not currently on testosterone. The smel is like stale urine, it's present when I urinate and I've experienced this when taking T  shots, especially large amounts per single injection.  I'm waiting for results of self-ordered total testosterone, free testosterone and TSH, since I'm gaining weight every week.  My thought, from researching, is that when taking too much T at one time, I lose much of it in my urine, thus the possible reason why I've never had a good response, in spite of good lab numbers.  I'm wondering if I'm excreting endogenous T, now.  I will see my primary but I wonder if any members have experienced something similar and was there a remedy. Thanks.

I hope everyone is doing good.  Haven't posted in months because I've been in a long depression, then my wife was sick, then our oldest cat became ill and she was euthanized last week.  The best thing was that we've been in Florida but this has been a tough year, so far.

My protocol for the past 3 months has been 15 mg Test E, sub q, daily.  Self ordered all labs through Discounted Labs. In December my TT was 390 & FT was 6.0(6.6 - 18.3).  April labs:

TT - 777 ng/dL 348-1197
FT - 16.2 pg/mL 6.6 - 18.3
E2 - 29.7 pg/mL  8.0 - 35.0

Pros:  Libido is up, mood is better, getting nocturnal erections 2-3 nights per week, sometimes multiple times during the night.

Cons: No morning wood nor daytime erections, 10 lb. weight gain/waist size increase, prostate feels irritated, though last DRE in May was normal(small & smooth).  PSA was 2.6, normal for me since I started TRT, though there might be inflammation issues.

I'm considering doing the same protocol as IM and retest when I see my doctor back in Maryland.

As I've mentioned many times, I have untreatable bipolar illness and the meds I take are just for sleep(low dose Doxepin & low dose Klonopin), but my sleep isn't all that good.  I eat mostly salads similar to antipasto, with organic sandwich meats, cheese and hard boiled eggs, kalamata olives, olive oil & vinegar, fruit, corn tortillas(organic), OJ, water.

I didn't do a full panel because of money and have been lazy about finding a doctor in Florida, since I have insurance and could have many more labs ordered.  I know my DHT has always been between 29 and 32, which might account for erectile & prostate issues.  Thanks for reading and all thoughts/observations are welcomed.

I've read, here and there, that some men have experienced improved libido and erections on test p, where as test c or e didn't do much for them.   I know, too, that some doctors use a blend but I'm interested to hear of anyone using propionate, only.  Thanks.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / E2 and depression
« on: September 17, 2016, 03:35:57 pm »
Requested a Quest lab slip from my urologist for the ultrasensitive estradiol test, since my standard test came back at 17pg.  The reason is depression.  Whether I read it on here or another site, I learned that estradiol near or at the bottom can have a significant impact on neurotransmitters and mood.

'Depression' doesn't really describe what I've been feeling for months; anhedonia, depersonalization/derealization, empty, sad, irritable and hopeless, some of which are seen in the type of bipolar illness that afflicts me.  I was going to talk with my psychiatrist but if it turns out that I have ultra low estradiol,  that needs to addressed, though in my life, I've had long periods of the feelings I mentioned.  More and more I seem to spend all my time plugging holes in my leaking life.  Ten fingers; that's it, unless I can grow  more arms and hands.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Stopping TRT for a month.
« on: September 03, 2016, 07:29:46 pm »
I've packed on 18 lbs as of last night, over the past two months, all of it around the waist..  Hard to breathe, back hurts and feel just lousy, even though I had erections on and off all last night, which happens so infrequently. 

Right now my E2 is low.  When it was elevated, I also packed on weight, whether bloat or actual fat, same as now.  Anastrazole didn't help nor did Lasix.  I read on another site that Dr. Crisler has encountered this problem in some of his patients and there seemed to be no solution, even with lowering the injection dosage.

As for my diet, I've given up eggs and wheat, due to sensitivities, and I'm now eliminating dairy.  Understand; this isn't a rant.  I'm trying to be scientific and the T shots are the prime suspect for weight increase.   I'll post updates.

[MODERATOR SPLIT FROM HERE: http://www.peaktestosterone.com/forum/index.php?topic=9852.30 ]

Are you taking vitamin K2 along with D?  Vitally important!  Without K2, vitamin D will drive calcium into the coronary arteries and the brain.  Bad mojo.  I use Thorne Research K2 drops. Quite expensive@ $64 a bottle but it's the purest product, IMO, and I have loads of sensitivities to foods, fillers/binders.  One drop is 1 mg, so if you take 2 or 3 drops per day, the bottle will last for several months.

Asian J Androl. 2014 Mar-Apr; 16(2): 178184.

Published online 2014 Jan 20.  doi:  10.4103/1008-682X.122338

PMCID: PMC3955326

Challenges and improvements in testosterone and estradiol testing

Hubert W Vesper, Julianne C Botelho, and Yuesong Wang

Clinical Chemistry Branch, Division of Laboratory Sciences, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

[edited by moderator - you don't want to put emails on the forum - I've seen Chinese bots go thru the forum and I'm sure they are trying to scrape things like emails, etc.]

I saw this thread, started by Boxcar in March of this year but it's relevant to my questions about estradiol.

