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So I got my blood test back from my physical last week.  My total t was 452, SBHG 24 and free was 110.  I'm on 25mg eod of clomid.  I've taken as much as 50mg ed, in the beginning before I found this forum, and that was a mistake.  E2 sky rocketed.  When I was on 25mg ed of clomid my t got in the 700 range but had difficulty with elevated 2.

I've also tried the low dose route of 12.5mg eod and can't find the results during that time frame.

Basically I'm having a hard time finding my sweet spot with clomid, which I guess is pretty common.  Anyone have thoughts on this?  I tried injections early on when first diagnosed and while I did feel good on those, I'm pretty sure they must've given me a hefty dose.  I don't feel like I'm ready to start injections at my age.

Wife started having odd symptoms of muscle weakness, tiredness, fatigue, anxiety, and headaches.
Went had extensive blood work and found that d3 was 28 and b12 was 111, normal range 200-900.

So she needs to get on b12 and d3 asap.  I've got a good d3/k2 liquid formula i get on amazon but i've always heard b12 supplements are not absorbed that great and shots are the better route. 

Anyone have a b12 supplement they recommend, or are shots the only way to go.  Also, I think she needs to get on a good daily vitamin for a while, any suggestions on brands?

I searched around the threads but wanted to get some thoughts on this. I've been on clomid for 2 yrs. right now 25mg eod. Clomid has worked for me, but it's not been perfect however it gets my t in the 550-700 range. I started out 2 years ago at total t of 102.

For about the past 3 weeks. I've had bad anxiety, depression, and just overall doom and gloom. Lebido or desire is gone away but can still get an erection no problem. Just not thinking about sex as much. 

I'm getting labs done soon but my question is are these symptoms of low t , high e or something else. I hear people say clomid can stop working at some point and wondering if that's what is going on.

I can't get my pc dr. Or urologist to run a sensitive e2 test, they act like they either can't' or it's not important. I'm thinking if going to lab corp and just getting it done myself. In the past my e2 has always been in the upper 40's. I've tried ai's and felt they have worked but I've also crashed my e before so I'm very weary of taking ai's.

I'm not due to get labs done until the end of August but am trying to figure out what my symptoms are due too.

Very anxious, low drive recently, unexplained weight loss, about 7lbs over a few week period.  No issues in the other areas, maybe a little brain fog, but that could be from coming off a 4th of July long weekend.

I'm on clomid 25mg eod.  Have dealt with e2 in the 30's to high 40's but nothing crazy.  Last Testosterone check a few months ago was in the mid 500's, free t was great, SBHG 26, TSH was a little low, fsh 7.3, LH 7.2

Just curious if anyone has any thoughts if this is likely due to e2 or t levels.

I'm on Clomid and have always heard of the notorious floaters, but never experienced one.  I'm sitting at my desk and swear a I see something black fly by beyond my computer screen.  Is this a floater?

I'm getting blood drawn tomorrow and wondering if there is a list out there of specifics I should get drawn.  Here's what I plan on asking for, any additional items?

Lipid Panel
Total T
Free T
E2 (sensitive if available)
Vit. D

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Nausea From Zinc?
« on: February 13, 2017, 04:46:35 pm »
The standard estradiol test picks up things other than estradiol.  Dr. Crisler recently mentioned this on another thread.  Major US labs are now recommending the "sensitive" estradiol test for men.

I can also tell you that my estradiol has been as high as 60.  According to my TRT doc, the research indicates that this level is not problematic for men, even if it is above the lab range.  Now, could lower levels sometimes benefit some men?  I don't know, but my doc does not buy it.

As Cat said, low dose zinc (10-15 mg) could lower your estrogen production.  Also, the research indicates that a low fat diet might lower estrogen.  I suspect that this effect is from the increased fiber intake that comes from a plant-based diet.  So if your fiber intake is low, you could try eating more fruit and vegetables (and oatmeal has always been a go-to for bodybuilders).


Do you have much body fat?  That is the biggest single cause of higher estrogen levels.

Also, as Peak said, clomid is itself estrogenic.  This estrogenic effect of the drug itself will not be picked up by blood tests and will not respond to any estrogen-lowering therapy (including an AI).  Sensitivity to this effect will probably explain a lot of the variability in how well guys respond to clomid.

