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Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Jock itch
« on: December 30, 2020, 01:05:57 pm »
I use T cream, rub it on shaved shoulders and the remainder on the scrotum. Lately, I've been unable to apply it to the scrotum due to jock itch. There does seem to be a connection, as I've had occasional trouble with jock itch and the application of creme for quite some time. In any case, I have a case that won't go away. I use over the counter spray and it significantly reduces the itch and redness. But I can't go a day without spraying Lotrimin (miconazole) liberally.

I keep things dry, clean and shaved. Not sure what else to do. Any thoughts on better products? Not shaving? etc.

I've posted this before, but I thought I'd start a thread about it.

I prefer compounded T creme as I can get a satisfying T level of 700 to 800 ng/dl without difficulty, with a morning application. The creme is nice for travel too, as one 60G tube is good for months.

One product is made by the "Professional Arts Pharmacy" in Baltimore, Maryland. My FL dermatologist prescribed this specific compounding pharmacy and a 10% concentration. I had been having trouble with Androgel/Testim/Axiron as it was causing a massive rash. The switch to this creme solved the rash and raised T from 400 to 700+

The other product is made at the compounding pharmacy in Jupiter, FL (local to me) and is also 10%. However, it's a very watery creme and seems to "go away" quickly. The thing is, this stuff seems less effective. I do a test on Thursday and will report back. But last time, the numbers were 350.

I've had trouble with cyclical and ever increasing extreme fatigue, exhaustion and exercise intolerance for 10 years now. I've have Hashimoto's for 25 years, and RNP antibodies (MCTD) and was always an athlete. But treatment did not help the ever worsening prob and I'm now quite sedentary (not by choice) .

I first noticed that I could not bicycle 30 miles anymore, and chalked it up to "bad days" or getting older. But when distances reduced to 6 miles, then 3 miles followed by unreal exhaustion that can't be explained, and inability to get heart rate up above idle, it was pretty obvious something was very wrong. I'd go 4MPH and be flat out incapable of doing more. That's a universe away from 20 something racing speeds and 30+ mph sprints that were possible before this started. 

I am also very low T. Testosterone treatment makes no difference what so ever with regard to this. Makes me horny, but does nothing for the severe energy deficit.

I've just been accurately diagnosed with Multiple Mitochondrial Dysfunction (although it's been suspected for years) . It's not necessarily genetic, possibly caused by Statins. It's not good news, it's rare, but it's good to finally know. Knowing means I now understand that I must not push myself into fatigue, as I've been told damage occurs due to oxidative stress. Staying within my energy envelope is the directive.

One thing I learned on my own is that Prednisone helps, especially when I have extended troubles. Interestingly, certain Mito diseases may be responsive to glucocorticoids.

Quote from NCBI: Mitochondrial dysfunction can be precipitated by drugs, Hypothyroidism, renal and liver impairment and diabetes are other risk factors. Whilst evidence in the literature points towards statin-induced mitochondrial dysfunction as the most likely cause of SAMS, the exact processes leading to mitochondrial dysfunction are not yet fully understood.

I should never have been put on statins. Being both Athletic and Hypothyroid. It's ruined my life.

In any case, I'm wondering if anyone here knows anything about this kind of disease?

 Hashimoto's, low T and what ever else I have, has morphed into extreme exercise intolerance and fatigue. Cleveland clinic ran all sorts of tests and came up short. Just the usual low cortisol.

My Primary doc suggested blood ozone treatment, as it has been shown helpful to Hashimoto's. This particular treatment is where they pump about 200ml of blood into a bottle (IV in arm) , add a little heparin to prevent clotting, inject O2 and some percentage of Ozone gas into the bottle at about 2 atmospheres, mix and pump it back in.

Repeat a number of times, in my case 10 times.

Doc asked if I had any form of discomfort or headache, nope. Felt fair, maybe a bit slow. He did mention I may feel the effects of pathogens being killed off and eliminated.

Drove home and went to work. Where I promptly fell asleep unable to do any work at all. I would get up and the level of exhaustion was equal to my very worst days, so I'd lie back down on the floor. About like working 36+ hours straight and wanting to sleep. Yikes.

The next day, I felt a bit better, but not great. Slowly improving I guess. Certainly, I could feel a whole bunch of weirdness inside. Strange little pains in various locations. What ever this treatment does, it's certainly not inconsequential. Lots of bathroom breaks, and unusual urine color.

I am not sure I'm doing that again. Some people get real relief from the treatment. It's been shown to kill bacteria and some virus. Not sure what's going on in my case.

I just did the CT scan calcium score test at the local hospital with the pretty awesome looking GE scanner. I've been very tired lately and my cardiologist (I have a cardiologist because I had AFIB years ago) wanted to do both a Calcium Score and a Nuclear Stress Test.

