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As the title says, I'm interested in a capsule filler.  Any suggestions welcome.

FYI:  It's for L-Citrulline Malate, which has been very helpful for me.  I take it as powder in water but the acidity is demineralizing my teeth! 

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Chiming in on Bromelain. For two decades, until about five years ago, I suffered regular bouts of severe gout or gout-like symptoms. Bromelain worked to fix it like nobody's business, way better than NSAIDs.

I want to share a good N=1 experience with Red Maca.  I'm not a great researcher so I won't speculate on the mechanisms at work here.

My prostate has been getting larger over the last few months.  Not nearly to the point of full-on BPH but annoying nonetheless and heading in the wrong direction.  Concerned, I began to read some of the many forum threads and articles on the main site.  This one was particularly relevant: 


#6 in the article is Red Maca.  I like maca for other reasons but had stopped buying it after a recent 2x or 3x price increase across all suppliers.  On Amazon most packages don't specify the color of the maca used but I found one that did specify red.  Got it in the afternoon, took it (a heaping teaspoonful in water - more on that later), eventually went to bed. 

In the morning, the morning relief was free and easy, no perception of constriction whatsoever.  The uncomfortable swelling down there was mostly gone, or at least noticeably reduced.  Wow.  I had another spoon and started my day.  By evening some swelling was back, though not as uncomfortable.  Another spoon in the evening, and by morning there was no swelling whatsoever. 

I kept up two tsp per day for three days then yesterday forgot an evening dose.  This morning I felt fine but am curious how it will feel as the day progresses.

This is the maca I used:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GQMEFAW

This stuff tastes great to me simply mixed in water or in my eggy coffee concoction.  I absolutely guarantee that you will like it too, especially if you are in to earthy, natural, hey-that's-really-good-dirt-do-I-detect-some-tree-bark-and-oh!-is-that-manure kinds of things. 

This particular maca has the strong taste which I have come to believe is necessary to ensure potency.  The Nutiva version I had purchased originally had it too although they did not specify color on the bag.  Not all brands have it - many are a yellow or pale yellow powder with neither strong scent nor taste.  I have tried both Raw and Gelatinized and feel that raw is better, despite the belief that cooking is necessary to break down the starch.

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One last thing:  How do you guys manage .25 Arimidex?  Cutting those pills is a challenge even with a pill cutter!

The blade on a pill cutter is neither firm nor sharp enough to cut anything well. I use a chef's knife on a wooden cutting board to cut the AI pills in to smooth, even quarters.

Little help, guys?  Her entire upper body is cut like you wouldn't believe. Competition-ready, every day. Every muscle visible, every vein, etc.  She is strong but not a lifter.; this is not a look she wants.  Exercise makes it worse and even when she's been chunkier on the lower half (even when preggo and +40), the upper half is always like this.

Some kind of fat storage dysregulation but I have found no info on it. I suspect some combination of hyperthyroid (borderline levels) and hypercortisol but those are guesses. Thoughts would be appreciated.

Posting an update in the interest of sharing. 

My GP is a great guy, very personable, passes the would have a beer with test etc.  As a progressive practitioner, not so much.  More of a feel good + CYA style.  That said, after my labs last fall I expressed disinterest in statins and he advised me to try fish oil and niacin.  I added other things like garlic, Vit. C, and L-citrulline.  It's six months later and the lipids look a lot better. 

October lab --> March lab
(These are the only tests he would run.)

Chol, serum:  288 --> 227 range 125-200
Tri-G:            379 --> 137 range < 150
HDL:               48 --> 55 range   > 40
LDL:             164 --> 145 range < 130
Chol/LDL           6 -->  4.1 range < 5.0

These results are not optimal - more work to do - but the improvements are significant. 

Continued gratitude and thanks to Peak T and many others here for creating a very helpful body of knowledge and a thriving online community.

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Remember Arthur C. Clarke's three laws?  This one seems appropriate

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Here's one for 'ya:

2040:  Claytronics


Claytronics, also known as programmable matter, are now embedded in countless items. This technology involves the manipulation of tiny devices known as catoms (claytronic atoms). Joined electrostatically, these work in concert to produce changes at the macroscale.

Objects featuring catoms can be radically altered in form and function. Furniture can be morphed into new types a bed could suddenly become a sofa or large table, for example. Chairs can be instantly moulded to precisely suit the individual. Walls, carpets, ceilings, doors and surfaces can modify their colour or texture on demand.

Electronics can be made more adaptable to their environments altering their structure to cope with dust and heat in a desert, then later shifting to resist humidity and moisture in a jungle, or even becoming waterproof. Devices worn on the head or ears can mould themselves to fit the individual.

Many vehicles now use claytronics. Car surfaces can switch their colour at the touch of a button. Or they can self-heal, fixing bumps and scratches. Tyres can be instantly adapted for different terrain types or weather conditions. Transparent windows can be instantly blacked-out for privacy.

Claytronics are especially popular in children's toys, with figures taking on astonishingly lifelike forms. Various other everyday objects are now highly configurable and morphable. Further into the future, claytronics will enable the creation of entire simulated humans.*

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Asteroid mining:  I shit you not.  This is just one of the implications of SpaceX reducing orbital cost per kilogram by factor of 1,000 or more.  Do you know one of Musk's design goals is to launch the same rocket several times in the same day and at a cost of well under $1MM per?  Like an airline and $100 a pound.  To orbit!  That's an incredible leap in process, planning, and paradigm from NASA's Big Space multi-billion dollar launches.


As eye candy, here's a startup mining operation:  https://deepspaceindustries.com/

Def agree on two tiers of humans.  Medicine may eventually be open-sourced (think dot-com revolution) but it will start out highly proprietary.  Now there's a reason to accumulate ultrahigh net worth, say $10MM+:  access to true rejuvenation technologies.  Actually William Gibson's Neuromancer described exactly that.

Vinge is an interesting guy.  I've enjoyed all of his books.  Particularly enjoyed A Fire Upon The Deep.  Nothing to do with singularity but fabulous science fiction.


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Was rereading the Boron page and was inspired to search a bit. Found a new article published August 2015 that others may find interesting as well:

Nothing Boring About Boron

One nugget is regarding how estimates of boron in food are likely to be overestimated.   Another is that benefits from boron - natural or supplemented - are unlikely at levels below 3mg per day.

They offer services for women + Dr. Saya and team seem to know what they're doing = seems worth checking out. Anyone here aware of a female who has given Defy a try?  I may post the same question at Excel Male.

I found this on Examine.com.  Thought I knew a lot about Vit. D and aromatization, but had never heard about the link. 


Here's an excerpt;

Vitamin D may attenuate joint pain induced by potent Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs). This may be secondary to potent AIs depleting vitamin D.

The blood level cited is >40ng/ml, which is well within commonly accepted goals.  Curious of anyone here thinks the effect is relevant.

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