There is also the possibility that your issues are not all hormonal.  I have noticed things drop-off for me in the last few years (although I can function well enough).  TRT has not reversed that for me.

Questions about ZINC, I've been taking 50mg, and it makes me extremely nauseated, even when taken with a full meal.  I'm guessing this dose is way to high and you mentioned 10-15mg.  Anyone else had issues with nausea and zinc?

Tittle pretty much says it all, if the DR. orders me to stop clomid and start injections, how long do I need to wait?  Can I start immediately or do I need to wait for clomid to get out of my system which could be up to 6 weeks?

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Clomid stopped working?
« on: January 19, 2017, 08:37:15 pm »
Just curious if anyone on here using Clomid has noticed that Clomid stops working over time.  It took me about 6 months to get dialed in on the correct dosage of Clomid and CDG, and the Clomid did its job for about a year, but It seem lately my t levels aren't where they were.  I need to get levels checked soon, but can generally feel when my levels are in range.  I guess it could also be estradiol, which was always in the upper 40's.  Anastrazole made me feel terrible, but CDG seemed to do the trick.  But lately, I don't feel as if anything is where it should be...

I know all of this is probably useless without current levels, just curious.

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / DIM + CDG
« on: October 19, 2016, 02:57:42 pm »
Has anyone taken a DIM and CDG combo?  I found a bran don amazon called Jarrow Formulas.  Just curious as to anyone's experience or thoughts.

I recently had a physical and posted blood work results in another thread.  I asked for the sensitive e2 test and my dr ran my free e2 level.  The level came back at 0.9.  How does that calculate into my true estradiol number? 

36 yo / 205lbs / 5'10 / 25 mg clomid eod / 500mg calcium d glucurate daily
Total T 703
Free t 195
Shbg 18 prolactin 5.4
FSH 7.8
LH 3.7
TSH .57
FREE Estradiol .9

just had a physical last week and thought if share the results of my blood work. Started out this time last year with total t 103 and free at 26. I felt pretty bad to say the least. Urologist gave me test c just to see if I would even feel better and I did. Felt like a new man but he and my gp wanted me to start cloned b/c of my age (35 at the time).

I've had my levels checked periodically and my t has risen, the highest a level last yr was in the 500's. As of today these are my latest levels. Still waiting on the estradiol to come back. Guessing it's high right now b/c it's always been I. The upper 40's. I've got a script for Armidex but wait I g to see the results and then go from there.

36 yo / 205lbs / 5'10 / 25 mg clomid eod / 500mg calcium d glucurate daily
Total T 703
Free t 195
Shbg 18 prolactin 5.4
FSH 7.8
LH 3.7
TSH .57

Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Armidex
« on: June 30, 2016, 06:27:01 pm »
I know this topic has been discussed numerous times but just want to revisit this. Got a physical today with blood work so will see in about a week where my levels are, currently taking clomid 25mg eod and 500mg calcium d glucurate. Last fall I started letrozole and it worked only for a few days at a time and I couldn't get the dosage right. Ended up crashing my e2 and switched to calcium d glucurate.

So fast forward. At the doc. Today getting physical and tell him about the e2 and that I want the sensitive test. He said that test isn't on his list of tests but estradiol free is and that was the same thing???  I trust him emphatically so we will see how that test looks.

He went ahead and prescribed my Armidex which I will pick up tonight. Not sure what dose he prescribed yet but but wanted to get input on a good starting point. Side note. I have a urologist tut started me on the cloud ( per my gp recommendation) and the urologist is the one that prescribed me the letrozole. My gp thinks I'll do much better on the Armidex. Thoughts, advice??

The title says it all.  Went to Walgreens yesterday and couldn't find it there or at the Grocery Store Pharmacy.  I can order it online, but wanted to start taking it immediately. Also, if you take it, what brand / dosage do you take?


Testosterone, Hormones and General Men's Health / Calcium D Gluarate dosage
« on: February 01, 2016, 08:08:23 pm »
I've read some threads recently regarding Calcium D Glucurate to lower e2, and Dr. Crisler discusses this in the recent webinar.

One thing I don't recall seeing or reading was what dosage of this is supposed to help lower e2.  Anyone tried this, and if so at what dosage and did you notice any difference?

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