The calcium score came out at zero. It's highly unusual for a 55 year old to have no calcium in heart arteries. Not a hint of calcium in my heart anywhere. The pictures were amazingly clear, and the external structure of the arteries were very visible, with no white anywhere.

My PTH (parathyroid hormone) level is 3x high and blood calcium trends on the low side. I do feel better sometimes if I take calcium. I wonder if my typical low blood calcium has affected my arteries?

I use 10% compounded cream and it keeps my libido high.  Given the chance, I’d be happy with daily sex.  Of course I can’t stay up past 10, so it would have to be earlier, Hahahaha. 

Anyway, I would like to hear from those around my age with an honest input on what would be normal sexual frequency for a man my age.  I guess I want specifics, rather than a simple answer like “what ever is normal for you is normal” .

I've been on T replacement/Thyroid replacement for decades, good labs, stable protocol. I know what too much and too little of each feel like.

I have Hashimoto's and as yet undefined autoimmune disorder, maybe MCTD/UCTD test ANA positive, RNP antibodies. Generally low cortisol and ACTH. Often below lab minimums.

5 year bout of worsening fatigue during exercise. Good/bad days/weeks that seem to cycle. Worsening lately. Gym today, I enter feeling OK, but can't even finish one set with modest weights. Extreme fatigue, muscles fail, shaking, NOT low blood sugar as it's 108 with gatorade.

Daily fatigue at work that is mitigated by Amino Energy drink. (does not help workout)

Last week I took 10mg Prednisone on advice of a Dr. friend. Amazing difference. No fatigue, easier breathing, and normal workout. Today after my horrible workout, I took 10mg. Felt normal within a hour, and the rest of the day, no fatigue. Just felt normal, like 5 years ago.

Any thoughts on low cortisol options and what long term 10mg pred might cause? 5mg does not seem sufficient.

I've been struggling with bouts of extreme fatigue and cycles of feeling normal. For some time, daily workouts would leave me feeling good for the day. A missed workout would leave me extremely tired for that day.

Recently had my cortisol tested at 8AM. Level was 4.2. (range 6.2-19.4)  Note 8AM cortisol should be near the higher limit.

Tested it the next day 8AM after taking a Dex pill 11PM the night before = 0.5.

I've had episodes of crushing fatigue for years that are unrelated to blood glucose level. More recently episodes that lead to shortness of breath, dizziness and feeling like if it gets any worse I won't survive it. Nearly went to the ER recently as I felt so horrible for no reason. Red Bull helps the symptoms, and in particular sublingual B12 along with an Amino Energy drink. Often miraculously fast.

Recently learned that both Red Bull and Amino Energy increase cortisol levels. Could it be that for all this time, I've had some form of Addison's disease? And that I've been forcing my body to produce some Cortisol via these supplements?

Go back to 2012 and my fit, semi-vegan 175 pound airline captain friend has chest pains. After a few weeks of diagnosis, they perform a single bypass, to a supposed blockage. He recovers quickly, but is still complaining about the very same chest pains.

He loses 10 pounds via a strict, but well balanced, supervised vegan diet, has regular doc visits and regains his FAA medical. Regular angiograms show no blockages. Recently, he has feelings of doom, an EKG that shows a long QT wave, and changes his retirement plans from age 65 to now at age 59, as he fears the loss of his medical due to the EKG

On Saturday at 4pm he invites my wife and I to Tennessee to view the eclipse. I accept, planning to fly my airplane up to his cabin to join him, on Sunday/Monday. After our phone call at 5PM he goes out for a motorcycle ride, fully dressed in riding gear, full face helmet, gloves, safety jacket, safety pants etc. He rides down the country road from his cabin, a beautiful, gently curving road with zero traffic or homes. He misses the gentle turn, by riding straight into a field. Never even turned an inch. The bike flipped, he was ejected, and the bike continued on for a bit.

The trooper that found him did not find a scratch on him or anything wrong with him. He was just dead face down in the grass.

He knew that his diet was deficient in B12, so he got regular shots. All of us think his heart failed.  The odd part is that we will never know why he died. He knew he was having trouble. But it seems the docs were, in the end, unable to help him.

I have hashimoto's, which is quite similar to lupus and MS. It seems I now have many of the symptoms of lupus. I've not been diagnosed with lupus, as there is a good bit of carryover between the two diseases. However, because of my symptoms, I may end up being treated for lupus.

Any thoughts or success stories?

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / sex headache, yikes
« on: June 18, 2017, 10:59:31 pm »
Took viagra, had sex. Holy crap, a horrible headache at orgasm. Out of the blue, sudden and a 9 out of 10 on the pain scale. Had to tilt my head down to relieve a bit of the pain. Occipital, base of skull, does not seem to be muscles as movement is not restricted and does not create pain. Maybe spinal?

I don't get headaches and this is the first time I've ever experienced anything like this.