Nelson Vergel and Dr. Henry Lindner, an interventional endocrinologist in Pennsylvania, share the opinion that estradiol shouldn't be suppressed or interfered with as part of TRT.  And Boxcar's comments about estradiol playing a role in the production of endorphins would supports the aforementioned position regarding the use of an AI.  But isn't there a cut off point where estradiol is too high or producing negative symptoms?  Dr. Lindner(who has a website) states that for men with low T, he prescribes a sub q shot once per week, which he states, will result in balanced testosterone and estradiol.  There are many clinical perspectives on how to administer T, along with the control of E2 which, from a research point of view, are good, but for all of us on TRT or other protocols, including natural, it can leave one in a state of confusion.

66 years old.  Poor to non existent erectile function for the past 6 years. TRT on and off for 3 years.  Initially did well on T Cyp IM shots and that faded in a month.  Tried compounded cream and Testopel.  Excellent numbers from the latter but I was dead as a rock.  Libido comes and goes.

Current protocol: 75mg Test E, sub q, 2xweek.
Labs:  TT-911 ng (up from 377 in May)
          FT-181 pg (up from 45 in May)
          DHT-30 pg(up from 25 in May nor have I ever been able to get it above 35.)
          E2- 17 pg/non-sensitive(up from 11 in May)

I'm also in a dysfunctional marriage and, as my signature states, I have treatment resistant bipolar illness.  I'm the first to admit, I'm depressed.  My life went into a tailspin 12 years ago and my wife has not been quite understanding or supportive, though she's been telling me for years that she doesn't like sex and that she can live without it, then cries about the fact that we have a loveless marriage.  Suicide, divorce or move away and change my name?

Seriously, not thinking about offing myself and I know this isn't a psych forum.  I'm just giving you all the short version of a life that makes less and less sense to me, which is why I wonder why I'm so dedicated to TRT when I'm seeing ZERO benefits.  I've also piled on 15 pounds after the urologist increased my dose.  He's puzzled as to why I don't respond in spite of good numbers and the guy is a great doctor; compassionate, willing to listen, and willing to experiment.

I've also thought about Defy since we're in Florida from Fall to Spring.  It's the money.  I spend a lot of money for a Medicare Supplement plan and having that insurance seems to be useless.

Sorry for the 'negative waves' as Oddball said in 'Kelly's Heroes'.  Thank you, all, for letting me vent.  No one said life is easy but you reach a point where you just want to withdraw from the world and give up.

When I had my Testopel implant, my urologist said some men metabolize T, rapidly, and others, slowly.  Any research links I can read on the subject or personal experiences?  Thanks.

She was friendly and outgoing but strictly 'by the book, the labs are all normal'.   She gave me a Quest lab slip for thyroid panel + antibodies, salivary cortisol(11 pm only) and parathyroid.  Didn't believe in reverse T3 or adrenal fatigue.  Didn't think sub par T levels were the cause or contributing to, my ED/poor libido.  I would have been better taking my $50 to the casino to play the slots!  Maybe the best thing is that's she's going to talk with my psychiatrist and primary.

Unless something significant shows up on the labs, I'm going to try low dose DHEA(5mg or less) in a few weeks, as I wait to see if the Testopel kicks in.  As I've previously written, Maryland is one of the states that doesn't allow its residents to order labs online.  I'll have to wait until I'm in Florida.

I know it's too early to make any assessment but right now, zero; tired, weak, depressed and not even a hint of erectile function nor a bump up in libido.  Monday is the big endo consult for which I've been waiting two and a half months.  Bringing her a stack of labs from current, back to 2010.  Also have documented my body temp 5Xdaily for the past two weeks.  I strongly suspect adrenals and/or pituitary.  And if she turns out to be a dud, I'll find someone, somewhere, that can help me.

Maybe this is off topic and should be posted in another section.  I leave that to Peak T.

My wife and I haven't  been intimate for several years.  She was never enthusiastic about sex, though from what I've pieced together, she had a very active and varied love life before we started dating.  My reason for pellet implantation was for ME, not her; for my overall health and well being, as well as restoring sexual function.  On the way home, she asked why I did this(the pellets).  She's not clueless, but then she's rarely had my back or been supportive.  Its been my friends. family and my doctors who've encouraged me.  I can only say that if my libido and erectile function come roaring back and she balks at resuming our love life, it'll be back to couples therapy, which she won't like, either, because it will be traumatic, as it has been in the past.

Saw my urologist, today, and we discussed my low T status and libido/erectile dysfunction from many perspectives, both of us agreeing that pellet implantation, which could bring my TT and FT up to to the top of their respective ranges, along with controlling E2, could improve my overall health, as well as restoring sexual function.  He also shared some stories of post menopausal female patients whose libido and health were restored by implanting a few pellets.  He also recommended a book by a female OB/GYN  named Kathy Maupin, entitled The Secret Female Hormone, which is about how testosterone turned her life around and now her entire practice, which serves men and women, centers around T pellet implantation.

Regarding my  insurance, from what I read, Aetna will cover it, but I'll wait until his office gets the official OK to feel hopeful about the procedure.   I'll be ready as soon as I get the green light.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Clomid and ED
« on: May 29, 2015, 07:47:32 pm »
I'll say from the start that my question might be or is in fact, redundant, and might be in the archives, so I apologize.

When I see my urologist in a couple of weeks, I want to discuss Clomid.  I saw what WoundedLion posted regarding the non-resolution of his ED using Clomid.  That's the crux of my question: Can that drug restore erectile function as part of the process of restoring T  to  the mid to upper range?  If it's not going to help, no point in trying it.  I'd rather try pellet implantation, which my doctor has been doing for years.  Thanks all.

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