[MODERATOR SPLIT FROM HERE: http://www.peaktestosterone.com/forum/index.php?topic=9112.30 ]

Resurrecting an old thread. I've discovered that I had low blood calcium. It was largely responsible for my lack of progress and my running out of energy early in a workout.

The combo of stopping Crestor (statin) and fixing the low blood calcium issue has resulted in many more normal workouts and a return of capability. Still occasionally run out of energy during a workout, but far, far less frequently. Most gym visits are quite good.

Anyway, I thought I'd post results. I can now regularly lift 50 pound dumbbells overhead. And today used 60 pounders for dumbbell inclined chest press. Thought I could even move up to 65. 3 sets with 60 was no problem. Seems like things are working lately.

https://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-invests-in-22-visionary-exploration-concepts (it's the 4th bullet on the list)

An interesting page at NASA:


It seems that if a capacitor is charged AND accelerated, it's mass increases slightly, as predicted by General Relativity. This effect can be used to create a very small amount of reactionless thrust in test rigs. It seems most testing is done with reciprocating rigs that alternate the charge state of the capacitor, timed correctly as it is accelerated in each direction.

The Wiki page on the subject is a good place to start.


A pic from Wiki showing how it works:

A pic from Wiki with test rigs:

While the effect is very small, it may have some use for space propulsion. As any force, however small, over long periods of time will achieve significant velocity. And interestingly, this has the possibility of being efficient, as the energy is mostly recovered with the discharge of the capacitor.

From Dr. Kendrick's blog: https://drmalcolmkendrick.org/

Kendrick tends towards a theory of clots and plaque being related. And in the end he seems to indicate that clotting factors increase CVD and plaque (coronary vascular disease)

Increasing risk:

Cocaine use
Kawasaki’s disease
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Kidney failure
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories e.g. brufen, naproxen
Biomechanical stress (within arteries)
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Antiphospholipid syndrome (Hughes syndrome)
Vitamin C deficiency
Raised fibrinogen levels (key clotting factor)
Bacterial infections inc. gingivitis
Increased plasminogen activator inhibitor – (1 PAI-1) levels (critical factor in blood clot repair/breakdown)
I could have kept going, but that is enough for now. What do all of these things have in common. They increase the risk of atherosclerotic plaque formation, death from CVD. Most importantly, of course, they cause endothelial damage and/or increased blood coagulability. And I could not, and cannot, think of anything else that links them all together.

Then I started to think about factors that reduce the risk of CVD.

Exercise (overall, not whilst doing it)
Moderate alcohol consumption
Clopidogrel (expensive aspirin)
ACE- inhibitors (a blood pressure lowering agent)
Von Willibrand disease (lack of a specific clotting factor in platelets)
B vitamins (enough to reduce homocysteine)
Adequate Vit C (no idea what the correct intake should be)
Potassium (higher consumption reduces platelets sticking together)
Vitamin D
Nitric Oxide (through sunlight – and other nutrients e.g. l-arginine)
Magnesium (and other micronutrients)

What do all of these things have in common. Well, once again, they either protect the endothelium, or they reduce blood clotting. And they all reduce the risk of CVD.

To my mind there was, and is, an almost perfect correlation. But, as I said earlier. Looking for supportive data is all very well. Can you find the black swan? Or black swans. Are there facts that completely contradict the ‘it’s all to do with blood clots’ hypothesis of CVD?

I've been using the "symptom checker" on various websites to try and troubleshoot my ills. Hypocalcemia comes up on the list.

Clearly, normal T levels, normal thyroid levels and good, clean bloodwork don't indicate health. And, I've had trouble with low blood glucose for 25 years, never high. Lately, I've been getting much more fatigued, and walking out of the gym, partial workout. For years I've had good and bad days. Bad days outnumbered good by a wide margin in recent months.

My lips started tingling recently.
Don't feel strong, even though I am pretty strong. Muscles don't "work" if that makes sense. Making a fist feels weak, never powerful.
Running out of energy very, very rapidly.
Can't run more than 100 feet.
Lower legs feel weird, not tingly, but numb.
Just walking around the fair, and have to sit down, so tired. B vitamins help and off I go.... weird.

Looked over my latest bloodwork and I don't find calcium levels. Same goes for previous bloodwork.

I have Hashimoto's, an autoimmuine disease that destroys the thyroid. The Parathyroid glands are on the thyroid and can be destroyed by Hashimoto's. The Parathyroid glands (4ea) control blood and cellular calcium levels. As Hashi's runs it's course, hypocalcemia is often the result.

My idiot endo never checked calcium, and I don't know what my levels were. But, good God do I feel better now that I'm taking Calcium with Vit D.

I was able to lift 50 pounds without issue today a multi year goal! Just like that, no problem. While it's only been a few days, I feel normal, powerful and healthy.

Any thoughts on interactions between taking calcium supplements and Testosterone related estrogen levels?

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